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News 20111110 privatization


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News 20111110 privatization

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News 20111110 privatization

  1. 1. News November 10th, 2011 Băsescu to German businessmen: Look on the privatization of electricity supply President Traian Băsescu presented German, on Thursday, business investment opportunities in Romania, mentioning the privatization processes in the energy, rail transport, agricultural potential and tourism, due to virgin forests. "If you look in the official program announced for the next period, Romania has resumed the privatization process, particularly regarding two sectors - energy and transport, particularly rail transport", said Băsescu at a conference hosted by Deutsche Bank in Berlin. He also said that Romania has large coal energy complexes and it is clear that the yields and their pollution level should be brought to modern standards.Eng. Paul Keisch Page 1
  2. 2. News November 10th, 2011 "Therefore, it was decided in the future privatization of large coal-fired energy complexes and here let me say: We are particularly interested in German investors who hold power generation technologies on coal, we know that there are technologies in Germany. And if you want, take it as an invitation, even watch the privatization tender in Romania in terms of electricity production, a sector that, until this year was an unoffered sector for privatization, "he continued. He told German businessmen that Romania aims also rail transport privatization. "Of course, we know that there are too few interested in carrying passengers, but Freight Company of Romanian Railways will soon be offered for privatization. We also believe that, given the tradition in rail transport of Germany, the Romanian railway company can be of great interest", said the head of the Romanian state. Another sector was endorsed by President Băsescu, agricultural potential. "Already this year, for example, agricultural production has reached quite high, comparable to those of developed countries in the EU, but processing industry is very poorly developed. Therefore, another area of the proposed investment, since raw material is in Romania, is food and we know Germany is interested in organic food production development ", he said. The Head of State underlined also investment opportunities in tourism. "For those who do not know, Romania still has 30% of its forests primeval forests. Forests untouched by man can be of great tourist interest. Not only forests but also the beauty of the country is conducive to tourism development, emphasizing what we still have untouched by civilization, but in a civilized manner, in a civilized travel. We have policies to stimulate such investment, but it is clear that Romania alone has no capacity to quickly put in the value of these benefits", said Traian Băsescu. President Traian Băsescu said on Thursday after meeting with Angela Merkel, that Romania will enter a large privatization process, listing in this, energy complexes in Turceni and Rovinari and Craiova Thermal and CFR Marfă. Asked in what areas Romania would attract German investors, Băsescu said that it is not a secret that Romania will enter a process of "large privatization". He listed energy complexes in Turceni and Rovinari, Craiova Thermal and CFR Marfă. "Of course that is of major interest to us an involvement of German investors in a major space in the privatization process with the German experience and technologies in use of coal in the energy industry and also the quality of German railway technology. As therefore remains to see if we can be also convincing", said president Băsescu.Eng. Paul Keisch Page 2