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The Goal and Soul of Powerful Teams


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Learn the Yin and Yang of Powerful Teams - the Goal and Soul along with the 5 stages you need to go through to unlock your teams ability.

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The Goal and Soul of Powerful Teams

  1. 1. Goal +Soul Powerful Team
  2. 2. Goal Soul The ‘hard’ side of the team which creates purpose and executes it’s strategy. The ‘soft’ side of the team which creates healthy team dynamics.
  3. 3. Goal Pick the right team Soul Break the ice 1. Purple Stage Conception of the Team
  4. 4. Goal Co-Create Aspirational Goal Soul Take a Personal Deep Dive 2. Blue Stage Creating the Future
  5. 5. Goal Align the Right Strategy Soul Establish Ways of Working 3. Green Stage Make the Plan
  6. 6. Soul Care and Manage Conflict 4. Yellow Stage Be in the Zone Goal Deliver Results
  7. 7. Soul Celebrate and Grow 5. Orange Stage Collaborate and Reinvent Goal Learn and Persevere
  8. 8. Goal +Soul Powerful Team And thank you Photopin, Compfight, Wikipedia, F_A, stevep2008, Sam Howzitz, Stefan Muth, La Que Te Importa, Miroslav Vajdićfor the images