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November Newsletter


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Tragon Company's most recent newsletter featuring bicycling events and the locklight.

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November Newsletter

  1. 1. THE LOCKLIGHT BITCHESIssue 1: 10/22/10 Tragon Blog New Features TRAGON The LockLight design Below is a list of Nation-wide Bike events • The LockLight is a lockable LED bicycle light that can be locked to a variety of different-sized bicycle handlebars. The LockLight body will be constructed primarily of polycarbonate composite plastic to promote durability and water resistance.  Theft Proof  Does not need to be taken off handlebars after riding  Minimal damage in heavy rain, or when hit with high impact. Here are 5 tips to protect yourself against bicycle and accessory theft: 1. Always use bicycle cages and racks to lock your bicycle rather than public fences. 2. Use a high quality U lock rather than a chain lock, which can be easily cut. 3. Be particularly cautious in September and October- bicycle thefts are highest this time of year 4. If the option is available to you, register you bicycle with your school or workplace so your bicycle can be easily returned to you if its lost or stolen and then found. 5. Buy the LockLight! The LockLight allows you to leave you bicycle light on you bike without fear of theft. No longer will you have to take your bicycle light with you everywhere you go, with the risk of losing it. Just leave it on the handlebars or your locked bike and walk away with peace of mind. Ride Long and Prosper, Team Tragon
  2. 2. 2 Issue #: [Date] Dolor Sit Amet (Continued) 2 3 Relative Location of each biking event Bike the Coast – November 6. An informal cycling event that takes place in Oceanside, California. It is not timed. 2 routes available: The river route provides 7 and 15 mile trails and the Beach route provides 25 and 50 mile trails Tri-States Gran Fondo – November 6. A big cycling event that provides a great challenge to all comers. The trail is 114 miles long, goes through parts of 3 states (Nevada, Arizona, and Utah), and has over 7,500 feet worth of climbs. Rancho Team/Club Challenge and fun bike ride – November 6. This team race takes place in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The team that can get there first 10 riders over the finish line will win a $2,000 prize. The trail is 65 miles long. There will also be a fun bike ride for any cyclist who does not want to participate in the race. South Broward Wheelers 26th Annual Century – November 7. Touring bike event in Cooper City, Florida. The South Broward Wheelers donate bicycles and helmets to underprivelaged children. They support bicycle advocacy groups, like the Florida Bicycle Association and other gorganizations such as the Lance Armstrong Foundation. SMART Ride 7 – November 18-20. Special 2-day bike event that goes from Miami to Key West. It is 165 miles long and there were over 500 participants in the past. 100% of the money donated goes to serve those affected by HIV/AIDS. In 7 years, $2.2 Million dollars have been raised. Each rider pays an $85 registration fee and vows to try and raise at least $1,250 for the cause. 54th Annual HI-USA Christmas Bike Ride – 6-day bike event that stretches a total of 400 miles through mountains, deserts, and coasts in the San Diego area. $350 registration fee covers all expenses incurred on the ride. It lasts from December 26-December 31. 1 4 5 6 2 1 4 5 6 3
  3. 3. 3 Issue #: [Date] Dolor Sit Amet
  4. 4. Issue #: [Date] Dolor Sit Amet