Presentation skills


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Presentation skills for student nurses, used to introduce their own presentations at a subsequent date

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Presentation skills

  1. 1. Presentation Skills by Paul Hinckley
  2. 2. AimThe aim of this presentation is to provideyou with the skills necessary to enhanceyour own presentation technique, so that by the end of the lesson you will have more confidence and a greater appreciation of how to create more interesting presentations.
  3. 3. Objectives• To understand why presentations areimportant• To appreciate the variety of tools availableto deliver information• To gather new skills that will enhance ourown ability to present• To gain confidence
  4. 4. Why?
  5. 5. Why? How? What? Who?When? Which? Where?
  6. 6. How do we learn?
  7. 7. How do we remember?
  8. 8. Environment Group sizeLevel of prior knowledge Time limit
  9. 9. Get your point acrossLearning objectives Competencies
  10. 10. Presenter QualifiedKnowledgeable Presentable Confident
  11. 11. Don’t blag it!
  12. 12. Get your point acrossUse PowerPoint realistically Use props Talk from experience Encourage dialogue
  13. 13. Get your point across Be objectiveRespect other’s opinions
  14. 14. Get your point across Be interesting Use a “hook”
  15. 15. Get your point acrossCommunicate effectively Speak appropriately Listen Non verbal comms
  16. 16. Be prepared!Fail to prepare = prepare to fail Varied ability Dominance / apathy IT failure
  17. 17. Keep it simple!
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Your turn…
  20. 20. Rules1. Presentations must NOT exceed 3 minutes.2. ANY form of teaching aid may be used.3. More than ONE method must be employed.4. EACH group member must actively participate.
  21. 21. Group 1 Should marijuana belegalised? If so, why?
  22. 22. Group 2The Chinese languageshould be compulsarily taught in all UK state schools.
  23. 23. Group 3Cats or dogs?
  24. 24. Group 4Jaffa cakes: cake or biscuit?
  25. 25. Group 5Women are clearly better drivers than men.
  26. 26. Group 6David Platt: Coronation Street’s evil genius?
  27. 27. PresentationsMonday 5th July 2010 1.00pmPrizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd!
  28. 28. Thank you!