8th Meet the Professor, Advanced International Breast Cancer


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8th Meet the Professor, Advanced International Breast Cancer

  1. 1. Section of Oncology8th Meet the ProfessorAdvanced InternationalBreast Cancer CoursePadova, November 15 -17 2012DirectorsPier Franco Conte, Gabriel N. HortobagyiPreliminary programme1st announcement
  2. 2. Presentation Preliminary programmeMortality from breast cancer is rapidly declining in most countries worldwide Thursday, November 15and nowadays breast cancer patients have a great chance for cure. These resultsare extraordinary if we remember that breast cancer is by and large the most 8.30 Registrationfrequent tumor among females and it is still considered one of the “big killers”.Now that we are so close to our objectives, we must maximize our efforts to 9.30 Lecture 1provide a more personalized approach to the individual patient, to optimize the Biological evolution of molecular markers in breast cancerappropriate use of resources and to develop innovative therapies for the patients not yet cured. 10.00 Lecture 2With these goals in mind, the Programme of this International Conference Clinical implications of biomarker changesincludes lectures on the molecular characterization of primary and metastatic tumors, update management of early and advanced disease, strategies to 10.30 Lecture 3overcome resistance to available therapies, innovative therapies, preservation Proliferative markers: prognostic and predictive roleof fertility and treatment of male breast cancer. Clinical case discussions anddebates are also planned to discuss topics which require a multifaceted approach 11.00 Coffee breakor are matter of controversy.This 8th Breast Cancer Conference includes a highly qualified international faculty, Clinical 11.30 case discussion 1but will maintain its characteristics of a friendly forum where international opinion Biopsy of metastases in breast cancer patientsleaders and attendees will exchange experiences and share the most exitingadvances. In order to reward scientific excellence and to foster international 13.00 Lunchcooperation, the International Scientific Committee of the 8th AIBCC will awardthe third International Prize for Breast Cancer Research to a scientist who has Debate 14.00 1published a breakthrough paper in the previous year and the Monica Boscolo How far can we go to minimize therapy of primary breast cancer?Research Grant to an Italian scientist for a research project to be conducted incooperation with a foreign institution. Positive sentinel node: can we avoid axillary dissection?The Local Organizing Committee will award the Patrizia Rossi prize to the best · YES we canthesis on breast cancer from a graduate in medicine or postgraduate in medical · NO, except when…oncology from Italian universities. Partial breast cancer irradiationWe welcome medical oncologists, pathologists, breast surgeons, radiation · When could be doneoncologists and basic scientists to listen to breast cancer leaders and to exchange · When should not be doneexperiences in a friendly atmosphere. 15.40 Coffee break 16.00 Lecture 4Addressed to Early breast cancer: systemic treatment. An update. Debate 2 16.40 Oncologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, surgeons Intensive follow up after primary curative therapy 18.00 Adjourn
  3. 3. Friday, November 16 Saturday, November 17 Lecture8.30 5 Primary systemic therapy: biological and clinical end points Round 8.30 Table - Not for Cme Credits Challenges in drug development and accessibility. A view from different9.00 Lecture 6 perspectives: scientists, clinicians, pharma representatives, regulatory Breast reconstruction and radiation therapy officials, payers, patients, media representatives. Clinical9.30 case discussion 2 10.00 Lecture 13 Management after primary systemic therapy Clinical genomics for personalized cancer medicine11.00 Coffee break 10.30 Lecture 14 Immunotherapy for breast cancer: premises and promises11.30 Lecture 7 Preservation of fertility and pregnancy after breast cancer 11.00 Coffee break12.00 Lecture 8 11.15 Highlights from ASCO, SABCS, EBCC Male breast cancer Round 11.45 Table12.30 Lunch Strategies to overcome resistance in breast cancer molecular subtypes - HR + disease Lecture13.30 9 - HER2+ disease Management of advanced breast cancer patients: how to translate - Triple negative scientific advances into daily practice 13.00 Adjourn and final evaluation questionnaire14.00 Lecture 10 Management of elderly breast cancer patient 14.30 Lecture 11 New bone targeting agents15.00 Coffee break Lecture15.30 12 Clinical and ethical challenges in treatment decision16.00 Ceremony for the presentation of the Award for advances in breast cancer research, the Monica Boscolo Research Grant and the Patrizia Rossi merit award.16.30 Lecture of the awardee17.15 Adjourn
  4. 4. Directors Preliminary list of speakersPier Franco Conte Gabriel N. Hortobagyi Giovanni Apolone David KhayatIntegrated Department of Oncology, Department of Breast Medical Oncology Reggio Emilia (I) Paris (F)Hematology and Respiratory Diseases University of Texas - MD Anderson CancerUniversity Hospital of Modena Center Franco Barbazza Sibylle LoiblUniversity of Modena and Reggio Emilia (I) Houston (USA) Padova (I) Frankfurt (D) Adriana Bazzi Miguel Martin Milano (I) Madrid (S) Jonas Bergh Roberto OrecchiaScientific Committee Stockholm (SW) Jean-Pierre Bizzari Milan (I) Paolo Paoletti Summit – NJ (USA) Collegeville, PA (USA)Alberto Amadori David KhayatScientific Director Medical Oncology Department Fernando Bozza Philip PoortmansIstituto Oncologico Veneto Salpetriere Hospital Padova (I) Tilburg (NL)Padova (I) Paris (F) Pier Franco Conte Paolo PronzatoErmanno Ancona Sibylle Loibl Modena (I) Genova (I)Department of Surgery, Oncology and German Breast GroupGastroenterology University Francesco De Lorenzo Richard TheriaultUniversity of Padova (I) Frankfurt (D) Roma (I) Houston, TX (USA)Valentina Guarneri Miguel Martin Lucia Del Mastro Giuseppe VialeIntegrated Department of Oncology, Medical Oncology Service Genova (I) Milan (I)Hematology and Respiratory Diseases Hospital Universitario Gregorio MarañonUniversity Hospital of Modena Madrid (S) Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo Vittorina ZagonelUniversity of Modena and Reggio Emilia (I) Houston, TX (USA) Padova (I) Donato NittiFikri Içli Department of Surgery, Oncology and Valentina Guarneri Giorgio ZavagnoOncology Research and Treatment Center Gastroenterology Modena (I) Padova (I)Ankara University (T) University of Padova (I) Gabriel N. Hortobagyi Christoph ZielinskiJacek Jassem Philip Poortmans Houston, TX (USA) Wien (A)Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy Department of Radiation OncologyMedical University of Gdansk (PL) Dr. Verbeeten Instituut Fikri Içli Tilburg (NL) Ankara (TR)Stephen JohnstonNIHR Biomedical Research Centre for Cancer Christoph Zielinski Jacek JassemRoyal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust Clinical Division of Oncology Gdansk (PL)Institute of Cancer Research Medical University - General HospitalLondon (UK) Vienna (A) Stephen Johnston London (UK)
  5. 5. Awards EcmMonica Boscolo Research Grant Based on the in force regulations approved by the CNFC, Accademia NazionaleThe Scientific Committee will select the winner of the Monica Boscolo Research di Medicina (provider n. 31, accreditation valid through july 13th, 2012) willGrant. This Research Award is restricted to young Italian researchers ( 40 years) request the CME Accreditation.who will carry out a research project at a foreign institution. The Round Table Saturday, November 17th at 8.30 a.m is not for Cme Credits.International Prize for Breast Cancer Research The Meeting is addressed to physicians specialized in oncology, radiology,The Scientific Committee will select a young researcher who has published, radiation oncology, pathology, surgeryas principal author in an international peer-reviewed journal, a manuscriptreporting important clinical or biological advances in breast cancer. The winner The credit certification is subject to:will be invited to present his/her study during the annual Conference • attendance at the entire Meeting • the completion of the Meeting evaluation formPatrizia Rossi Merit Award • the completion of the final questionnaire (at least 75% of correct answers)This prize will be awarded to the best thesis on breast cancer from a graduatein medicine or postgraduate in medical oncology from Italian Universities. We would like to remind to participants that only 1/3 of the CME Credits acquired during the years 2011-2013 can come from a sponsorship. Official Language The official language of the Meeting is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.
  6. 6. Registration Meeting VenueThe registration fee is € 250,00 tax free. Centro Congressi Padova A. LucianiIt includes the conference bag, the conference book and all coffee breaks and Via Forcellini 170/Alunches. It does not include Hotel accomodation, dinners and travel expenses. 35128 PadovaTo register, please send:• registration form duly filled out (even when sponsored by a Pharmaceutical Company) How to reach the meeting venue:• privacy statement and consent to the use of personal data (as in the back of the form)• payment By car: The Highway exits areto Accademia Nazionale di Medicina – Palazzina CUP II Piano, Via Massarenti 9, Padova Est, 5 Km from the Meeting Venue40138 Bologna (fax 0039 051 6364605 – e.mail: info.bologna@accmed.org, Padova Zona Industriale, 6 Km from the Meeting Venuewithin November, 2nd 2012 By train:Online registration is possible on the website http://meettheprofessor.accmed.org Padova is in the Center of Veneto, it is easy to reach with the trains Milano- Venezia and Bologna-Venezia. The Meeting Venue is 4 Km from the trainBy submitting the form and the payment, your registration is completed with stationthe exception of specific decisions of the Meeting Secretariat.Incomplete registration will NOT be admitted. By plainThe registration will be confirmed by e-mail, please put your e-mail address on Venezia Airport - Marco-Polo: 43 km (about 40 minutes by car)the registration form. Treviso Airport- Canova: 63 km (about 50 minutes by car)Cancellation• If the participants minimum number is not reached, Accademia Nazionale di Medicina will advise by a written communication and proceed with the total refund of the fee.• In order to cancel please give advise with a written communication to Accademia Nazionale di Medicina within 10 days from the beginning. A 70% of the registration fee will be returned. Any cancellation after that deadline will not be reimbursed.
  7. 7. Promoted byACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DI MEDICINA www.accmed.org General Manager: Stefania Ledda Organizing Partner Forum Service Via Martin Piaggio 17/6 16122 Genova Information http://meettheprofessor.accmed.org Ph. +39 051 6364898-6360080 Fax +39 051 6364605 info.bologna@accmed.org Hotel booking Ph. +39 010 83794233 Fax +39 010 83794261 booking@forumservice.net