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Tsb collaborationacrossdigitalindustries6pagecompflyer

  1. 1. Technology Strategy Board Driving Innovation Collaboration across digital industries round 1 CompETiTion for funding CollaBoraTivE r&d and Trials July 2010
  2. 2. Table 1: This is a competition for proposals that address at least two of the challenge areas – people, digital content & services, and networks People Content & Services Networks Community Community Community The general public, including Originators, owners and distributors of Owners, operators and programmers consumer and business users creative and digital content, plus the of the internet’s infrastructure. of the internet. designers and operators of services. Background Background Background Internet users are the ultimate In the context of file-sharing and The networks enable the delivery of beneficiaries of the power of the difficulties in managing intellectual content and services to the user, but internet, and are also the source of property rights, new business often receive no direct rewards for revenue that sustains the entire models are needed, alongside increased traffic or improved service business ecosystem. They must be advertising, to assure the long-term quality. This reduces incentives to willing and confident to use it, and economic success of the sector. invest or to make available the full must value the experience they receive. capabilities of the network to create versatile products. Example Example Example 35 10 80 9 30 70 8 60 25 % of UK Households 7 PB/month ‘000s 50 20 6 £ Billion 5 40 15 4 30 10 3 20 2 50 10 1 0 0 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2005 2006 2007 2008 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 Video to TV Video to PC File Sharing Online Conventional All Internet Access Broadband Access Web/Email By Sub-Segment (PB per month) Gaming, Voice, Video Comms Source : CISCO, 2009 Source : IAB, 2009 Source : ONS, 2009 Consumer internet traffic doubles UK advertising revenues are declining, Two-thirds of UK households have every year but is dominated by and even though online advertising a broadband connection; there is content that does not directly has overtaken TV, it too has flattened general political consensus to achieve create revenue. off as multiple channels compete universal availability, with ‘next- for attention. generation’ becoming accessible to 90% of the population in the next few years. Challenge Challenge Challenge Protection and enablement: to create To generate sustainable revenues To justify investment to expand the trust, security and privacy in services from creative content and services, networks’ reach, capacity and capability. that are highly available, usable and to enable continued market growth can be personalised. of the UK creative content sector.
  3. 3. Collaboration across digital industries CompETiTion for funding CollaBoraTivE r&d and Trials Summary Over the next 12 months we will invest up to £18m in this competition, which challenges businesses to develop an internet with a sustainable economic future from which all participants will benefit. To this end, we have identified three challenge areas: K people K digital content and services K networks. In this first round, we anticipate providing up to £10m to support collaborations between industry sectors, which must substantially address at least two of these challenge areas. The specific challenges are outlined in table 1 opposite. We will invest at least 50% of our budget in projects that address all three challenges. In this round we will fund two types of project addressing these challenge areas, both attracting 50% public funding: The competition for fast-track funding challenge areas: people, digital K strategic research opens on 14 June 2010. For mainstream content and services, and networks. and development projects projects, the competition opens on Much effort has already been devoted to 12 July 2010. K ground-breaking trials. these challenges, but often an advance in one area has unintended repercussions This round of the competition is open to all UK-based companies and research Background and challenges in the others; for example, protecting ownership rights can impact user privacy organisations in business-led consortia, The internet touches all aspects of our lives, or reduce opportunities for innovation, and may be of particular interest to those reaching across shopping, travel, banking, controlling peak traffic volumes can affect designing and operating internet networks, healthcare, education, communication and service quality, and poor rewards for or the services that operate over them, and entertainment, and it is revolutionising the improved network service inhibit the those who are concerned with how digital way we work. The implications are roll-out of infrastructure. content is distributed to, and used by, profound for all businesses. The most customers. strongly affected are those working to These challenges must be addressed create and distribute information and to together, to develop a sustainable future We will be funding: for the internet economy, and to advance offer services to customers, who are K fast-track projects: up to £100k in finding that conventional commerce needs our vision that all participants should total project value. These should be to be fundamentally rethought. This is an benefit fairly from the creation, completed within 12 months, and exciting time of opportunity and risk. It is distribution and consumption of digital a time ripe for innovation. content and services. K mainstream projects: more than £100k in total project value. These In our digital strategy (see We expect there to be one or two will last from about 12 months up to www.innovateuk.org under Publications) more rounds of this competition in this a maximum of 24 months. we identified three interdependent financial year. Technology Strategy Board
  4. 4. Informed Personal Travel CompETiTion for funding – issuE 2 dECEmBEr 2008 Our digital programme This competition is part of our £30m digital K business services such as billing investment programme, which also and payment systems (notably The difficulty of bringing together these involves creating the UK Digital Testbed. micropayments) multiple communities, to invest jointly to The testbed will come online in phases K shared content resources such as address multiple challenges, provides through the second half of 2010 and will an argument for our intervention. Through media warehouses, or the government enable businesses from all communities to this competition we are therefore investing databases made available through work together, to assemble and £18m in the overlap between the three data.gov.uk demonstrate new services and applications challenge areas, to encourage new quickly and at minimal cost to the innovator. K the experimental business process cooperative ways of working (see below). support applications and services of The testbed will have many shared resources other trialists, which businesses can figure 1: We are targeting projects in the and capabilities, and more will be added overlap between the three challenge areas combine with their own ideas. throughout the programme. Businesses conducting trials on the testbed will be granted These facilities and resources will free and open access to, for example: remove barriers to experimentation K a registered population of thousands beyond the boundaries of current of users, who will test and respond to business practice. Businesses will gain Content & People Services experimental services, and provide confidence that their products and instant market intelligence services are well designed by K the ability to record and analyse the demonstrating them in front of real use of content and services within the customers, in realistic conditions, and testbed environment with experimental controls in place. Networks K enabling technologies, which might We are encouraging businesses include network controls, metadata tools, throughout the UK to use this resource, intelligent and interactive interfaces, whether through projects funded by us and standardised interoperability or on their own initiative. Scope In this competition we are inviting proposals that will address the multiple challenges and contribute to an innovative ecosystem of internet businesses. In particular we are interested in compound business models and partnerships that share revenues for the benefit of all. To create a phased portfolio of projects within the evolving digital programme, the competition is structured in a series of rounds over 12 months. The aim of this first round is to invest in innovative collaborations across industry sectors. We make a distinction between the following types of projects: K R&D – which increases and integrates technology capabilities, and progresses in stages towards marketable products
  5. 5. Collaboration across digital industries CompETiTion for funding CollaBoraTivE r&d and Trials K trials – which investigate users’ studies previously funded by us to enter Briefings for fast-track projects will be held responses to prototype products and this competition as part of a consortium on 22 June 2010, and for mainstream extract market intelligence that can be to take their work to the next level. projects on 21 July 2010, to explain the used to build business confidence. application process and competition requirements. We strongly advise that all In round 1 we are inviting proposals that Assessment criteria applicants attend. are one of the following: Since R&D and trials have different K strategic development projects, with fast-track projects objectives and processes, we will use the potential to cause substantial and different criteria to assess these components Applicants must submit a single lasting change in the industries of the in each proposal. The assessment criteria application form by 22 July 2010. internet, involving R&D and possibly are outlined in the Guidance for Applicants also incorporating a trial for the testbed (see www.innovateuk.org under mainstream projects K ground-breaking trials for the testbed Competitions). It is important that Applicants must submit a compulsory that will contribute to a vibrant applicants refer to these criteria before expression of interest application form ecosystem that fuels innovation and completing and submitting their proposal. by 19 august 2010. An optional attracts consumers expression of interest may be submitted Proposals should demonstrate that they Application process by 12 august 2010. In this case we will contribute a technology, resource or review the proposal and give feedback service that will be available for further Full details of the application process will before the compulsory expression of collaboration. be included in the Guidance for Applicants, interest is submitted. The compulsory available at www.innovateuk.org under forms will be assessed and we will invite We will be funding fast-track projects (up Competitions. Applicants must read this a shortlist of applicants to submit a full to £100k in total project value), which document before submitting a proposal. application by 4 november 2010. should be completed within 12 months; and mainstream projects (more than £100k in total project value), which will last Key dates from about 12 months up to a maximum of 24 months. Both types of project will fast track projects attract 50% public funding. Competition opens 14 June 2010 all proposals in this round must Optional briefing 22 June 2010 demonstrate how they address substantial challenges in at least Deadline for applications 22 July 2010 two of the three challenge areas. Decision to applicants 20 august 2010 We will reserve at least 50% of the funding budget for projects that address mainstream projects the challenges of all three areas. Competition opens 12 July 2010 Successful consortia that generate enabling Optional briefing 21 July 2010 technologies, services or resources may Deadline for submission of optional expression of interest 12 august 2010 be eligible to receive follow-on funding to support their continued involvement in the Deadline for submission of compulsory expression of interest 19 august 2010 UK Digital Testbed. Decision to applicants 10 september 2010 The competition is open to all UK-based Full stage opens 13 september 2010 companies and research organisations in business-led consortia. Consortia must Compulsory briefing 21 september 2010 consist of organisations from at least Deadline for submission of full-stage applications 4 november 2010 two of the three challenge areas. We invite the participants in successful feasibility Decision to applicants 10 december 2010 Technology Strategy Board
  6. 6. Collaboration across digital industries CompETiTion for funding CollaBoraTivE r&d and Trials Further information For more information about this and other competitions, and details of how to register and apply, visit www.innovateuk.org under Competitions. Competition helpline: 0300 321 4357 Email: competitions@tsb.gov.uk The Technology Strategy Board is a business-led executive non-departmental Publicity public body, established by the Government. Its role is to promote and The Technology Strategy Board frequently support research into, and development publicises the results of competitions and exploitation of, technology and and this includes engagement with the innovation for the benefit of UK business, media. All applicants will be given a in order to increase economic growth and chance during the competition process to improve quality of life. opt out of any publicity. Willing applicants will be asked to provide an agreed form of Collaborative research and development is words for use in publicity material. Email part of the Government’s Solutions for pressoffice@tsb.gov.uk with any queries. Business portfolio. The Technology Strategy Board North Star House North Star Avenue Swindon SN2 1UE Telephone: 01793 442700 www.innovateuk.org © Technology Strategy Board May 2010 T10/032 Printed on 100% recycled paper.