Hiv positive insurance coverage options


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Hiv positive insurance coverage options

  1. 1. HIV positive Insurance coverageOptionsPosted in HIV CoverGetting HIV positive does not hold the stigma that has been once attachedto that by the Insurance companies. The social acceptance is actuallyimproving daily but in certain communities the particular acceptance levelsabandon much to be wanted. The attitude associated with Insurancecompanies toward those living with HIV should be a very good barometerwith the understanding we now have concerning HIV and Aids, in fact HIVoptimistic individuals can get insurance coverage without being subjectedto a good HIV test!If you are looking for quality information regarding hiv positive life insurance,follow the link I have provided, it will be beneficial for you.When theultra conservative, amount crunching Insurance companies haveaccepted that people reside long productive life while being Humanimmunodeficiency virus positive, society in which discriminates against HIVattitudes really are just not knowledgeable about HIV.
  2. 2. The Life insurance options available to be able to HIV positive people arevery similar to those simply no carry the HI virus and prior to deciding tosimply accept a coverage premium offered by some insurance companyoffering Life Insurance to be able to HIV positive individuals, know thatthere are many companies who value your Life insurance business and areprepared to negotiate rates.HIV positive people have the identical aspirations and objectives as anyother person and the ability to leave an enduring legacy to their children isway up there with everyone else. Life Insurance is among the cornerstonesof financial planning that will never be overlooked. The truth is as an HIVpositive person you are prone to be killed or even injured in an accidentthan to die of your HIV related disease. Modern Anti retroviralremedieshave been incredibly successful in prolonging existence which is why theInsurance market now embraces Aids positive people.We have experienced people say that they will never take out Lifeinsurance coverage because of the treatment and also stigmatization thatthe Insurance companies placed them under a few years ago but this kindof anger will not assist your family. We need to realize that Insurancecompanies are not authorities institutions, they are companies that need toreport to their own shareholders and offer coming back on investment aswell as in the days they did not understand HIV, were not wanting to offerLife Insurance to anyone already carrying the HIV trojan.Don’t let this get in the way of the financial planning which will affect thefuture of your loved ones, get quotes for a lifetime Insurance and live in thepeace of mind that will anything happen to you, your household will be welllooked after.Nurse Needing to Tell a Minor that he is Human immunodeficiency viruspositiveI am a registered nurse in California. A patient of mine (he could be lessthan 18 years of age) tested positive regarding HIV. I do not understand theage cut-off for showing the minor ONLY and NOT telling the mother andfather. Can you please let me know what the California regulation is for
  3. 3. disclosuring this minors HIV status? At what age am I NOT permitted to tellthe parents of the child?I did the laypersons search (Im not a lawyer) of the California Health&Safety Code. I didnt find a reference to which, but if there is a single, itwould be in that part of the California Code. It really is on line. You maywant to carry out an in-depth search.Sorry I couldnt find anything to answer your question. Jacques