Giving positive mindsets away


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Giving positive mindsets away

  1. 1. Giving Positive Mindsets Away:Meaningful Living MeetupsPaul P. Capital t. Wong, Ph.D., is really a psychology professor, scientificpsychologist, author, speaker, and the founder of the actual Meaning-Centered Counselling Institute as well as the International Network onPersonal Meaning.He is the conference seat for the 7th Biennial MeaningConference. Full Bio.Paul’s articles are here.Some thing unusual and significant is happening in Toronto, quietly anddistinct.Every other Sunday morning, people from all avenues of life gather at myhouse for our regular Significant Living Meetup. On average, greater than30 people cram into my family room. This picture was taken last year, oncethe group was smaller.
  2. 2. If you are looking for quality information regarding positive psychology degree,follow the link I have provided, it will be beneficial for you.A Meetup GroupWho participates?Participants come from all ethnic backgrounds and different walks of life:graduate students, retirees, mental medical researchers, entrepreneurs,accountants, technicians, and stay-at-home moms (who appreciate thecamp instructors provided). Interestingly, lots of the participants have actualor mental health problems.One case in point is definitely an elderly lady who has only 30% of the girllung capacity. Even with the help of a portable oxygen fish tank, she stillbattles with every inhale and has difficulty completing a sentence withouthaving pausing. She retains coming because the lady says that learningabout this is of life enables her to go on regardless of pain.Another instance is a young lady experiencing depression and suicidaltendencies. Group help and the content of each lesson give her newgrounds for hope.About 50 % of the members come from other countries, such as China,Mexico, Romania, Poland, and Russia. Regardless of their diverseethnic/cultural backdrops, these immigrants deal with the same problemwwith vocabulary barriers and lack of employment opportunities.We also have senior citizens who are seeking new that means for theirpost-employment days. Theyre excited about making brand newconnections.In somewhat over a year, our membership has grown to over 180. Whataccounts for this kind of growth? Judging in the comments members aremaking, people come simply because topics on important living resonateusing them and because they enjoy discovering these topics with otherpeople. Here are a few comments:“It’s so wonderful to meet folks from all walk associated with life who revealsimilar values. Subsequent our heart and values is a thin and lonely path attimes. I also enjoy the warm and everyday atmosphere of the meetings.”
  3. 3. “It feels like heaven on earth to be able to celebrate life together and assisteach other to grow.”“How to reside a good life? An age old question very often brings aboutthought provoking dialogues. A great cross-section of people coming fromdifferent walks of life will make this journey a lot more interesting.”What happens inside a meeting?Paul Wong lecturingPaul Wong lecturingImportantly, participants learn about the latest research findings relevant tomeaningful living. For each topic, I give a mini-lecture that covers the actualempirical and theoretical footings. These are largely according to my twoedited volumes, The Human Pursuit of Meaning. Some of these mini-lectures is found on my YouTube funnel, Personal Meaning.Here are some of the topics we all cover:Know who you are: Accept your true self.Know what really matters: Identify your core values.Understand the nature with the good life: Pick the path of that means andvirtue.Affirm the particular intrinsic value of existence: Learn from Viktor Frankl.Explore the human quest for meaning: Learn how to ask “why” questions.Discover the sources of meaning and happiness: Learn how to livebalanced life.Discover the meaning associated with meaning: Learn the Genuine model.PURE represents Purpose, Understanding, Accountable Action, Enjoyaimportant life/Evaluate life anew. (To find out more, here’s a shortdiscussion with the PURE model).
  4. 4. Doctor.Lilian WongFive steps to build up your own resilience: Practice the ABCDE model.(Nick Hall provided an example of the actual ABCDE model in his article, IsFeeling Better as Easy as ABCDE?.)What is individual is also universal: Exercise double vision.Find joy in difficult times: Comprehend the sources of true joy.Explore how goodas well as evil interact: Educate yourself on the dualsystem design.Other people matter: View the basis for good interactions.We conclude with pathways to well-being and flourishing as we place it alltogether.Presentation materials and summaries of the initial 5 topics are availablehere. More will be provided as they are all set.pathwaysPathwaysFor an example of the test and theoretical underpinnings, when we discuss“How do I find happiness in difficult times?” all of us refer to Seligman’shappiness models in Authentic Pleasure and Flourish, as well as EdDiener’s research on subjective well-being and countrywide well-being. Wealso bring in the particular humanistic/existential perspectives of AbrahamMaslow and also Viktor Frankl.Other main attractions of our Meetup are the team discussion led by mywife, Dr. Lilian Wong, and also the informal interactions aroundrefreshments. The main take-home session is that people not just needscientific here is how to live aimportant and happy lifestyle but also needthe support of others sharing the same desire to expand and flourish.In sum, our Meaningful ResidingMeetup is a grassroots method ofproviding positive psychology aside. Participants learn the human capacity
  5. 5. for meaning-seeking and also meaning-making not only repairs what isbroken, but also gives pathways to well-being as well as flourishing.Author’s note: I will outline my eyesight for transforming the world throughmeaningful residing at the concluding Get together Banquet of our MeaningConference, held This summer 26-29 in Toronto.Several individuals from other cities possess expressed interest in startingMeaningful Living Organizations. I recommend that group leaders have asound grounding in the empirical as well as theoretical foundations ofimportant living. In our latest newsletter, I defined a set of sessions on theupcoming Biennial Meaning Meeting that can help someone acquire theknowledge needed to aid Meaningful Living teams. Early registration foryour conference ends June 30. Register here.We are working on a digital version of Important Living meetups.Anyone interested in the actual conference or Meetuporganizations cancontact me: Medical professional. Paul P. Big t. Wong.