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Nac distr mil aero supply security


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Nac distr mil aero supply security

  1. 1. Supply Security: Tactical / Strategic Support North American Tactical Support to Expand the Supply Security Business Expanded Supply Security model is timely and relevant for the US A&D Federal programs will shift the budget-cutting spotlight onto the DOD budget @ 15% Delays at the OEM level can result in cancellation of the program. The ‘re-design’ proposition is not always viable for established defense systems Cost of re-design & qual at the board level > $600k Evaporation/Re-assignment of Eng and Pgm resources away from existing programs EOL/DMS/OBS Supply Security competes with commercial distr NACbusiness PEMCO NAC distr has the keys to expand its supply security business Deep connection at the prime, sub-con and ECM level for the Defense business Ability to partner with foundry (eg SVTC for ASIC commercialization support) Need BOM downloader to gain visibility to semiconductor content board-by-board Pyramid Semi / QP Semi as a captive mfgr?
  2. 2. Supply Security: Tactical / Strategic Support Tactical Support = Increased Visibility Visibility down to a granular level is needed to increase access to  Every board comprising the end system (aircraft, rotor, UAV, weapons system, missile)  All ‘problem part’ opportunities  EOL-horizon technologies and architectures Tactical Marketing Engineer will provide increased visibility  Connect with the Pgm Mgr, Component Engineer and Obsolescence Buyer  Dissect at the board-level, crawl through the BoM and review SCDs  Team with each field and on-site store connected with a mil-related account  Create a repository of EOL demand common across multiple programs eg. demand for obsolete 2111 PLL Synthesizer shared between Alstom and Selex
  3. 3. Supply Security: Tactical / Strategic SupportService Life of Defense Platforms ExtendedB-52 will be in service until 2025. Platform Life Cycle > 50 years
  4. 4. Supply Security: Tactical / Strategic SupportDoD Budget Break-out MacroDefense Budget is comprised of:  Base Operations  OCO Overseas Operations  Procurement-existing platforms > $200B  Procurement- RDTE  REPRESENTS $85B OF THE BUDGET TO BE RELEASED OCT 2011  RDTE is the research and engineering apportionment.  RDTE apportionment assigned to each existing mil system in the DoD budget  RDTE is the focus for EOL horizon & design-in of new architectures
  5. 5. Supply Security: Tactical / Strategic Support DoD Modernization Budget RDTE- $85B Aircraft Only RDTE All others- Maritime Missile Comm Ground Space 1.1 3.1 Aircraft- Fighter 2.2 Aircraft- Cargo/Tnkr/Surv73.8 11.2 Aircrft- Rotor 4.8 Aircraft- UAV UAV RDTE budget = $2.2B for 2012 SAR- Synthetic Aperture Radar target app for 32 bit controller
  6. 6. Supply Security: Tactical / Strategic Support Focus on UAV for EOL-Horizon & New Design-In UAV $4B MISSILE DEF, $10 AIRCRAFT, $50 RQ-7/11 C4 COMM, $11 Shadow / Raven $246M UAV SYS, $4 RQ4 MISSILE, $11 Global Hawk MQ-1/9 $1,635M Predator / Reaper SPACE-BASED, GROUND, $16 $10 $2,516MThe BoM is the key to discovery of the total semiconductor content: ECU controller Full motion video controller (video amp) Syn aperture radar SIGNT modules Board Progra # Systems / m (incl Sub( Sub- EC Office BoM Program spares) Prime Location s) sys M Contact File Raven RQ-11 980 AeroVironment Monrovia CA Shadow RQ-7 292 AAI Hunt Valley MD Predator / Gray Eagle MQ-1 36 General Atomics San Diego, CA Reaper MQ-9 48 General Atomics San Diego, CA Rancho Bernardo Gbl Hwk RQ-4 3 Northrop Grumman CA
  7. 7. Supply Security: Tactical / Strategic Support Tactical Marketing Eng: Requirements Career-dedication to Military Sales and models for Supply Security, EOL and Life-Cycle Mgmt Applications knowledge; Logic, ISP and Memory Direct customer contact at the technical and procurement level Component Eng Program Offices Contract review Absolute knowledge of all specifications Mil-Std 883, All test methods, including M5004, M5005 and M5007 (radiation/space) AS9100, Mil-PRF38535 SCDs Working knowledge of back-end processes, including ceramic package types assembly processes electrical test environmental test costs associated with test equipment and DUT cards wafer costs Technical support for acquisitions and technology transfer Collateral development Develop business case for EOL-horizon components  eg. FPGA availability: defense systems at risk due to growth in automotive?
  8. 8. Supply Security: Tactical / Strategic Support DiscussionCobham UK wins antenna contract for the Eurocopter Surion 245 sets Transceiver sourced out of Cobham USA (surv & nav located in Az)Honeywell Aerospace to supply EF VI inertial guidance for COMAC C919Leverage Pyramid as a captive obsolescence mfg