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Consumer behaviour


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What is consumer behaviour

Published in: Education
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Consumer behaviour

  1. 1. Understanding consumer behaviour
  2. 2. Content marketing and consumer behaviour Further reading Top content brands of 2014
  3. 3. Learning outcomes • Dimensions of customer behaviour who and how they buy? • Differences between consumer and organisational buyer behaviour • Identifying the main influences on consumer behaviour
  4. 4. Private and organisational consumers Private: • Most is individual for example buying a bar of chocolate • Or groups • Or households • Or as a gift Organisations 3 types: • Buy raw materials • Buy products to resell • Government & councils etc.
  5. 5. Understanding customers- key questions to ask? (Blackwell, Miniard and Engel 1993) Who is important in the buying decision? When do they buy? What are their choice criteria?How do they buy? Where do they buy?
  6. 6. Who is important? Private • Initiator • Influencer • Decider • Buyer • User  Find out who are these people?  Why are they important?  When are they important?
  7. 7. Who is important? Organisational • In the hands of a decision making unit or buying centre • May alter according to knowledge in the decision making process eg software • More difficult as do not always know the real buyer • Gatekeepers • Video
  8. 8. How do they buy? Decision making processes Consumers process: Organisations process: Need recognition/problem awareness Information search Evaluation of alternatives Purchase Post purchase evaluation of decision Need recognition/problem awareness Specification & quantity needed Search for potential sources Gain and analyse proposals Evaluate proposals- select supplier How to order? Post purchase evaluation of decision
  9. 9. Buyer behaviour- marketing tool? McKinsey marketing – consumer decision making- take a look later (also relates to B2B)
  10. 10. What are their choice criteria when evaluating alternatives? Criteria Examples Technical Reliability, durability, performance, style/looks, comfort, delivery, convenience, taste Economic Price, value for money, running costs, residual value, life cycle costs, Social Status, social belonging, convention, fashion, family tastes, peer groups Personal Self image, risk reduction, morals, emotions, integrity
  11. 11. Influences on consumer purchasing behaviour
  12. 12. Some examples… Lifestyles: Personality: Motivation: Will your marketing campaign generate stage 1 of the buying behaviour process?
  13. 13. Summary • Many factors influence buyers • Messages form marketers need to be specific and individualised • Need to constantly alter offer and be aware of constant changes • Gathering of valid information and using this is the way forward to help predict purchasing as opposed to influencing purchasing
  14. 14. Further research… A New Trend of the Consumer Behaviour: E-books How John Lewis taps into buyers emotions John Lewis goes for the heart