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Merryhill envirotec carbon footprint initiative


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Today Merryhill Envirotec launch a first in the UK in our industry - our Asbestos Removal Carbon Footprint Initiative. We can provide every client an accurate carbon footprint of our emissions on their project, large or small, for them to then feed into their sustainability reporting. The best bit - it is totally free.

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Merryhill envirotec carbon footprint initiative

  1. 1. Merryhill Envirotec Asbestos Removal Carbon Footprint Initiative For the last four years Merryhill have been mentoring other SMEs regionally in the area of sustainability best practice, both as a founder business in the PLATO:Sustain programme, and on a voluntary B2B mentoring basis across our region. We are very conscious of what we can do to add further value into our client’s supply chains in this area, and therefore today we are launching our Asbestos Removal Carbon Footprint Initiative. This is a first in the asbestos removal industry in the UK. Merryhill are now able to provide you with complete details of our carbon footprint measurements on the asbestos removal projects we undertake for you, from major works down to one day jobs. We can provide this information to you broken down by emission type, totally free of charge to our clients. You are then able to integrate these measurements into your own sustainability reporting, should you require it on a particular project or for a particular client. This calculation of our Company’s project carbon footprint will be made through a combination of datasets, entered on-line. The calculation uses metrics developed by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and other intentionally recognised sources. The primary carbon footprint calculation includes; § Fuel usage for heating, cooking and powering electrical equipment § Passenger transportation, including Car, Rail and Air Flights made for business activities § Freight transportation, including Road, Rail, Air and Shipping (if applicable) § Process related green house gas emissions If this is something you may be interested in on a current project, or indeed on future projects, please let your Merryhill Contracts Manager know. Alternatively, please feel free to contact me directly if would like some more information on the initiative, and find out how it costs nothing to you for us to bring that extra bit of value for you. I look forward to engaging with you in this area. Further information is also available on our website, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ for updates. With best wishes Paul Fox Managing Director Merryhill Envirotec Ltd Engage with us via or via;