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Lightning Transition with Person Accounts


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Considering transitions to Lightning, but using Person Accounts? This presentation is for you!

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Lightning Transition with Person Accounts

  1. 1. Person Account Limitations in Lightning
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. Custom Actions 2. Lightning Components 3. Setup / App Builder
  3. 3. 1. Custom Actions ● Custom Actions for Person Accounts don't currently work in Lightning as the actions (lightning) framework doesn't know how to handle the compound name field (i.e. Salutation, First, Last). This applies to both Global Create Actions as well Object-specific Create and Update Actions. This will be fixed in the Summer 18 release (safe harbor). ● Custom Update Actions only allow Account based fields in the action layout. This is also true in Classic. Timing: Salesforce is investigating a solution for this, but they are not sure if it will make it into the Summer 18 release.
  4. 4. 2. Lightning Components a. Related Record Component ● The Related Record component doesn't currently work for Person Accounts. This component is based on lookup relationships on a record and also uses custom actions. ○ We already talked about limitations of custom actions in part #1. Basically, the custom actions defect has surfaced in this area of Lightning because it uses custom actions. ○ Lookup Relationship Issue: When a Person Account is populated in the account lookup field the Related Record component will only display Account-based fields. The user will see odd behavior if attempting to update the Person Account via this component's actions (Name field will display as empty, only fields other than name can be updated).
  5. 5. 2. Lightning Components - continued a. Related Record Component ● Lookup Relationship Issue (cont): For a Related Record Component on a Contact lookup field (where a Person Account is populated as the contact) the component will be read only (i.e. you cannot use a update custom action, or double click to ‘in-line’ edit) Timing: Salesforce needs to fix the custom actions bugs in #1 first, before a fix can be delivered for this. I don’t think this will be fixed in Summer ‘18.
  6. 6. 2. Lightning Components - continued b. Related List - Single Component ● The Related List - Single component only allows the user to select from Account based related lists, therefore you will not see related lists like Campaign History in the drop down. Salesforce is working with the team that owns this component to determine a fix, but they are not sure if it will make it into the Summer 18 release.
  7. 7. 3. Setup and Lighting App Builder ● Person Account Setup only available in Classic ● Edit Object link (accessible from gear in upper right) incorrectly navigates Admin to Account page layout (instead of PA layout) while on a PA record ● If editing a Person Account Lightning Page the links to the compact layouts and page layouts incorrectly link to Accounts (not PAs)