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Chicago Salesforce World Tour - Paul Fischer



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Chicago Salesforce World Tour - Paul Fischer

  1. 1. Using Process Builder to Call Flow Taking Declarative Automation to the Next Level Paul Fischer Salesforce Consultant @PaulFischerSaaS
  2. 2. What is Lightning Process Builder? “Process Builder is a workflow tool that helps you easily automate your business processes by providing a powerful and user- friendly graphical representation of your process as you build it.” Think Workflow Rules on Steroids
  3. 3. What is Flow? “Visual Workflow lets you build applications, called flows, to help users within your organization perform tasks easily and efficiently.” Also referred to as Visual Flow (not Workflow Rules)
  4. 4. What can Process Builder and Flow do? - Create a record - Update any related record—not just the record or its parent - Use a quick action to create a record, update a record, or log a call - Launch a flow—you can’t schedule this action with workflow - Send an email - Post to Chatter - Submit for approval - Multi-step user interface to collect information from user - Built on Elements which can query, create, update and delete multiple records - A Flow is a series of Elements connected together - Conditional branching & looping - Launched from web tab, custom button, Visualforce page, or process builder - Transactions are automatically bulkified Process Builder Flow
  5. 5. Who Cares? Process Builder is better than Flow in some areas and vice versa. Both offer functionality the other doesn’t have that when leveraged together can be used to build solutions to drive customer success. Transitioning the conversation from features to solutions
  6. 6. “Having Products automatically added to the Opportunity enables us to spend more time with the customer.” Nick Sherbune, Founder, Club Champion Golf Overview Club Champion offers custom fitted golf clubs to improve your golf game. There is a charge per appointment, and they wanted the charge to automatically be added to the customer’s bill when an Opportunity was created to minimize user error (ie. shrinkage) and enable the fitter to spend more time building relationships with the customer. There are different types of appointments and different charges depending on type.
  7. 7. Flow Setup The nitty-gritty - 2 Fast Lookup Elements - 1 Decision Element - 1 Record Create Element
  8. 8. Process Builder Setup The nitty-gritty - Choose when to start process (on Opportunity record creation) - Set Criteria (to only run when lookup field is populated) - Add Flow to Immediate Actions section where we set our variables
  9. 9. Process Builder Setup Continued… Plugging Process Builder into Flow - We feed the Opportunity ID to a variable in the Flow that stores the Opportunity ID - We feed the Product ID from a lookup field on the Opportunity to a variable in the Flow that stores the Product ID
  10. 10. Live Demo
  11. 11. thank y u
  12. 12. Upcoming Chicago Community Events Presented by Salesforce Community Leaders Midwest Dreamin’ July 21st & 22nd at Navy Pier Call for Presenters is OPEN! Closes 4/1/16 Sponsorship Opportunities Available, spaces are limited! To learn more go to: or @Midwest_Dreamin Trailhead on the Road May 7 – 9 am to 2 pm Illinois Technology Association 20 N. Upper Wacker Dr. #1200 Registration Opens SOON! Free to attend, space is limited