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How to join a WizIQ class (slideshare)


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Contains illusrated instruction on how to join a WiZiQ class by responding to an email invite.

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How to join a WizIQ class (slideshare)

  1. 1. How to Join a WiZiQ Class Responding to an invitation (Illustrated)
  2. 2. Contents• Open your mailbox• View complete class information• Confirm attendance• Create a WiZiQ account – Sign In (for existing members) – Enter Sign In Information• Open Class Window – Sample Class Window (Prior to schedule) – Sample Class Window (Active class) – Basic Parts of WiZiQ Class Window• CreditsHow to Join a WiZiQ Class 2
  3. 3. Open your mailboxOn your email Inbox, click the WiZiQ invitation. If it’s not there, try to look for the invite email on the Spamfolder.How to Join a WiZiQ Class 3
  4. 4. View complete class informationClick the View complete information link. You’ll find it on the message window of your favorite web mailservice provider. Once clicked a new window/tab would appear.How to Join a WiZiQ Class 4
  5. 5. Confirm attendanceOn the WiZiQ window/tab, click the Join this class button. Wait for the Sign Up screen (on the sametab/window) to appear.How to Join a WiZiQ Class 5
  6. 6. Create a WiZiQ accountIf you are not yet a WiZiQ member, enter your Name, Email, Password, Mobile (optional), Captcha text andclick Join Now. If already a member, refer to the next slide.How to Join a WiZiQ Class 6
  7. 7. Sign In (for existing members)If you already have a WiZiQ account, click the Sign In link. A new screen (on the same window/tab) wouldappear.How to Join a WiZiQ Class 7
  8. 8. Enter Sign In informationOn the Sign In screen, enter your WiZiQ registered Email and Password and click Sign In.How to Join a WiZiQ Class 8
  9. 9. Open Class WindowOn the main WiZiQ window, click the Launch Class. A separate Class window would appear (if you don’tsee one, look it up on your taskbar). Note: The Class window requires adobe flash player. Click here for install instructions.How to Join a WiZiQ Class 9
  10. 10. Sample Class Window (Prior to scheduled class) When you open a class before its schedule, you’ll see this on the Class window.How to Join a WiZiQ Class 10
  11. 11. Sample Class Window (Active class) An open WiZiQ class would look like this.How to Join a WiZiQ Class 11
  12. 12. Basic Parts of a Class Window Raise Hand Whiteboard Whiteboard Controls Chat BoxUse the chat box to send messages to you the class members. If you want to speak (gain audio access) or writesomething on the whiteboard, click the Raise Hand icon and wait for the moderator’s approval. How to Join a WiZiQ Class 12
  13. 13. Credits WiZiQ is a registered trademark of Sikhya Solutions, LLC. Yahoo!Mail is a registered trademark of Yahoo! Inc. All other trademarks, brand names, or product names used in this presentation belong to their respective holders. The screenshots used in this presentation are shown only for instructional purposes.Usage is compatible Class fair use doctrine under Sec. 184 and 185 of Republic Act 8293 of the Philippines. How to Join a WiZiQ with 13