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Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy


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Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes. Real treatment with stem cells available for diabetics.

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Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy

  1. 1. Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes is still one of the world leading causes of premature death. A person who becomes diabetic is in many cases required to adopt a complete life style change whereby a strict protocol of daily insulin injections is required for the rest of their lives. In addition, regular monitoring of their blood sugar level is required to ensure that there is no onset of complications. Risks of complications with Diabetes: +Stroke:Up to four times as likely. +Blindness: Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness. +Heart Attack: Three times as likely, and heart disease is up to four times as likely. +Amputation: Diabetes is a leading cause of non- traumatic lower-limb amputations. +Total Kidney Failure: Up to three times as likely. For the treatment of diabetes the use of stem cells has shown remarkable results. By chemically inducing inflammation and mild damage to the pancreas, stem cells are stimulated to home to the affected area and initiate a pancreatic regeneration, restoring endolethial interactions in the pancreas which in turn results in the correction of the associated elevated blood sugar levels. StemCell Therapy Diabetes The harvesting of a patient’s own stem cells from adipose tissue exhibits significant advantages to the more common method of extracting them from bone marrow. Using the appropriate procedures, a higher yield of Mesenchymal Stem cells is achieved in a procedure which is proven to be more efficient than extraction from bone marrow and with less discomfort. Stem cell therapy has a safety record demonstrated in both animals and in humans for many years. At this time it appears to be very safe and highly effective. To support stem cell regeneration we use selective supportive therapies. Contact Us For a Free Consultation | +6626507709 Enrich the bodies blood with oxygen, delivering more oxygen to your cells. BioPhoton therapy (laser) to stimulate selective cell activities. IntelliHealth+ Medical Centre is our treatment facility in Bangkok, Thailand. |