Introducing Word Worldwide


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Introduction to the work of Word Worldwide, an international Bible study ministry of WEC International see

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Introducing Word Worldwide

  1. 1. Introducing Word Worldwide
  2. 2. What is ‘Word Worldwide?’  'Word Worldwide' (WW) is a simple outreach ministry using group Bible studies  The studies are easy to use  There’s a vast range of topics - studies of books, characters, vital issues  Many languages are available  People grow and groups multiply  The studies allow the Bible to speak for itself
  3. 3. Vision Statement ‘To see peoples from every nation trusting in Christ as Saviour and Lord and growing in faith through their study of the Bible using Word Worldwide resources, impassioned to evangelise, disciple others and to plant churches’
  4. 4. Word Worldwide A Bible Study Ministry that affects peoples lives A Tool for Evangelism A Tool for Discipleship A Tool for Spiritual Growth A Tool to Impart Missionary Vision
  5. 5. The Bible studies can be found in the following countries: UK Sri Lanka USA The Canaries Germany The Balearics Spain South Africa Holland Uganda New Zealand Belgium Pakistan Canada Austria China Switzerland Hong Kong Slovenia Equatorial Guinea
  6. 6. Our studies are in the following languages English German Dutch Spanish Afrikaans Tamil Sinhala Urdu Albanian Slovenian Chinese Welsh Arabic Dari Pashto Telugu Portuguese French Translations into the languages in green have been requested
  7. 7. Word Worldwide International Co-ordinators Paul and Kate Bown
  8. 8. Former Word Worldwide International Co-ordinators Kip and Doreen Wear
  9. 9. Some New Testament studies
  10. 10. Some Old Testament Studies
  11. 11. Character studies
  12. 12. Themes
  13. 13. UK advertising brochure (available from
  14. 14. The German Studies are available from CLM Hamburg
  15. 15. The German studies are used in Germany and sent to:  Belgium  Switzerland  Austria  The Canaries  The Balearics  South Africa  Canada
  16. 16. The Dutch studies (Samen Groeien)
  17. 17. Urdu Studies used in Pakistan
  18. 18. Studies in the Telugu language Rev Geetha Komanapalli has translated four studies and is distributing them throughout Andhra Pradesh
  19. 19. Sri Lanka Tamil and Sinhala studies Nalini – Secretary for WW
  20. 20. Slovenian Studies Gospel of Luke The Problems of Life
  21. 21. There are a number of web sites from which studies may be obtained: (go to shop) Studies are also available from your nearest GfG representative, (see the contact page at for details)
  22. 22. The End Original presentation designed by Kip Wear Up-dated by Paul Bown