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2013 OpenMRS Board


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Presentation to OpenMRS, Inc. Board of Directors - February 14. 2013

2013 OpenMRS Board

  1. 1. Agenda• Introductions• OpenMRS, Inc. Background• Community Leadership 2013 Plan• Board Leadership Roles/Responsibilities• Operational Updates• AOB
  3. 3. Background• Community founded on support of specific implementations• Community growth outpaced support infrastructure• BCG-supported organizational development process• Finding: entity needed to sustain key infrastructure and to grow/support community process (online presence, meetings, training, partner development)
  4. 4. Background• Already have maturing community leadership infrastructure• Inc. designed to catalyze this community process / sustain it• OpenMRS, Inc. more Apache-like than Eclipse-like -> inherently more sustainable• LLC vs. Ltd. vs. Inc.
  7. 7. “HARVESTING”
  8. 8. Regional Certification Consultative Training Support Communities Process? Services Content ImplementerCollaborative Guides / Docs MVP/CIEL Technical Dictionary Documentation AMPATH Mailing Lists Dictionary Peer Support Implementers Online Presence Network Meetings
  9. 9. Partnerships Lead Chris Seebregts, PhD Jembi Health Systems• Focused on the productivity and collaboration of the “organizations” who benefit and support the OpenMRS community• 2013 Goals: – Develop OpenMRS Partnership strategic plan (categorization, governance, outreach model, etc) – Begin outreach to existing partners • Establish partner database, and documentation templates • Contact point for inquiries – Establish at least 2-3 new strategic partnerships
  10. 10. Examples of OpenMRS PartnershipsExisting: Future:• Partners-in-Health • HISP• Regenstrief Institute • KEHIA• AMPATH • I-Tech / University of• Columbia University Washington• Jembi • Medecins Sans• Rockefeller Foundation Frontieres (Doctors without Borders)• Google • USAID• FACES • Nafundi• MoH Rwanda • University of Utah• Thoughtworks • Gates Foundation• Philippine NTHC • WAHIFP
  11. 11. Community Manager Michael Downey OpenMRS• Focused on the productivity and collaboration of the “individuals” within the OpenMRS community• 2013 Goals: – Produce 1 global conference (Kenya) and at least 2 regional/global hack-a-thons – Release infrastructure that supports community becoming more data-driven around issues of community health (eg, contributor “conversion”, satisfaction, growth metrics, etc) – Establish communication program for key contributors – Technology support for continuous delivery process
  12. 12. Evaluation/Impact Lead Hamish Fraser, MBChCB, MRCP, MSc Harvard University / MIT• Encourages the collection of evidence that demonstrates impact of OpenMRS in health care settings, and coordinates/optimizes these efforts – our form of “marketing”• 2013 Goals: – Identify at least 2 organization that are committed to carrying out OpenMRS evaluation studies and provide support where needed – Provide input to engineering team in support of tools that make it easier to support evaluations within OpenMRS platform – Develop documentation within OpenMRS community that simplifies process of carrying out evaluations within community – Survey OpenMRS implementations for potential future evaluation studies
  13. 13. Engineering Lead Burke Mamlin, MD Regenstrief Institute• Operationalizes the community software development process, minds the overall OpenMRS architecture• 2013 Goals: – Oversee 1 main release (App Framework/Ref. Application) and 2-3 point releases – Optimizations in development process • Implementations noticeably “more involved” • Volunteers noticeably “more involved” • Clearly documented engineering roles/responsibilities • Continuous Delivery System – Better “Developer Experience” • First Developer SDK Release • Improved documentation: Developer Guide and Technical Reference Guide published in 2013
  14. 14. Metadata/Content Lead Andrew Kanter, MD MPH Columbia University, IMO• Oversees the growth of health content required for key functionality of implementations of OpenMRS• 2013 Goals: – Map and document key requirements for implementations – Support core “starter” terminology for new OpenMRS implementations (MVP/CIEL) and provide field mapping support – Create sustainability plan and partner team
  15. 15. Executive Director Paul Biondich, MD MS Regenstrief Institute• Directly supports the work of the community leadership team and provides overall community oversight• 2013 Goals: – Establishes more distributed, explicit community leadership structure and review process – Incubation program for new leadership – focus on leaders within resource-poor environments – Develop training/consultative service infrastructure – Establish “back office” for OpenMRS, Inc.
  17. 17. • Assure OpenMRS, Inc. adheres to its mission, vision, and values• Determine and monitor the organization’s programs, services, and effectiveness• Hold the organization accountable to make its plans in advance• Ensure the organization creates a financial sustainability plan• Review and approve annual budgets• Support and review the performance of the executive director• Represent OpenMRS to the public for both collaborative opportunities and financial support
  18. 18. • Chair of the Board – Leads board meetings – Assists ED in preparing agenda for board meetings – Coordinates ED’s annual performance eval – Coordinates search for new board members and supports their orientation• Secretary – Attends all board meetings – Ensure the safety / accuracy of all board records – Assume responsibilities of chair in his/her absence• Treasurer – Attends all board meetings – Serves as chairman of all financial oversight matters – Presents the annual budget to the board for approval – Works with ED to ensure that financial reports are available to the board and community on a timely basis – Reviews annual internal audit
  20. 20. • IRS Update• “Back Office” update – Bank account established, first year RF deposited (Chase) – Working on liability insurance – Will either work through fiscal sponsorship org. or hire accountant• Need to change fiscal year to 1/1 – 12/31• Expected operational expenses – 2013 Implementer Meeting / Hack-a-thons – Cloud server space (~$20k) – Continued legal expenses (~$10k) – Community Manager / Engineering Support Roles – ED support (10-15%)