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Paul Bartz Recommendation Letter 1


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Paul Bartz Recommendation Letter 1

  1. 1. Maria Weller, M.D. Sanford Health Systems 2701 13th Avenue South Fargo, ND 58103 To whom it may concern, Rarely does one get the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for someone as deserving as Paul Bartz. He is a lifelong acquaintance. We grew up blocks apart in a small North Dakota town. We played sports and participated in drama club together, worked on the paper staff together while in high school. Since high school, we have been friends, bonding over shared triumphs and shared medical interests. We attended college at the same university where Paul continued to show an aptitude for school and an interest in acquiring knowledge. That he decided on a career in accounting did not surprise me as he was always good with numbers and has the typical pragmatic outlook of an accountant. However, I will say he overachieves in the area of personality as compared to the stereotypical picture of an accountant. He has always been a sociable, likeable guy and his circle of friends extends beyond the typical boundaries due to his genuine interest in people. He is a kind person who has always had the capability of listening to others and despite a keen analytical mind that has likely already reached a correct conclusion, making them understand he has heard them and will consider the information they provide. He has a way of being a quiet leader, in control but very aware of the surrounding cast. He has always been an intelligent, hard-working individual and despite medical setbacks, has continuously set goals for himself and reached for and attained them. He has done all that has been asked of him in his medical illness and in his work life. Rigorous and lengthy regimens of medications, safety routines, and uncertain outcomes were tackled in an academic and organized fashion with zest. Paul has faced many unpredictable situations with resilience and grit and no hint of self-pity. He has distinguished himself as a strong person, both in work and in his personal life. Without reservation and with immense pleasure, I strongly recommend Paul Bartz as a candidate for your position. I feel sure he will be an asset to your medical system. Warmest regards, Maria L Weller, M.D.