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21 Internal Communications Quotations

  1. Internal Communica/ons Quota/ons From the book Maximizing Internal Communica7on Strategies to Turn Heads, Win Hearts, Engage Employees and Get Results 21
  2. Employees are drowning in informa7on but thirs7ng for clarity and purpose.
  3. Plenty of messages are going out – the problem is most of them aren’t ge=ng through to the people who do the work.
  4. Employees want a clear understanding of where their organiza7ons are going, how they are trying to get there and what their role is in helping their organiza7ons succeed.
  5. Internal communica7on isn’t about telling employees what to think; it’s about crea7ng and enabling authen7c, ongoing dialogues with and between them. – Paul Barton, ABC
  6. On any given day, you could be called upon to serve as a management consultant, editor, writer, event organizer, execu/ve speechwriter, PowerPoint guru, photographer, graphic designer, intranet content manager, or podcast interviewer. You wear many hats, but firefighter seems to be the one you wear the most as you go from ex/nguishing one burning issue aIer another.
  7. “An old model with new technology is s7ll an old model.” - Paul Barton, ABC TOP DOWN COMMUNICATION VIA THE INTRANET
  8. Employees need to know you care before they care what you know
  9. Well-established tools and well-defined processes gives the internal communica/on func/on a solid founda/on upon which to build great communica/on programs.
  10. “Effec/ve internal communica/on is a powerful force that not only helps organiza/ons to be more successful, but also helps enrich employees’ lives in meaningful ways.” - Paul Barton, ABC
  11. We are engaged in an! honorable profession that! helps organizations and the people who work for them.!! This is a noble pursuit!!
  12. FORGING ENGAGEMENT: By le=ng employees in on the WHY, you will begin to engage them more ac/vely in the WHAT.
  13. Authentic brands are built from the inside out, and effective internal communication is crucial to branding success.
  14. Two monologues don’t make a dialogue.
  15. Employees come for informa7on… …but they stay for the conversa7on.
  16. The organiza7onal voice used to deliver internal communica7on oWen is a direct reflec7on of the rela7onship an organiza7on’s leadership has with its employees.
  17. In a crisis, employee communica7on is oWen the thin thread that holds everyone and everything together.
  18. Employees should learn of important informa7on affec7ng them and their organiza7on from an internal source rather than an external source.
  19. When you are trying to maximize internal communica7on, focus on OUTCOMES not outputs.
  20. The best tone for strategic communica/on is the Voice of the Brand, which is primarily what the company is but also what the organiza/on is striving to be.
  21. The opportuni7es for employee communicators have never been greater, and the possibili7es have never been more exci7ng.
  22. So, how can you get your hands on this book?
  23. Templates,Tools and Proven Practices MaximizingInternalCommunication Strategies to TurnHeads, Win Hearts, Engage Employeesand Get Results Paul Barton,ABC This book is available at and from