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Project People Oil and Gas

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Project People Oil and Gas

  1. 1. Efficient recruitment and mobilisation Project People - Oil & Gas Recruiting and managing resources globally Global access to the best oil & gas specialists Trusting relationships across a finite resource pool Overcoming complex international barriers
  2. 2. Where you can find us Introducing Project People We work in partnership with 200 of the worldʼs most respected organisations, assisting in building organisational capability through: Our service portfolio encompasses recruitment, consultancy and managed services. Customers benefit from a consultative approach to recruitment solutions combined with industry expertise. We build and develop a highly effective resourcing capability for both permanent and contract recruitment at a sustainably low price. Our scope of services • Temporary, contingent and permanent resourcing • Recruitment process outsourcing • Talent attraction and retention programmes • Talent technology systems and processes • Payrolling services • Project based work package assignments Jessica Oppenheimer, Head of HR, Virgin Media Project People have been an exceptional partner over many years, working across the outsource, contingency perm, contract and high end retained work space. They are my fail safe, always deliver option with a great customer service approach. 1 Project People Service Portfolio ConsultancyRecruitment Managed Project Services Recruitment Services Supplier Management Workforce Management Founded in 1995, Project People has evolved into a leading global provider of technical specialists. With extensive networks and proven project mobilisation experience, we breakdown international barriers to resolve complex resourcing, legislative and logistical issues for our clients. Operating in 23 countries. In the UK and Ireland, we have offices in Bristol, London, Reading, Maidenhead and Dublin and satellitebranches in Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. We are partnered with facilities management and office space suppliers that give us access to temporary offices at immediate notice in the majority of major towns and cities. To help clients with regional challenges, we regularly set up local, permanent and temporary resource centres, often at short notice. project people putting thought together
  3. 3. Why Project People Oil & Gas? ACCESS TO THE BEST PEOPLE FASTER. IMPROVE EMPLOYER BRAND PROPOSITION AND RECRUITING PROCESS. CAN-DO ATTITUDE THAT MEANS WE ARE ALWAYS PART OF THE SOLUTION ADAPT RECRUITING MODELS TO MEET EVOLVING NEEDS OF CLIENTS. SAVE MONEY FOR CLIENTS, CONSISTENTLY. Most of our clients have been with us a long time because we consistently solve their problems. They tell us they value our recruitment knowledge, project expertise, dependability, professionalism and track record of successful delivery. Speed and effectiveness through knowledge, analysis and back office support from our UK and global teams, including our team of 100 Bangalore-based research specialists. As well as ensuring that proven selection, screening and on-boarding processes are maintained, clients need to be sure appointments are a good cultural fit to help achieve short and long term goals. Strengthening employer brand proposition attracts scarce resources to our clients ahead of competitors. With extensive networks and proven project mobilisation experience, we breakdown international barriers to resolve complex resourcing, legislative and logistical issues for our clients. With a variety of models available, itʼs important to select carefully. All have pros and cons but often a blend of models is most appropriate. We focus on what clients need, not what the market offers. Incorporating lean and efficient delivery models and industry leading processes which are continuously improved, with minimal and transparent margins. Delivered over £100M in savings to clients. 2 ople ogether
  4. 4. How we can help 3 KEY: Client Supplier Supply chain With a variety of models available in the market place, itʼs important to select the one that best suits your needs. All models have their benefits and downsides and often a blend of these models is most appropriate. At Project People, we focus on what your business needs, not what the market offers. Suppliers equally engaged Quality and service are high Integrates easily with a strong internal recruitment function Single point of contact Close critical relationships Value and quality optimised across the business Integrated relationship and on site support Service performed by experts and success rewarded Value add services such as branding, assessment and internal mobility PSL - A group of preferred suppliers managed by the client Hybrid - Master vendor in some categories and vendor neutral in others RPO - Acts as the clientʼs internal recruitment functionMaster Vendor - Supplies all candidates with second tier suppliers in support Neutral Vendor - Manages supply chain on the clientʼs behalf Best suited to organisations with a wide range of high level requirements Best suited to large complex structures Best suited to organisations who want to run a lean in-house team and benefit fully from specialist recruitment expertiseBest suited to organisations with high numbers of similar requirements Best suited to large organisations with many locations and requirements Economies of scale allow discounted margins Motivated lead supplier On site support Competitive margins Range of suppliers Simple automated processes project people putting thought together
  5. 5. 4 Recruitment can be simple for the supplier or simple for the customer. It can rarely be both. Project People knows how much clients value simplicity. All of the service evolution that has taken place since our inception has been with the ultimate goal of making the hiring of staff easier for clients. What makes us different is that we are happy to do all of the hard work so you donʼt have to. The level of personal service we provide is unique for a global-scale provider. We have always absorbed the risk of providing a high touch service at a low price because we have confidence in our teamʼs professional pride in a job well done and a satisfied customer. Recruitment creates a lot of data and it can be hard to know what any of it means. We analyse our activity to make sure we repeat the things we did right and avoid the things that didnʼt work, so every time we go looking for the right person for you, it takes less time, costs less money and produces a better result. How we keep recruitment simple How we find the right people for you =the right person Satisfying our clients Mobile operator: 96% customer satisfaction Network vendor: Customer satisfaction 93% for hiring managers and 100% for HR Network consolidator: 96% customer satisfaction What we do differently Requisition Interview New Hire What Youʼll Experience What is Happening Anticipated future skills needed Maintaining database of 1.8mil tech experts Identifying and qualifying candidates Background screening Arranging and supporting interviews Contract administration Legal and fiscal compliance Ongoing management Onboarding Skills testing Providing feedback Offer management Hi! ople ogether
  6. 6. So often people seem to talk about innovation but don’t really deliver much. But this is fantastic, really first class stuff. You’ve taken a problem that our business has struggled with then come up with actions that are targeted, innovative practical and showing results. Jason Fowler HR Service Delivery Director Fujitsu • 24/7 resourcing worldwide since 2003: In our Bangalore research centre, we have over 100 fully trained and qualified recruitment professionals, who supply your local consultants with the highest quality CVs, benchmarking and research while our competitors are asleep. Thanks to them, our customer facing people can focus on spending time understanding your business and what makes the perfect hire for you. • Workforce management made easy: Our iResource system combines permanent and contractor staff ordering, applicant tracking and payment settlement at no charge to clients. With the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), itʼs a one-stop solution covering end-to-end recruitment. It makes the process easier for everyone concerned, and itʼs the only system built specifically for the contractor market so it handles every step of contract administration too. Savings Compliance Error Reduction Talent Access Speed Business as usual Simplicity Customer Satisfaction Efficiency Reduced Risk Project People Competitor Client Lost Brand Message Fixed Technology Transactional Service Talent Unavailability Standardised Management Internal Focus Client Goals Innovation works best when itʼs clearly focused on business goals, avoiding distraction and delays. We will continue to innovate for clients to make the service better and help you to get where youʼre going by the shortest route. Innovation that keeps us on track with your goals What innovation means to us Recruitment as an industry thinks it innovates all the time, and everyone you listen to will tell you that they thought of what theyʼre offering first. At Project People we listen to our clients to understand what they need, then we go out and find or create a solution that saves time and money, fixes problems, engages with a wider range of people and adds real value. Here are just two of the steps weʼve taken: Innovating for our clients 5
  7. 7. For more information or to discuss how Project People can help, contact our Oil & Gas Recruitment Manager Paul Anderson at: M: +44 (0) 7990 898 109 E: W: Contact us 6 ople ogether In addition to telecommunications and IT we also have expertise in the Defence, Infrastructure, Energy and Logistics sectors. With offices in 23 countries worldwide and multi-region supply agreements with the biggest names in the industry, Project Peopleʼs international recruitment, in-country payroll, managed services and cross border migration services help clients reach an increasingly global workforce. Whether you want to consolidate your supply model across EMEA, Asia Pacific and the US, enter emerging markets in developing countries or attract skilled workers to the UK with the help of a UK Border Agency Tier 1 certified supplier, we have the solution. Executive search – Hunter Sky Hunter Sky delivers key, business-critical hires to some of the most discerning and demanding telecom clients there are. We have designed and perfected a research-intensive methodology to ensure that we identify, assess and attract the top technical and commercial talent for our clients. Talent technology – iResource Project Peopleʼs iResource platform has been developed to combine contingent workforce management, contractor administration, recruitment talent management, invoicing and billing in one user friendly package. Contractor payroll – SmartWork SmartWork is the payroll and umbrella provider of choice for much of the UKʼs contingent workforce. We provide a cost effective, smooth, reliable and compliant service that contractors can trust. With 12 yearsʼ experience ranging from supporting some of the largest contractor populations in the country to helping individual contractors set up to be fully compliant, no task is too big or too small. The Project People group – even more ways we can help Project People have supported NSN for almost three years now, bringing an innovative solutions approach to our needs, matched by a high quality service delivery together with a flexible attitude to doing business that is so often required in our market and crucial for our operations. Peter Brasher, Head of Procurement, Nokia Solutions and Networks
  8. 8. But don’t just believe us. Hear what our clients have to say... I have known Paul Anderson from Project People now for a few years and consulted with him on numerous projects all over the world of Oil and Gas. I have always found that communication was prompt, honest and forthright. As such I will continue to rely on their service and insight into the world of Oil & Gas recruiting. Project People provide a fully integrated contractor management service. Their commitment to customer service is second to none - they provide the best service of any company I have worked with. They’re precise - they have a process and follow it and even when I go looking for omissions I don’t find any. I work with the majority of mobile ICT companies of the world. I would wholeheartedly recommend Project People’s services to any and all (and often have). Conteck is a technical services company providing management and technical solutions to industry, particularly the oil and gas sector. Project People have always been extremely professional in their dealing with us. We have found them efficient and reactive and we can highly recommend them as the recruiter of choice for our company. Denis M. Turnock Delivery Manager TANAP Natural Gas John Kelly, VP – Organisation, GSMA Transmission Co. Cornelius G Ryan Director of Business Development, Conteck Doug Goodge, Head of Talent Acquisition, Ericsson A significant strength of Project People is the quality, consistency and pro-activeness of their account management. The stability of the account team has allowed the resource partners to form a close understanding of Ericsson’s business and the individual hiring managers. This stability and understanding is coupled with wider PP philosophy of excelling in customer service and the result has been a significant improvement in customer satisfaction at all levels. The PP team has made an enormous difference – they have become an integral part of CTIL from resource planning, coaching new managers, shaping role specifications, reporting against KPIs and then developing their role into linking our values to competencies in practical deliverables. Their customer focus is outstanding. You have been brilliant to work with and your support has been invaluable to ensuring CTIL’s success. Thank you so much. A trusted Oil and Gas partner that we could always rely on to deliver the right skill set, and people not only on time but on budget. Kathy Woodhouse, Head of People, CTIL Frode Solberg VP, iTec Solutions