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  1. 1. • Microsoft is a Corporation located in Redmond in Washington USA. Microsoft makes many things but usely they make computer software, gaming software, and other cool gadgets and technology. It was first created in April 4 1975 and it is dominating computer technology. In 1986 it was estimated that there were 4 billionaires and around 12,000 millionaires within employees. They own a profit of $18.760 billion dollars for this year 2010. Microsoft is doing excellent with their technology. The software you use today is properly created by Microsoft. These two men above are the first founders, creators of Microsoft. They were very good best friends who loved computer technology.This is the Microsoft logo but there are still many logos but this is one of the logos that the Company mainly uses
  2. 2. BILL GATES PROFILE Name: William Henry Bill Gates III DOB: October 28 1955 Seattle Washington (USA) NATIONALITY: American Occupation: Chairman of Microsoft. PARENTS: William H Gates and Mary Maxwell Gates. SIBILINGS: 2 MARRIED: Yes, to Melinda Gates
  3. 3. The Xbox was released on November 15, 2001 in North America, and here in New Zealand and Ausi on March 14 2002. The last game that was sold was Madden NFL 2009 ( a gridiron game) and the Xbox was discontinued in 2006 . The Xbox has many cool things such as Xbox Live where you can play online and it has a 64 MB hard drive. The best selling game was Halo 2 a role, playing series shooting game. The Xbox contains a cord 4 controller and a headset and a DVD plug-in to play DVDS and it comes with a DVD remote. You can get yourself a Sega-Mega hard drive which people say it is illegal. With the Sega-Mega drive you download DVDs, games and other stuff.
  4. 4. The Xbox 360 is the best seller for Microsoft and is competing against Sony’s PS3. It is loaded up to 250 GB but it all depends what 360 you get. There is the Xbox 360 Core, Xbox 360 pro, Xbox 360 arcade, Xbox 360 elite and the last Xbox 360 (until a new one comes out) is the Xbox 360 super elite. The Xbox 360 has a major update from the old Xbox. You can download Music of Zune Marketplace, and download games and arcade games of Game Marketplace. You can create these people called avatars. You can dress them, dress them costumes and all sorts of things.
  5. 5. There are many games and accessories. For accessories there is the wireless controller (up to 4 controllers), and the wireless steering wheel. There is the wireless headset to communicate on Xbox live, and the keypad which can be used for Xbox live. There is also the wireless adapter, it can be used to connect with speed on Xbox live. The bestest games are Assassin Creed, Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto series and Halo trilogies. Halo is one of the best games ever made by Microsoft . There is gears of war which was a best seller and assassin creed was a good game to, and the grand theft auto series.
  6. 6. WILL MICROOSOFT MAKE ANY NEW TECCHNOLOGY They might make new technology but I don’t think they will make any new products. So I guess we will have to wait for the E3 event, where the gaming companies show off with there latest technology.