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Making and Saving Word Clouds with Wordle


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This presentation steps users through creating a word cloud in Wordle and also saving it.

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Making and Saving Word Clouds with Wordle

  1. 1. Making Word CloudsWith Wordle
  2. 2. Go to
  3. 3. Click Create.
  4. 4. Add text or a URL.
  5. 5. Pasted text and click “Go”.
  6. 6. The word cloud:
  7. 7. Click Randomize for a new design.
  8. 8. Click “Color” to pick a new colorscheme.
  9. 9. Click “Layout” to pick a new layout.
  10. 10. Pick “Font” to pick a new font.
  11. 11. Click “Save to public gallery” to share iton
  12. 12. Fill in the information and click OK.
  13. 13. Save the URL for deleting it in thefuture.
  14. 14. Copy the URL from the code to get thelink to your word cloud.Copy theURLwithoutthequotationmarks!
  15. 15. Take a “picture” of your screen bypressing Alt + PrntScr
  16. 16. Open up Paint (in Accessories)
  17. 17. Click “Paste”
  18. 18. Use the “Select” tool to select the partof the Wordle that you want to save.
  19. 19. Click “Crop”.
  20. 20. Save it as a JPEG.
  21. 21. Now that it’s saved to your computer…• Insert it into a PowerPoint.• Insert it into a Word document.• Print it out and make it into a poster.• Put in in a blog post on your blog.• You can do anything with it!