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Search Marketing Final / Client:


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Search Marketing Final / Client:

  1. 1. Search Engine Marketing Plan
  2. 2. Agenda• Executive Summary• Situational Analysis• Recommendation• Performance Projections
  3. 3. Executive Summary• Mission: Provide talented individuals with meaningful pro bono experiences in order to build capacity for social good organizations.• Goal: Increase traffic to website and build brand awareness resulting in the growth of Catchafire’s volunteer pool, new relationships with “for good” organizations and increased opportunity to create a greater good.• Recommendations Include: Re-envisioned site structure based on backend architecture, new content opportunities to engage site visitors/users creating volunteer loyalty, PR link building for overall brand awareness and credibility, refocused SEO, and a new PPC strategy.
  5. 5. Volunteering Market Snapshot there were nonprofit of nonprofits 1,958,158 organizations in the U.S. in 95% agree they need more pro bono or 2009* skilled volunteer support** nearly volunteered for/ Blogs, wikis and 64.3 through an organiza- social networks tion at least once btw million Sept. 2010 & Sept. provide a viral means of 2011 in the U.S.* communicating environmental and 8.1 volunteered by 64.3 social needs throughout the billion million volunteers— valued at $173 billion** world hours*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics** Corporation for National and Community Services
  6. 6. Catchafire Overview • Teams up non-profits that pay a fee to be teamed up with professional and passionateBusiness skilled-volunteers who do pro bono work Model • Conversion of organizations (completing the online registration process)Business • Conversion of professionals (completing the online registration process) GoalsBusiness • Once volunteers commit to a project there is a lack of executionChallenge • Office professionals and creatives (e.g. designers, copywriters, producers, etc.) for Target volunteersAudience • Reach, sign-ups/leads, bounce rate, CTR, Quality Score, CPC KPIs *No prior SEO/SEM efforts
  7. 7. Website Analysis & Audit Log-in based site • Visitors’ overview*: • Average number of visits Flash-based content & images per month: 12,737 are alt-tagged but • Average unique visits per could be optimized month: 8,106 • Average monthly page views: 56,879 • Average number of pages/visit per month: Blog needs 4.46 more prominence • Bounce Rate: 46.99% & more • Average site duration per frequently visit: 00:04:19 updated content Links to press mentions *Visitor Data: (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012)
  8. 8. SEO Audit• Meta Description exceeds search engines’ character limit • An XML sitemap cannot be found in the root, or• H1 Tag is not descriptive of what the page is about through robots.txt, which presents an• H2 tag needs to be keyword -rich indexation problem where only a small• Meta keywords do not match the keywords Catchafire percentage of all pages are actually in the Site Architecture Accessibility wants to target search engine index.• ALT text describes images or videos• The URLs are clean, but do not always match the keywords • Googlebot is blocked from accessing a site due• Navigation; use underscores, not hyphens. to the site’s log-in requirement, which directly• Anchor Texts need to be keyword rich affects Googlebot’s ability to crawl and index the site’s content.• ranks number one for the following keywords: Twitter: 9,015 Followers; 812 Total Mentions (July • Rachael Chong, the CEO & Founder 2011 – July 2012) out of which 16.7% were • Catchafire influential • Authority• ranks number 4 for skill-based volunteer and number 7 for volunteer matching Social Engagement Facebook: 2,214 Likes; 770 Total Shares• A total of 7,000 links direct to this page. The external links are from reputable and trustworthy sites such as Mashable, The NY Times, and AdAge, FastCompany, etc.
  9. 9. Competitive AnalysisCompetitor Description SERP PPC Monthly PPC SEO Rankings Budget Clicks Google Total Keywords E-harmony for Ranks #1 for skilled-based branded keywords professionals & & #7 for for $0 0 0 596 non-profits volunteer matchingVolunteer Connects Ranks #1 on nonprofit paid & organic organizations search for the $859 - 613-856 831 2,810 with volunteers keyword volunteer $1,335 of all types and & all of its interests variations. Avg. Ad Position: A platform for Ranks #1 on employee, organic SERP for customer, and “volunteering for $0 0 0 452 volunteer busy people” & engagement “microvolunteering ” Search engine Ranks #7 on paid for finding search for volunteer opps., “international $19,000 - 8,600 30,823 11,503 nonprofit jobs, nonprofit jobs” and $28,500 internships, and related terms. orgs. Focuses more on nonprofit jobs than volunteering
  11. 11. Meet the Catchafire Personas The “Busy, Busy, Busy” The Overcommitted The CreativeTypically volunteers who do not sit Volunteers who commit to projects Volunteers who give their skillsstill & always keep busy. Looks for when they’re too busy to execute. pro-bono as a designers of Weba lot of short-term volunteer Have great intentions, but don’t sites & infographics;projects to make a big impact. complete their projects on time. Photographers, video producers The Not-So Savvy Social Good-Doers Social Enterprise Entrepreneurs Typically these non-profit owners are not tech or Typically busy entrepreneurs looking for skilled marketing savvy, but are looking for medium- to long volunteers in marketing and strategy areas. -term volunteers who can complement the skills needed for the non-profit to grow
  12. 12. On-Page Optimization TITLE: Volunteering for Busy Professionals Based on Skills - Catchafire H1 HEADER TAG: Matching Professionals Who Volunteer With Non-Profits and Social Enterprises Based on Skills META DESCRIPTION: Catchafire matches professio- nally-skilled volunteers with nonprofits and social enterprises. ALT ATTRIBUTE FOR PHOTOS: Some compelling text about volunteering for busy professionals based on skills. This would be a good place to describe successful matching between professionals and non-profits and social enterprises. URL:
  13. 13. Off-Page Optimization Identify influencers and contact them to gather related organic links by: • Socially engaging with their content (Retweets, @Mentions, Shares) • Emailing them with Catchafire-related information • Ask them to link to the page• @AmanSinghCSR • @Deborah909 •• • @realizedworth •
  14. 14. SEO Keywords – Rank AnalysisKeyword Rank Competition in top 30Catchafire 1 NoNon Profit No Rank NoNon Profit Volunteers 30+ Yes 5+Skills based 7 Yes (ranking 5+)Skills-based Volunteering 4 YesSocial Enterprise No Rank NoVolunteer 30+ YesVolunteer Jobs 30+ YesVolunteer Matching 2 YesVolunteer recruitment No Rank Yes 5+ ( Skills 3 Yes (2+)Volunteering 30+ Yes
  15. 15. PPC Strategy TV Volunteering• Location: United States television Awareness• Keyword Match type: Broad• Devices: Laptops and Types of Volunteering Desktops• Campaigns: Generic, Branded Professional Volunteering; & Localized Skills Consideration Volunteering • Due to low marketing budget and high competition on How to volunteer with generic terms such as Decision Catchafire volunteering, non-profits, and pro bono work-related Register for keywords, branded and Purchase Catchafire localized, and long-tailed keywords will be targeted
  16. 16. PPC StrategyCampaign 1 – Unbranded Keywords & Copy Sample
  17. 17. Current PPC Ad Views
  19. 19. Professional Recruitment Projections• Total monthly clicks: 2,423.4• Professional Recruitment conversion rate: 1.70%• Projected number of monthly signups from volunteers: 42.Social Organizations Projections • Total monthly clicks: 556.6 • Social Enterprise conversion rate: 0.60% • Projected number of monthly enrolment from organizations: 4.
  20. 20. Thnak you