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Patricia Ann Preston_Feb 2016

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Patricia Ann Preston_Feb 2016

  1. 1. 1 Patricia Ann Preston 3784 Briarcliff Dr. Pittsburg, CA 94565 Cell: 650-208-3065 Professional Summary: PatriciaAnnPrestonhasdiverse background covering23+years of AdministrationandManagementinHealth, InformationTechnology,Retail,andHospitalityindustries. Attributingvalueasa teammember,orindividualcontributor inmulti-environments;Extensive clientsupport-care inanon-site customerenvironment(Corporate)toinclude Executive ManagementandOfficers,Customer,andPeerlevelsof communication;Processdocumentation(Technical and Administrative),withthe abilitytogather,correlate,assemble,andanalyze statistical,legal, andfinancial datato developsolutionsforproblemsthatmayinvolvevariousattributinggroups,outside vendors,andcustomerservice level agreements;Self-starter,goal achieverwithexcellentfollow-upmethodologies;BusinessandOperationsconcepts, billingprocesses,and vendoracquisitionof services;Extensive AccountsPayable/Receivable transactions,balancing dailysales(retail),schedulingemployeestobalance sales-to-laborbudgets,BusinessFiscal andCycle Reporting. Software Skills:  PeopleSoft(HRTool)  SAP(Employee time-keepingandpayroll management)  eTime (TimekeepingandPayroll system)  MicrosoftOffice Suite (2003, 2007, 2010)  MicrosoftAccessand Publisher  AutonomyTeamsite-Xopus  Adobe Acrobat  Lotus Notes  Remedy ReleaseChange Management (SystemHouse)  HEAT TicketTracking  OneNote  Vantive  TelcoOrderManagementInventorySystem (TOMIS),unique onlyforChevron  Concur (Expense processingand submission)  WebEx  NetMeeting  PEAKTravel  KENEXA  Workday  Jabber,Trillian, andLyncIMtools  BOX Administration  SpaceView  CAP  SharePoint DetailedExperience: SodexoMagic/PG&ECRESS- May 2015 to Current(Contract) BusinessAnalyst & Executive Support-Corporate Real Estate:  Assisted in architectureand build of Enterprise ServiceLevel Agreement (SLA) signaturepage as standard template tool utilizingservices within the Facility Management Office (FMO) and Corporate Real Estate & Shared Services organization. Template used as driver of alignment of facility services utilized between CRESS and PG&E’s Line of Business (LOB) partners & customers across Northern California.Approved and Published.  Assisted in architectureand build of Trailer Rental Serviceagreement for the Facility Management Office; implemental in the initial stageof requesting equipment, business justification process,forecasting project-timelines,expensethreshold agreements, and services rendered as documented. Approved and Published.  Created Trailer InitiativeProcess Flowchartatthe early stages of the Trailer InitiativeProject. Approved, published,and enhanced with SME teams.  Created IncidentReview Progress Report as a written process for lessons learned and formal review based on the causeand effects of a facility incidentresultingin evacuation.Key Stakeholders: Facility Management, IT, Safety & Environmental, Emergency Response team.  Created CRESS Executive workflow template to capture end-to-end servicerequests within inter-departmental groups and Lines of Business.Represents services and customer relationshipswithin Shared Services ,and the process flowfrom startto completion of Projects.
  2. 2. 2  Created Cost Model Change Project Milestone/TimelineProject steps worksheet, and Cost Model Resource plan worksheet for executive tracking- 6-month trackingand Project review.  Assisted in architectureand build of CRESS Disaster Communication Protocol;call-tree,roles,contacts,timing, and actions in the event of an Emergency and Evacuation planningfor CRESS/PG&E Facilities. Approved and Published.  Assisted in architectureand build of CRESS Emergency Communication Plan to track implementation to the CRESS Disaster Communication Protocol. Approved and Published.  Created CRESS FMO Quick Reference Guide for LOB customers as a one-page guide for contact names, phone numbers, and links for easeof doing business. Approved and Published.  Created/formatted Facility Inspection ExecutiveSummary, Facility Inspection ProjectCharter,and Facility Inspection forms (Annual/Monthly) buildingfoundation for Enterprise (LOB) use.  Created/formatted BuildingMaintenance& Contract Management Executive Summary, Facility Inspection ProjectCharter, and Facility Inspection forms (Annual/Monthly) buildingfoundation for Enterprise(LOB) use.  Weekly Project tracking,updating,and auditingof financial reports on behalf of the CRESS Services organization specificto CAP & EXP Projects.Workingdirectly with PG&E Corporate Finance,C&W, and Capital & Expense Project Principal for project initiatives impacting budgets and workflows of facilities acrossPG&ENorthern CA territory.  Prepare meeting materials for Executive Facility Team meetings, Executive Officesite visits,and coordination of access permissions and hazardousconstruction sites.SupportFM Team with creating,processing,and orchestratingCounty and State Legal forms through internal teams for Facilitiesin place/under construction;PG&EEnvironmental, C&W (BIG), assigned ProjectManagers & Lead Mechanics.  Perform confidential secretarial functionsas preparingconfidential correspondence,reports and other Legal complex documents.  Continuous use of technical and business vocabulary and a detailed knowledge of company operations,organizational procedures, and resources.  Self-motivated and driven to make sound,independent decisions and useown initiativeto accomplish tas ks athand.  Observe, adapt, and navigate through the SodexoMAGIC/PG&E organizations to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner usingmastered relationship buildingskills.  Organizecorporate initiativeprograms,events, meetings or conferences by arrangingfacilities and caterers,issuing information or invitations,negotiatingvendor contracts and controllingevent budgets. Mandating signagewhere needed, lastminute requests or inquiries,and on-the-fly-problem solving. Campaign for the Community Co-Senior Chair.  Managing general expenses on behalf of the senior manager with regard to auditing calendar,managingreceipts, and expense reports. AAA-NCNU - November2014 to April 2015 (Contract) Executive Assistant,Office of the President/CEO:  Strong management of schedulingall internal and external meetings, travel itineraries,conferencecalls and day to day activities.  Intuitivewith anticipating needs of the senior executive to organize and manage his business,personal timeand projects to meet or exceed all deadlines.Actively investigated and researched ad-hoc requests for business and strategy needs.  Independent, conflictresolution, developingrecommendations and solutions to solvecomplex issues in an effort to anticipatesenior executive needs, or team effort.  Prepare meeting materials for Executive Team meetings, Executive Officeand Board of Director meetings. Prepare agendas, proof-read team materials for edification.Problemsolvingand resourcefulness in organizingcorporatemeetings, travel, and coordinates complex in nature.  Perform confidential secretarial functionsas preparingconfidential correspondence,reports and other complex documents.  Continuous use of technical and business vocabulary and a detailed knowledge of company operations,organizational procedures, and resources. Facilitatingin implementinga new phone set system for Executive Assistantstaff.  Write, edit and respond to correspondence on behalf of the senior executive.  Type memos, update and modify beneficiary,tax,and personal financial documents; purchaserequisitions,payment requests and other internal department forms and proprietary documents.  Ability to make sound,independent decisions and useown initiativeto accomplish ta sks athand.  Understands and navigatethrough the organization to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.  Wellness under pressureand resourceful when managingthe business of the Executive Office.
  3. 3. 3  Organizeprograms,events, meetings or conferences by arrangingfacilities and caterers,issuinginformation or invitations, negotiating vendor contracts and controllingevent budget.  Conduct budget, managing general expenses on behalf of the senior executive and his team congruent to corporate guidelines and fiduciary stewardship of finances. ManagingCEO’s expenses for Board and CFO approval. Bank of the West- August 2014 to November2014 (Contract) Technical Writer (Autonomy-Teamsite/Xopus):  Organize material andcomplete writingassignmentsaccordingtosetBankof the West standardsregarding order,clarity,conciseness,style,andterminology forcustomerBankingProfiles.  Maintainshared-file recordsandfilesof workandrevisions forRBGgroup and peers.  Edit,standardize,ormake changesto material preparedbyotherwritersorestablishmentpersonnel. Thiswould include BOTWCorporate CommunicationsTeamresponsibleforSharePoint/Domino.  Conferwith RBG peergroups, Trainers, management, vendors,orpublishertoestablishtechnical specifications and to determinesubjectmaterial tobe developedforpublication.  Interactand conferwithSME’s on Technical issuesandproblematicfixestosystemtools,processes,andfixes relatedtobuilding Teamsite systemProfiles.  Reviewpublishedmaterialsandrecommendrevisionsorchangesinscope,format,content,andmethodsof reproductionandbinding. Chili’sBarand Grill (SanLeandro/Concord,CA) - January2014 to August 2014 Server Norman’sGrill (CastroValley,CA) - November 2012 to June 2013 Operation’sAssistant SequoiaApartments,Merrill Lynch (Pleasanton,CA) - November2012 to June 2013 (Contract) OfficeAdministrator/ProjectAnalyst/Porter:  Facilitiesmaintenance, emergencyresponse of outages,office managementandheavyphones,move-inmove- out procedures,andpropertywalk-throughs. Multi phone lines,residentsupport, problemresolution/solving skills,communicationandprojectstatusimplementation. CPMCSutter Pacific - May 2010 to December2010 (Contract) CIO Executive Assistant/ EHR ProjectCoordinator  Coordinatedheavytravel andmeetingscheduleforthe CIO-CPOVPof InformationTechnology,andExecutive PhysiciansspecializinginHepatologyandPediatrics.  Managed PeopleSoft,SAP,Concurexpense reporting,auditing,andreconciliation  SharePointAdministrationassigninguserID’sandaccesspermissions (EHRProject);OneNote fordaily communicationwithVP.  Coordinated Employee floormoves withIT,Telecom,FacilitiesStaff,andemployeesbeingimpacted. Blue Shieldof California,GoldRiver,CA - September2006 to January 2010 Director’s SeniorAdministrative Assistant(Corporate re-org)  Managed PeopleSoft,SAP,coordinatingheavytravelandmeetingschedulesfortwoExecutive Directorsand theirSalesteams.  Administered HRpoliciesandproceduresincludingemployee files, EmployeeReview updates,payrates,andjob postings. LiaisonassistanttoVPof ProducerSales.
  4. 4. 4  Coordinated Eventplanningforteams toinclude monthlyandbi-annual All-State Regional meetings.Logisticand Menu coordination,travel logistics,blanketcommunicationof planningtoteams/clients,videoandaudio conferencing.  Administeredcalendarandconferencingupdatesandoptions.  Coordinatedfloormovesforstaff andExecutives;cubicleassignments,assetmanagement,floorplanupdates.  InteractedwithexecutiveBrokersforlogisticsandcalendarcoordinationforDirectors.  Managed Expense ReportsandreconciliationforteamsandDirectors.  TrackedmonthlyexpenditureprocessforDirectorsforP&L budgeting.Detailedreconciliationformileage tracking,travel andmeals.  PlannedClientandVendormeetings andcommunicationonbehalf of Directors, agendaandmemocreation, meetingtranscriptionwhere necessary,andover-all communicationtoindividualstoensure continuity. ElectronicData Systems,San Francisco, CA - April 2001 to September2006 C-ExecutivesOfficeSupport: SeniorAdministrativeAssistant  Managed calendars forExecutive teamandover-alloffice managementfor150 employees.  Supervisedcall screening andvisitors. Liaisonforvendorsandon-site ClientandCorporate Executives.  Administered HRpoliciesandprocedures;employeefiles, Review updates,payrates, jobpostings.  Coordinatedfloormovesforstaff andExecutives;cubicleassignments,assetmanagement,floorplanupdates.  Travel and meetingarrangementsforeventsandvisitorsmanaging logisticsand expensesforbothClientand Vendortravelers. Reconciledexpensesandexpense reportsforExecutive QuarterlyP&Lreview.  Coordinatedassignedad-hocProjects usingsuperbinterpersonal skillswithahighdegree of flexibilityfor superiorcustomerservice andsatisfaction.  MaintainedandupdatedExecutiveServiceDashboard;weeklyreportsidentifyingroot-cause analysis,service issues,andmetricbenchmarking.  Office Management, supplyorderingtobudget,equipmentissuesandvendor- management. Administered Service Dashboardmetricsandreporting. Client:ChevronTexaco March 2004 to September 2006 Telecom Network BusinessAnalyst (Chevron-TexacoMergerProject)  Technical andAdministrative responsibilitiestoincludeNetworkReportingMetricsandRevisions,Client RelationshipBuilding,Client/PeerCommunications,ProjectplanningandImplementation, Root-Cause and ProblemAnalysisandresolution,InventoryandReporting metrics.  Technical attributestoinclude International andDomesticTelecomvendormanagement,Telecomordering proceduresanddocumentation,NetworkBillingandReconciliation, assetmanagementandinventorycontrol, NetworkEngineeringsupport andtrouble-shooting,NetworkArchitecturedrawingupdatesandnetwork storage.  Managed circuit,LAN,andWAN inventorycontrolswithvendorbillingandinventorydatabasesusingVantive and TOMIS. Auditedandreporteddiscrepancies,root-cause analyses, andsuggestedfix-protocols.  Pointof contact for DomesticandInternational EngineersforProjectDisconnectandMoveswithBillingand Assetprocedures.  Trouble TicketandWork OrderRoot-cause analysesandprotocolsusingVantive. WorkOrderassignment, monitoring,andclosingproceduresusingRemedy. Client:CSAA April 2001 to March 2004 BusinessAnalyst/TelecomAnalyst  Troubleshootingbreak-fix TelecomLAN andCSAA SFHome Office connectivityissues; outagesinvolvingmoves and erroneous connectivityissues.  Administered NetworkBilling,Reporting,andReconciliationwithvendors(AT&T,SBC,Sprint,Verizon)  Coordinated LAN installsde-installswithlocal Telecomvendorsforhome-office sites,and CSAA SFCorporate office.  AssignedTrouble tickets,administeredmonitoring andclosingprotocols, androot-cause analyses procedures usingRemedy.
  5. 5. 5  AdheredtoSLA standardsand protocols as percontractual agreements,andprotocolssurrounding highlevel SEV1 and SEV2 networkorLAN specificoutages.  ReportingliaisontoExecutive Teamformorningoutage callsandreportingstatusresultsforbenchmarking service levels.  Liaisonwith3rd party vendorforDSL-highspeedadds,moves,andchangesforoffsite CSAAAgenthome offices.  Assignedtoappropriate ticketsassociatedtoDSLhigh-speedservice foragentsandsupportedandadministered problem-solvingskillsasneeded.

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