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Co dept of labor and employment presentation 053113


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Co dept of labor and employment presentation 053113

  2. 2. Agenda• Ice Breaker – Two Truths and a Lie• Strategies for Assessing Training Needs• Collecting and Compiling Information andPrioritizing Training Needs• Audience• Outline of Program Components• Evaluation of Participants’ Feedback• Closure
  3. 3. Two Truths and a Lie• One a card write down three jobs• Two of the jobs might be ones you areinterested in• One job is not one you are interested in
  4. 4. Strategies for AssessingTraining Needs•Collecting Data•Survey Questions•Contacting Businesses
  5. 5. Collecting and CompilingInformation andPrioritizing Training Needs• Analyze and find top three needs• Collaborate with Workforce colleagues todetermine– Do they agree with the top three– Priority of each of the top three
  6. 6. Audience• Individuals seeking employment• Businesses seeking employees• Trainers at the Workforce Center(s)
  7. 7. Outline of ProgramComponents• Backwards Design – What learning orunderstanding do you want your participantsto walk away with at the end of the training• Components of training
  8. 8. Evaluation of Participants’Feedback• Learning for next-steps– Training– Self-assessment– Follow-up
  9. 9. Closure• What I have to offer this position• Why I have chosen to apply for this position• Any questions