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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. 2,600 years ago . Chinese have invented tools for . Calculate a one category called which holds that A device used to help calculate the oldest in the world and continue to use until the present . Try track that from the current development and the ability to size up? Known history and the history of the computer . In each era ( the ) In 2158 mathematician of Scotland has named John Napier invented device . Help to calculate it called Napier's Bones is a device similar to the table multiplied by the current formula . This type of tool can help to multiply and divide simple as to be plus or minus direct
  2. 2. In 2185 French mathematician, the name at that time only 19 years old, designed in the calculations . Use of a rotation of gear 1 is rotated around the end of a tooth again . On the left side will be rotated by 10 cycles of 1 o'clock in the fraction of Pas this tool is to make public the Year 2188, but not as successful due to expensive . And when that happens the real gear jam frequently . Results have not been made to match reality .
  3. 3. Year 2216 German savant named Gottfriend von Leibnitz has improved calculator . Pas, to divide and multiply divided directly Multiplied by the use of positive many times and is divided remove several times, but the tools still require the Leibnitz wheel spin . Your own automated counting machines as tools to help calculate the complicated math to see that it's easier .            
  4. 4. In 2344 French inventor named Joseph Marie Jacquard loom is trying to develop using Card hole in the recording command . Control loom, follow a set . And the building can be repeated several more times . Successful efforts of the Jacquard loom this year 2348 is considered .
  5. 5. The first generation