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MechEng MODEL TEMPLATE CV Patryk Wawer


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MechEng MODEL TEMPLATE CV Patryk Wawer

  1. 1. EXAMPLE CV – Mixture of Skills and Chronological (The “Placement CV”) Sarah Smith Mechanical Engineering - The University of Leeds Term Address:3 Coast Road,Bridgway,Leeds LS31ZZ Home Address: 4 The Road,Finway,Devon DV11PP Tel: Mobile 07777 000000 Email: LinkedIn: Personal Profile I am a focused Mechanical Engineeringstudentwithapassionfor the automotive industry.Ascanbe seen below,I am excellinginmydegree inparticularin solidmechanicsandmathematics.ForthisreasonI am pursinga placementat WSP in the car researchanddevelopment,toapply skillsdevelopedthroughoutmy course to understandhowmyworkapplies toreal-life projectsand inan organisational context. To date I have gainedworkexperience reviewingpreliminarydrawings,using SolidWORKSsoftware tobuild modelsandassistingwithcalculationsfor waterwheelandbuggyassuring structural integrity.I ama student memberof the IMech. My career ambitionistoworktowardsbecominga Chartered Mechanical Engineer and workon innovative infrastructureprojects.Ifeelsecuringaplacement atWSP will be the firststepin achievingthisambition. Education UniversityofLeeds, the School of Mechanical Engineering 2012–Present The School of Mechanical Engineeringhasaninternational reputationforteachingandresearchandwas voted2nd bestperformingschool inUK,by guardian. Year 1 Modules: Results Year 2 Modules: Results Engineering Mathematics 78% Engineering Mechanics 75% Solid Mechanics 65% Vibration and Control 65% Design and Manufacture1 60% Mechatronicsand Measurement Systems 65% Engineering Materials 57% Economicsand Management 62% Thermofluids1 50% Thermofluids2 61% Computersin Engineering Analysis 57% Design and Manufacture2 64% South Devon College –Torquay 2010–2012 A Levels:Mathematics –A*, Physics – A,Business Studies–B (ASLevel:FurtherMaths – A) South Devon High – Torquay 2006 - 2010 GCSEs: Achieved10GCSEs gradesA* – C includingMathsand EnglishatA* EngineeringProjects Year 1: Buggy Competition– Part of a teamof five we designed acart,the aimwas to use upthe energy storedinelasticbandsto move the buggyas fare as possible.Thisexperience enhancedmyhandsonskills while buildingthiscart,alsofindingacommongroundfor our diverse ideasimprovedmyteamworkingskill. Year 1: Bridge Building– Asteam we buildabridge outof cardboard elements,thesepartswere testedfor maximumstress,usingsuchdataI have builta model inMatLAB to successfullypredictbreakingload. This projecthelpedtocombine academicknowledge withreal lifeapplicationusingmathematical modelling. Year 2: WaterWheel – Initially establishingprinciplesforeffectivewaterturbine,throughsketches,brain storming,mathematical modellingandfinallyaCADDesign.Asa part of the teamI have builtaluminium waterwheel topowera dynamo.Greatprojectto improve teamwork,creative thinkingandresearch methodsforreal life application.MymajorcontributionwascreatingSolidWorks3Dmodel of thiswheel.
  2. 2. EXAMPLE CV – Mixture of Skills and Chronological (The “Placement CV”) Industrial Work Experience KBR, Manchester (Summers) May 2011 - Present Worked on a variety of infrastructureprojectsincluding new buildsand refurbishments.  Assistingwith calculationsforbeamdesign,infilldesignandchecksto determine the structural integrity of structural elements.  Revieweddrawings forpreliminarydesigns andusedAutoCadsoftwaretoupdate models.  Monitoring,recordingandreportingday-to-dayprogressatmeetings.  Completedriskassessmentsandregular progressreports. AchievementsandActivities  Treasurerof MechSoc (School of Mechanical EngineeringSociety)  Awarded“OutstandingPerformance”inMathematicsatA-Level  Duke of EdinburghBronze andSilver  Climbedtothe peakof Mount Kilimanjaro raising£1362 for a local Charity  Course Repfor 2012-2013  Headstartpre-universityengineeringcourse atUniversityof Leeds Key EmployabilitySkills Communicationskills – Developed whilstwithKBRwhenpresentingprogressinmeetings. Team Working– Actedas leaderduringmyDuke of Edinburgh Award– where we gainedSilveraward. Technical – Competentuserof MSOffice andMac OS. Basicuser of SolidWORKS,MatlabandWitness. ProblemSolving– KBR requiredexcellent engineeringjudgement andenhancedmyattentiontodetail. Applicationof Numeracy – Developed fromEngineeringMathematicsmodulesand MechSoctreasurerrole. SelfManagement– Requiredin compilingmy Continuous ProfessionalDevelopment skillsfolder. Business/CustomerAwareness – RunningThe Bar inLeedsenabledme to appreciate customerperspectives giventhe broadclient base we had.Such experiencedalsoprovedmystrongworkingethicsandresilience. Employment The Bar, Leeds Feb2010 - Apr 2012  Co-ordinated the setupandopeningof a prestigiousbarwithinthe Hotel,usingplanningskills.  Responsibilitiesincludedbuyingstock,sourcingequipmentandimplementingnew till system.  Projectinvolvedworkingunderpressure tomeetstrictquarterlydeadlines,withdutiesincluding coordinationof all promotionsandevents.  Preparationof an exclusive cocktail menu –liaisingwithcustomerstogatherfeedback  Assistingbehindthe bar,organisingtable bookingsandmanagingholidayabsence,developing communication skillsandworkinginabusyenvironment.  Dealingwithcustomercomplaintsinapolite andefficientmanner,alwaysaimingtoresolve anyissuesin a timelyfashion. Interests/ Hobbies  StudentMemberof ICE and/orIStructE – memberof IStructEYorkshire YoungMembersGroup/ICE Yorkshire andHumberGraduatesand Students’network.  STEM Ambassador– Inspiringschool studentsaboutengineering. VolunteeredatThe Big Bang Fair2012.  Keennetball player,playedformyschool andcounty.  Enjoy surfingandsnowboarding. References Academic Reference,ProfessorRTaylor– Personal Tutor,, Tel:01484 000000 EmployerReference,SusanHope ,KBR, Manchester, Email: ,Tel:01484 555555