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Jeet kune do


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short presentation on bruce lee and his ideas

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Jeet kune do

  1. 1. JeetKune Do
  2. 2. What is the purpose? -His own history.-Philosophy studies. -Evolve ofMartial Arts.-Expression.
  3. 3. What is JKD ?
  4. 4. Main Ideas• Simplicity of expression• Use the least of energy to infer a move• It is possible for everyone to train/learn JKD• Morality, physical and mental fitness• LIVE AND LET LIVE THE OTHERS
  5. 5. Training• Do not focus on one particular muscle, train whole your body.• If you’re tall first focus on strengh, if you’re short/medium start with speed.• 1 day work on your arms,• 2nd day let them rest & work on your legs• HOW DID HE INJURE HIS BACK?!
  6. 6. Martial Arts• JKD is essential of about 200 mixed together MAs (like kinds of karate,chinese boxing-kung fu)• Even ancient Gung Fu was studied by BL• BL was pioneer in using pads while trainings
  7. 7. Famous performance. • 1-inch punch. • 2-fingers push ups. • Idea of fighting with pads to not hurt opponent.
  8. 8. The End Wanna C me again? Just click!