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Summer readling program outreach


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Learn how to find non-card holder families with children in a specific age range. Then connect with them.

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Summer readling program outreach

  1. 1. Children's Programs
  2. 2. Select sign in from
  3. 3. Enter your Email Address (Username) and Password then press Sign In to access your account. If you have forgotten your password, select the forgot password link and follow the instructions given to reset your password.
  4. 4. This is the dashboard for Patronlink. To search for people click on Search for Leads.
  5. 5. Choose U.S. Consumers to search for people.
  6. 6. A drop-down menu appears select build a list.
  7. 7. Begin by selecting your geography from the left hand side. I am searching for individuals in my County, but you can select any of the geography options available.
  8. 8. In a county search you will select the state from the dropdown menu, then start typing in the name of the county. Select the correct county and it will move to the left hand column.
  9. 9. The list now shows everyone in the geography selected. Further refine the list to exclude/omit current patrons by selecting Omit Leads.
  10. 10. Click on the patron lead status(es) to omit current patrons from the list.
  11. 11. The list now shows all the individuals in the county who do not have a library card. Select the Children Options.
  12. 12. Select yes to children present, then choose the age range of the children you wish to include.
  13. 13. You have built a list of the households in your library district that have children present, who do not have a library card. You could now look at the analytics on these households in the overviews or choose to email these individuals.