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Re:publica '12 - Missing in act!on, das Transmedia Manifest


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Transmedia Storytelling ist ein spannendes Thema, aber wo fängt man am besten an? Auf der diesjährigen re:publica ('12) haben wir unser Transmedia Manifest bestehend aus 11 Thesen noch einmal vorgestellt. Dabei sind die Thesen weniger als Muss denn mehr als möglicher erster Schritt zu verstehen, denn der Experimentierfreude des erzählenden Teams sollen natürlich keine Grenzen gesetzt werden.

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Re:publica '12 - Missing in act!on, das Transmedia Manifest

  1. 1. presentsTransmedia Storytelling “Missing in Action?”
  2. 2. Case: I believe in Harvey Dent 42 Entertainment
  3. 3. Click here to open a new browser window and watch the video on youtube Videostill: I believe in Harvey Dent Campaign © by 42 Entertainment | Link
  4. 4. Click here to open a new browser window and watch the video on youtube Videostill: Dark Knight – Viral Marketing Campaign © by 42 Entertainment | Link
  5. 5. Case: Sherlock BBC
  6. 6. Click here to open a new browser window and watch the video on youtube Trailer: Sherlock Produziert durch: BBC One | Link
  7. 7. Screenshot: Website von Sherlock| Link
  8. 8. Screenshot: Sherlock (BBC One)
  9. 9. Screenshot: Sherlock (BBC One)
  10. 10. Screenshot: Dr. Watsons Blog | Link
  11. 11. Screenshot: Dr. Watsons Blog | Link
  12. 12. Screenshot: Facebook Post| Link
  13. 13. Screenshot: Screenshot in Blogpost by Siobhan O‘Flynn | Link
  14. 14. TRANSMEDIAMANIFESTThe art of storytelling has always been subject to change.Through the process of digitalization and the accompanyingmedia convergence, we are now on the verge of a quantumleap. We are no longer viewers, listeners, readers, users, orplayers. Today, we are experiencers, whose roles and behaviorschange, based on how we use and approach media. With thisreality in mind, we take this opportunity to propose eleventheses on the future of storytelling.
  15. 15. Thesis 1 Fiction supersedes reality, becoming as immersive as possible.
  16. 16. Thesis 2 The story offers multiple entry points to the experiencer,depending on the medium and situation in which it is used.
  17. 17. Thesis 3 The experiencer no longer follows onedramatic thread but chooses among several intersecting storylines, which merge into a single story universe.
  18. 18. Thesis 4 Experiencers communicate with each other and with fictionalcharacters, thereby actively participating in the story and influencing its overall arc.
  19. 19. Thesis 5 The story universe enables the experiencer to contribute creatively at selected points of the story.
  20. 20. Thesis 6 The story universe does not limit itself to one single medium, but takes advantage of the strengths of every medium to create something new out of their symbiosis.
  21. 21. Thesis 7 The experiencer becomes the vehicle of fiction by visiting real places where parts of the story universe unfold.
  22. 22. Thesis 8 The story universe attracts different types of experiencers by offering avariety of roles for more active and more passive media users.
  23. 23. Thesis 9 The story universe has the potential to become a breeding ground for a never- ending story through sequels, spin-offsand perpetual re-use of story elements.
  24. 24. Thesis 10The diversification of storytelling enables a freemium-payment model, which prompts multiple contributions per experiencer.
  25. 25. Thesis 11 The story universe is developed in collaboration by a versatile and interdisciplinary team, whose range of skills can meet the demands of experience-based storytelling.
  26. 26. Proof ofConcept „The Holger complex“
  27. 27. Leanback Mode Story-Blogger
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  29. 29. Thanks for listening! For more info