von Bergens 5 laws of sales 2


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This is my 2008 version on what is happening in the world of sales and marketing

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von Bergens 5 laws of sales 2

  1. 1. The von Bergen 5 Laws of Sales 2.0 As formulated in 2008 patrik@vonbergen.se
  2. 2. Law 1: The process of buying has changes since pre-2005  The Google Search effect has altered human behavior on all levels, private and in business, young and old  Dramatic implication on traditional sales methods and sales processes, driven by the change in buyer behaviors  The information advantage of pre-2005 is gone! • • • • Buyers surf the web to find information on all alternative offerings, including your competition Buyers get peer perspective from the net It happens that buyers finds alternative solutions at fraction of price of your offering! Buyers formulate solutions needed before meeting with sales people “Customers’ buying processes have evolved in our world of ubiquitous, instant, global communication, but companies’ selling processes have for the most part stayed the same” Jim Dickie, president of CSO Insights in Harvard Business Review, August 2007 patrik@vonbergen.se
  3. 3. Law 2: The buying process often starts “elsewhere”  The process of problem resolution and buying of remedy often starts far from where the process of selling starts.  For most businesses the buying processes starts on the internet  This has huge impact on customer problem statement, individual responsible for buying process and “when in time” buying activities happens  Do not try to control buying processes – support them!  Impact on how to formulate offering (sometimes quite dramatic)  Impact on offer presentation and pricing structure • Does your offering truly meet and support the customers needs and wants in the buying process? Technology buyers conduct nearly three quarters of their research and information gathering online according to research made in 2007 www.knowledgestorm.com patrik@vonbergen.se
  4. 4. Law 3: Time to “long tail” your business – now!  In most businesses – consider the “long tail” concept to fuel success and help buyers in their buying decision process  Understand the implications on your business of Chris Andersons 9 laws of the Long Tail 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.  Lower your cost - Move your inventory way out or way in Let the customers do the work - Crowd sourcing! One distribution method does not fit all - Mix distribution channels One product does not fit all - Many sizes fit many Many prices fits many - Market with abundant prices drives the size of the market Share information - Build trust by transparency at no cost. More information is better IF ordered in a comprehensive way. Think AND - not OR - Each option has an audience - Trust the market to do your job Pre filtering vs. post filtering = predicting vs. measuring. Measuring is more accurate Understand the power of free - Free has a “bad rap“ but is a extremely cost effective tool in sales Understand that the concept of “long tailing your business” has dramatically different meanings to different type of businesses! • • Today you probably have “stuff” you give away in customers procurement process? Use it to support the buying process! Free is fiction, customer spend time and pay attention – leverage this! “Customers pay attention and spend time” Linda Stone on the concept of “Free” at SIME 2009 patrik@vonbergen.se
  5. 5. Law 4: The role of “Head of Marketing” has changed!  Number one objective of “Head of Marketing” is to provide the sale team with customers who wants to buy! • Sorry, branding an pumping money into mass-media is very un-cool!  Tear down “the wall” between marketing and sales  Strive towards providing your prospect with enough information and process support to make buying decision by them selves – on the web  Remove all barriers to buy! • Understand the power of free “Give some, not expecting to get, before you can sell” Found it on the net and cant remember where patrik@vonbergen.se
  6. 6. Law 5: The role of “Head of Sales” has changed!  Selling isn't about selling anymore; it's about helping the customer buy  Number one objective of “Head of Sales” is focusing sale resources towards helping customers, that want to buy, get an optimal deal!  Love marketing! Good old segmentation of your market and qualifying your prospect is, if possible, even more important today than ever!  Redefine the role of the salesperson and Do NOT confuse the roles! • Skilled sales staff applies different type of “consultative selling” approaches and are great business- they deliver results today and tomorrow – but is it worth it? • And how cost effective is it to have premium consultants doing sales if you went Sales 2.0 flat-out? “My clients spends hours with me, talking business – so getting in the door is not a problem” Heard from super skilled consultant ,insisting he is a sales person, not realizing he is giving away advice for free patrik@vonbergen.se
  7. 7. Businesses arguable immune to Sales 2.0 and the power of the Long Tail  Businesses 100% focused around high priced “know how” and where differentiation of offering is not supported by the optimal business model  Businesses 100% dependent on a personal relationship and where differentiation of offering is not supported by the optimal business model patrik@vonbergen.se
  8. 8. About theses slides: These slides are obviously heavily influenced by Chris Andersons book “The Long Tail” and Jeff Jarvis book “WWGD”. But also on the intellectual work of applying the thoughts of Anderson and Jarvis to many businesses I have encountered over the last 12 to 18 months. Especially the insight of how some exiting new “start-ups” choose to formulate their offering and execute their go to market strategies. The “back-drop” of my personal professional successes and failures over the last 20 years certainly has had impact on some of the conclusions made. Please feel free to enjoy the slides, trash them, copy them, use them or what ever. The concept is initially inspired by Al Ries and Jack Trout´s “22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”, given to me some 12 years ago, on my first day as CEO of an advertising agency. Many of them still holds water and helps contrast the changes that has happened over the last ten years. Unfortunately, I have NOT been able to rival their extensive library of examples, supporting their laws and business thesis. So – please help me here! Feed-back & examples Please give feed-back! And, pleas help me identify relevant and examples in your business examples, that illustrates these 5 laws. Send to: http://se.linkedin.com/in/patrikvonbergen or by e-mail: patrik@vonbergen.se About Patrik von Bergen: Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, Patrik started his sales carrier at Electrolux Business School. But after only 47 days and 48 sold vacuum cleaners Patrik left to join a small publishing house, catering for the hotel and restaurant business, and sold advertising. Here Patrik worked with, among others, Krister Lüning, on of the Swedish advertising pioneers, introducing the advertising business to Sweden in Sweden in the 60´s. Patrik continued his studies at the University of Stockholm and, in parallel, continued various sales assignments, including starting the first “junk fax” service in Sweden. After receiving his Master of Law, Patrik continued various entrepreneurial assignments, focusing on sales and expansion, including starting a publishing business with Bonniers, Bonner DataMedia and being the CEO of an b2b advertising business. Late 90´s Patrik joined a start up in Silicon Valley and spent the following 4 years doing high tech sales. Upon returning to Stockholm Patrik joined, as a Senior Partner, Streamson. Streamson provides services to businesses, helping them to plan and execute change and go to market strategies. Today Patrik heads up all sales and marketing activities at the Swedish educational publishing house Liber AB (www.liber.se). Patrik provides, from time to time, Sales 2.0 speaking engagements and coaching services and he is always eager to engaged in all types of Sales 2.0 opportunities. Contact info as follows: - Phone +46 733 552 603 - E-Mail: patrik@vonbergen.se - http://se.linkedin.com/in/patrikvonbergen - http://twitter.com/PatrikvonBergen - SKYPE: patrikvonbergen patrik@vonbergen.se