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227freshventures.Company Presentation


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227freshventures.Company Presentation

  1. 1. D R IV I N G G R OWT H I N P U B L I S H I N G C O M P A NY P R E S E NT AT I O N
  2. 2. Publishing Industry Growth In the Netherlands Is Driven By Online/Electronic * Traditional media account for almost 90% of current market, but 85% of growth Is expected to Implications for Publishers come from online/electronic 2007: 2007-2012 2012: •  Traditional core: build and protect € 5.1 billion Growth: € 6.2 billion (e.g. renewal management) and market € 854 million market reinforce existing base (e.g. 7,000 ancillary products) 6,000 Industry Size (EUR mln) 1,596 € 726 mln 85% •  Online: create new online 5,000 742 concepts, drive audience growth 4,000 aggressively, engage and monetize 93% 14% them, and build a diverse base of 3,000 revenue sources 2,000 4,561 4,409 •  Acquire growing (online) 1,000 15% € 152 mln businesses and buy market 0 positions, know-how and 2007 2012 2007-2012 applications Traditional Print Media Online/Electronic Media * Includes total Internet Advertising market as defined by PWC Source: PWC Entertainment & Media Outlook 2012, Trends in the Netherlands Page 2
  3. 3. We Help You Grow Your (Online) Publishing Business 227freshventures are a group of highly experienced publishing and online professionals, all with a senior management background in the industry. We help you drive growth in your publishing business. From strategy to implementation. With a strong emphasis on online and cross media publishing. But with a keen eye for print as well. ✔ Create. Conceive, develop, and launch new (online) products and services. ✔ Build. Optimize existing publishing businesses, portfolios and products. ✔ Buy. Search, source and assess attractive (online) acquisition candidates. Page 3
  4. 4. Three Type of Services, From Strategic to Operational Build Buy Create Business M&A Services Innovation Services Optimization Strategic •  Innovation workshops •  Growth strategy •  Acquisition strategy •  Best practices •  Portfolio analysis •  Market scan •  Benchmarks •  Profit optimization •  Funding strategy Tactical •  Product plan •  Product development •  Acquisition search •  Prototyping •  Commercial plan •  Commercial due diligence •  Customer visits •  Sourcing and off shoring •  Sell side services Operational •  Project management •  Product management •  M&A project management •  Product management •  Marketing management •  Valuation •  Kick-starting projects •  Sales management •  Negotiations Page 4
  5. 5. We Have Extensive Experience in a Broad Range of Media Industry Segments Our Markets. Newspapers are different from B-to-B publishing, and STM is a whole different ball game than educational publishing. Let alone consumer publishing or directories. Each segment has its own culture, its own business models and faces its own challenges. We know. We’ve been there. We’ve done it. 00 Professional Health & Education News Consumer Directories & B-to-B STM Our Media. Naturally, online and cross media publishing will drive growth in the years ahead. That’s why online is the core of our strengths. But we do know all about print too, and about the migration from one to the other. After all, we are trained publishers. Online Mobile Print Page 5
  6. 6. The Core Consulting Team Are Experienced Industry Specialists With a Managerial Background in the Industry The two founding partners of 227freshventures share a managerial background in the publishing industry, and are always directly and hands-on involved in all projects. We know what it is to be a publisher. Gerrit Jan Logt Patrick Hendriks Close to 20 yrs industry experience •  15+ yrs international industry experience •  General manager, business consultant •  Board level consultant, general manager •  Strategy, Innovation, Online, Finance •  Strategy, Finance, M&A, Online •  B-to-B, B-to-C, Online recruitment •  Education, B-to-B, Newspaper, Health/STM •  Worked for Reed Business, Weka, •  Worked for Sanoma, Reed Business, •  Springer, Foreign Media Group, PCM Mercurius Group, WPG Uitgevers •  More about Gerrit at Linkedin. •  Read more about Patrick at Linkedin. Page 6
  7. 7. A Growing and Unique Network Of Talented Specialists We have gathered a talented group of people with complementary skills and experience. From social network gurus, financial wizards, online recruitment experts, business model inventors, editorial kings to SEO geeks, mobile movers, e-mail gods, online sales heroes to database freaks. All with a passion for their profession. All with (online) publishing as their focus. Ton Wesseling Ellen Spaltman •  Internet publishing and online sales specialist •  Online Publisher (a.o. Legal) •  Online marketing, conversion, website optimization •  B-to-B marketing specialist •  IAB board member, publisher, writes •  Online concept development, online for Twinkle, Sprout and Marketingfacts migration •  Worked for Ilse Media, Sanoma, Wegener Media •  Worked for Kluwer, Thieme Meulenhoff, Ventures WEKA •  More about Ton at Linkedin. •  More about Ellen at Linkedin. Marc Borgers Bas van de Haterd •  Online recruitment specialist •  Email marketing, online marketing and customer •  Blogging, personal branding and social loyalty specialist media expert •  Founder of SureMail, former managing director of •  Blogger at marketingfacts and Veritate and Rapid Sugar recruitmentmatters •  Author, trainer (e.g. at Euroforum, IDMK), speaks often •  Worked at Media Plaza, Ilse media, at conferences BroadbeanMore •  Worked for ANWB, Reed Business, Trouw, PCM, •  More about Bas at Linkedin. Nationale Vacaturebank, RTL, AVROMore about Marc at Linkedin. Plus several specialists to be announced soon ….. + Page 7
  8. 8. We Have Worked for Established Leading Publishing Companies As Well As Young and Growing Online Players Page 8
  9. 9. Some Examples of Recent Assignments Create Build E-zine for Hackers. Strategic Turnaround. International Special Interest B-to-B For an international special interest publisher, we For a medium-sized B-to-B publisher of severely conceived, produced and helped launch a new deteriorating loose leafs, we designed a new weekly e-zine, aiming at a new target group of strategy, migrating customers and content to young hackers and electronics geeks in 4 online, focussing, pruning and innovating. We countries, culminating in over 20,000 new shaped, recruited and managed the turnaround subscribers, creating future expansion team, and provided the base for a successful opportunities within this new segment for our client. online turnaround. Buy Buy Strategic Expansion Roadmap. Acquisition Search. Education Online B-to-B For a large international educational publisher, we For a large international b-to-b publisher, we did a pan-European scan of growth opportunities, conducted and extensive market scan, sourcing, researching and describing in-depth market assessing and contacting a large number of opportunities in adjacent market segments, pure online b-to-b players, boosting growth providing a roadmap for further growth. perspectives and value creation for our client. Create Online Directory Build Expansion and Funding Plan. B-to-B Online Health For an international publishing house we We helped shape concrete expansion plans - new developed a ready-to-launch online directory products and services, financial projections - and concept. We delivered product, commercial and providing a solid base to attract expansion capital for financial plan. a small pure online player in the health market, accelerating our customer’s revenues and profits. Page 9
  10. 10. Where To Reach Us D R I V I N G G R O W T H I N P U B L I S H I N G Villa Anderstein Andersteinweg 23953 BA Maarsbergen The Netherlands E T +31(0)343 46 12 55 Managing Partners Patrick Hendriks, PhD T +31(0)6 303 90064 E Gerrit Jan Logt T +31(0)6 532 40 128 E gerrit Page 10