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'Where startup founders screw up' - part 1


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Having co-founded Startupbootcamp (the accelerator for startups), Innoleaps (the accelerator for global enterprises) and The Talent Institute (the accelerator for digital talent), Patrick De Zeeuw has worked all around the globe with many different companies, startups and scaleups. Through Startupbootcamp he has also invested in over 600 companies (mostly startups and scaleups but also full grown enterprises) worldwide. In all his years of being an entrepreneur, working with entrepreneurs and supporting entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, he has learnt and experienced many do-s and don’t-s of starting and scaling up a company.

Just last month, Patrick shared his take on the Top 30 F#ckups of Startup Founders, at the largest tech fair in Europe, Hannover Messe. Here is numbers #1 - #10.

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'Where startup founders screw up' - part 1

  1. 1. Startups accelerated since 2010 and adding 200 new startups each year 650+ Corporate Startups launched & accelerated for Fortune 500 companies 175+ Innovators empowered on 6 continents 200.000+ Young Digital Talents provided to Scale-ups 500+
  2. 2. Amsterdam Barcelona Berlin Mexico City Melbourne Istanbul London Singapore Miami New York Rome Mumbai Chengdu Cape Town Copenhagen San Francisco In cities all over the world
  4. 4. Picking the wrong or bad idea
  5. 5. Only work on those problems you are obsessed about & will always keep you going
  6. 6. Not validating your riskiest assumptions
  7. 7. What do you think the E in CEO @ a Startup stands for ?
  8. 8. Chief Entrepreneur
  9. 9. Under estimating what it means to be the CEO & founder of a startup / scale- up
  10. 10. As the entrepreneur, you’re not only running a company you’re building one.
  11. 11. The Chief Entrepreneur relentlessly improves both the startup and his/her own management capabilities.
  12. 12. (S)he ensures that there is a plan B if and when plan A fails and it always does you are ready.
  13. 13. Not understanding the core startup functions & know how you should have
  14. 14. Team Growth Financing Leadership Product Customers THE CORE FUNCTIONS OF STARTUPS ARE: The CEnO should have a vision, strategy and execute on all 6 topics
  15. 15. A startup cannot succeed without a team… but even more important a startup cannot exist without a chief entrepreneur.
  16. 16. Not being 200% committed & willing to give up other great things
  17. 17. Not having an amazing team that is fully aligned
  18. 18. Why do sports coaches only pick a-players on their team?
  19. 19. Not hiring only (potential) 9+ on your team 13
  20. 20. Not firing fast if you feel there is no (cultural) fit 14
  21. 21. Not appointing a pre-mediator