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Victory of Death

Full presentation:
#Brexit, #Fintech, regulatory upheaval in Europe and de-regulatory upheaval in the US alone amount to a vast clash of ecosystems and beliefs. The clear challenge is how to challenge fear, stripping away misconception to weave together opportunities which work for Malta. Fintech pioneer, Patrick L Young, the author of “Capital Market Revolution!” discusses his perspective on a world of volatility laced with opportunity as Malta prepares to make the next quantum leap.
Here's my attempt to give the audience some significant messages to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead for them individually, corporately and for Malta as a whole.

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Victory of Death

  1. 1. Fintech Pioneer & Entrepreneur Patrick Young VICTORY OF DEATH
  2. 2. PatrickLYoung
  3. 3. Change: Is the ONLY Certainty In Life & Investment
  4. 4. Joseph Schumpeter Creative Destruction
  5. 5. Focus: The MegaTrend of Growth
  6. 6. Disintermediation "Somewhere out there is a bullet with your company's name on it.” Gary Hamel
  7. 7. Peak Bank Branch
  8. 8. Banker Power Has Peaked 2008 Wasn’t Just A was the peak of banker power… Regulatory Monopoly Erosion The Shock of the New: “FinTech”
  9. 9. Uber & AirBnb Vs the world
  10. 10. Regulatory issues involve foresight & government ability to change
  11. 11. Exchanges (Many Still Co-Ops!)
  12. 12. The Copernican Revolution in Finance
  13. 13. Heliocentricity
  14. 14. the Bitcoin universe delivered the Model T experience…
  15. 15. ...Zero Hour is Coming...
  16. 16. Previewing: @ Finance Malta 2027
  17. 17. “The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it .” Patrick L Young
  18. 18. Value & Scale Is Key
  19. 19. “The zero sum of ecosystems is not coming...
  20. 20. This is A World of Opportunity
  21. 21. Victory or Death Join The Revolution!
  22. 22. Patrick L Young Snapchat: FrontierFinance @FrontierFinance patricklyoung