Print’s New FrontierQR Codes: Bridging the gap between print and the web                     compliments of your name here
You are starting to see them                 top brands are using QR codes. These        Creating QR Codes                ...
Here’s how it works. Someone walks by a QR code, or sees one printed on an envelope            or company brochure. They t...
Types of   QR Code Readers                     Try Scanning QR Codes Now!                                                 ...
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U brand qr code primer™


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Our press ready, customizable QR Primer for Printers.

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U brand qr code primer™

  1. 1. Print’s New FrontierQR Codes: Bridging the gap between print and the web compliments of your name here
  2. 2. You are starting to see them top brands are using QR codes. These Creating QR Codes everywhere. They look like jigsaw include GMC, Ford, Google, Pepsi, Ralph Intrigued? You should be. The best part is that puzzles, sometimes in color but most Lauren, The Weather Channel, Best Buy, creating a QR code is simple and costs little often in black-and-white. They are on Chevrolet, Starbucks, Facebook, and to add to any print marketing program. There magazine advertisements, posters and countless more. are a variety of QR code generators on the billboards, business cards, and just about market. Among them: everything else. They’re Trackable • Kaywa QR-Code Generator They are quick response (or QR) Wait! It gets better. Because these • ZXing QR-Code Generator codes, and they act as mobile shortcuts codes resolve to Internet sites, QR • Nokia Mobile Codes Generator to websites, discount coupons, videos, codes are an easy way to track the • QR Stuff and other content. Point at them interest level of many of today’s To create the most basic codes, you simply go with your smartphone, snap a picture mobile consumers. to the site, input the URL to which you would of the code, and you are zipped to a How many people snapped the code like the code to point, and hit “generate video, a coupon, a Web page, contact from the brochure you distributed at code.” You’ll get back a .png or .jpg image that information, or other content. A static the trade show? Were mobile users you can save and insert into your print or medium suddenly turns into a dynamic, more likely to respond to the trade online materials.QR Codes: interactive one. show graphic or the magazine ad? Track this and more with QR codes! Immediate Response! Whether you are a corporate marketer Where Did QR Codes Adding the “Wow” Factor to Print placing a magazine advertisement or a small business doing a sales promotion, Come From? Although many people are just being QR codes are particularly appealing exposed to QR codes, the codes because they capture viewers’ interest themselves are not new. In their most An example of a QR code generated for a link to at the very moment it is piqued: See. basic form, QR codes have been Google on Kaywa QR-Code Generator. Snap. View. around for years. You don’t lose eyeballs by asking QR codes were first created by Toyota Yes, it’s that easy. Using more complex Looking for a way to connect people to manually input URLs or subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994. Since software, you can also create personalized QR scribble them down onto a piece of that time, they have been extensively codes (say for generating personalized URLs); print to the Web? To increase paper that might get lost. used in Europe and Japan. Now their use codes with embedded logos; or codes that provide extremely detailed tracking and multi- Plus, QR codes cost little or nothing is exploding in the United States. You the relevance of print among to add to your print campaigns. There is no reason not to use them. see them in Times Square, in the pages of Entertainment Weekly, as well as on channel integration capabilities. Some QR codes are even “smart codes” that can customize the content based on the date, location, and model younger consumers? To add a So make those static printed pieces interactive. Add “live” product demos CD cases, point of purchase materials, business cards, and a wide variety of of phone that is reading it. to sell sheets. Send trade show marketing collateral. You may also want to test the codes to “wow” factor to your marketing attendees right to your website. Let make sure they are created properly, follow viewers download your company QR code “best practices” to maximize their collateral? Think QR codes. contact information and “save the effectiveness (see the end of this paper), and date” information right to their phones. are compatible with multiple readers. If you It is no wonder so many of today’s would like help with any of these steps, talk to us and we’ll be happy to help you. Photography © 2010 |
  3. 3. Here’s how it works. Someone walks by a QR code, or sees one printed on an envelope or company brochure. They take out their smartphone and snap a picture of the code. With the right software, they are then taken to the desired Web destination. There they access a video, a coupon, a survey or sweepstakes entry, plain text message, or a mobile site (mobi- Window clings. site) with games, downloadable apps, or any other content appropriate to the campaign. Add a QR code to a window Let’s look at a few examples. cling that gives shoppers the opportunity to access CD jewel cases. a coupon right in front of Sitting at a friend’s house and like the your store. What better music he’s playing? Snap the QR code way to get them to act Movie posters. on the case and be taken to the band’s on impulse while they are already QR codes are being added to movie posters to Facebook page, listen to more of the staring at your merchandise in the window? allow passersby to learn more about the movie album, and purchase MP3 versions of the than they can see on the poster. By snapping songs. Even order concert tickets online. the code, they can watch trailers, see a full cast Business cards and When Green Day released its new album, list, or even buy tickets for their local theaters. marketing collateral. “21st Century Breakdown,” the band Magazines are using used QR codes in magazine ads, posters, QR codes as a way to When TriStar Pictures’ “District 9” and Tim Add QR codes to your stickers, and other locations to direct provide additional value to Burton’s “9” were released, consumers were able business cards and to scan QR codes on movie posters and magazine users to a mobile site where they could advertisers. Adding codes marketing collateral. download exclusive images and videos. advertisements to see exclusive clips from the is a great way to allow It’s intriguing. It starts a movies, commentary from the directors, and link readers to go directly from conversation, and with to the films’ websites. an ad to making a purchase. one snap, you’ve achieved marketing’s Holy Or they can browse Grail of getting your contact information into additional colors and styles your target’s cellphone. not shown in print. Direct mail. Restaurants are using them on table Add a QR code to your direct mail piece — even put it on the envelope cards to encourage customers to sign up — so that people don’t have to be in front of a computer to access the for loyalty programs. Right at the table, information. Just grab your coffee, snap the code while you toss down diners can snap the code and take a Start brainstorming! Although these a bagel, and watch the video on the way to work. survey, provide feedback, and sign up for are some common applications, you can use When Samaritan’s Purse wanted to promote Operation Christmas Child, a VIP club or other loyalty program. QR which provides Christmas presents to needy children all over the QR codes for almost anything. The creative codes make data-gathering easy. world, it added a QR code to its direct mail envelopes. The QR possibilities are endless. code resolved to a video clip showing distribution of the boxes, beaming faces of the children, and the benefits of the program. Did you know that the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are proposing that QR-coded fuel economy labels be placed on the window of every new vehicle in dealer showrooms by 2012? According to the proposal, the QR codes would resolve to a Web page that allows consumers to personalize and compare the fuel economy of different vehicles by inputting their own driving habits and fuel costs into an online calculator.Photography © 2010 |
  4. 4. Types of QR Code Readers Try Scanning QR Codes Now! FPO FPO FPO In order for customers or Download a reader to your smartphone prospects to read QR codes, This code will take This code will take This code will take they need a reader. Some and scan these QR codes. you to our website you to a text message you to a business card (or coupon, samples, (or coupon, samples, (or coupon, samples, phones come with readers video, etc.) video, etc.) video, etc.) installed. Others require viewers to download them. Among the most popular Best Practices for QR Codes readers are: Like any marketing technology or 5 C Make it serve a purpose. Not only onclusion. In today’s marketing world, application, QR codes work best when should the code be worth decoding, but it’s all about spontaneity, mobility, and certain best practices are followed. Let’s it should serve a specific marketing goal. instantaneous gratification. It’s easy look at a few of them. What is the intent on the back end? To gather to envision a world in which all marketing and 1 Optimize for mobile sites. Because people will be information? Conduct a survey? Get the person corporate identity materials and packaging include snapping these codes with mobile cameras, you may want to interact with the brand through a game or QR codes by default just as they include URLs, email to make sure the content to which you are driving them sweepstakes? Make an online purchase? Who’s the addresses, and Twitter IDs. is optimized for mobile viewing. This isn’t always necessary, target audience? Is the content well matched to Imagine a world in which consumers routinely snap especially as smartphone screens get bigger, browsing gets their needs and interests? the information on the way out the door to work. faster, and phones become more optimized for surfing on the 6 Include multiple paths to response. Grab a breakfast bar and snap a code for the road. go. But it’s a good practice if you can do it. Although you want people to snap the It’s happening today. Do you want to be part of it? 2 Make the codes easy to read. Keep the URLs code, include multiple paths to response. simple. This makes the code easier for phones to read. Not everyone will use the code, so make sure they Using a URL shortener like TinyURL is a great way to do can access the information even if they don’t have Talk to us about where QR codes can this. Make sure there is enough space around the code so it’s a smartphone or mobile data plan. Perhaps include help to accomplish your marketing not crowded by text or images. This reduces interference. If a short URL to the same landing page or let people goals and where they make the most you’re going to be placing QR codes in permanent locations, send a text message to retrieve desired information, sense for you. Let’s see what QR codes think about things like reflections or shadows that might impact such as coupon codes. can do for your next print campaign! the camera’s ability to read the code. After all, it’s not about getting people to respond 3 Test, test, test. Treat QR codes like Web pages. Test to a QR campaign. It’s about getting them to Blackberry QR Code Scanner them before deploying them, and test them on a variety respond to the campaign period. 7 of readers and with a variety of quality phones. Newer, Include instructions for using the more highly featured phones can handle a lot more than less code. This isn’t going to be appropriate for expensive phones sold by discount retailers. all campaigns, of course, but you may want 42D Sense Platform (formerly iMatrix) Make the QR code worth decoding. Make the to include short instructions for using the code and code worth decoding. Don’t just send people to your downloading a reader if necessary. Part of success website. Provide deep content. Sweepstakes. Coupons. with QR codes is user education. Music. If you are selling something, send people to review sites or fan pages. Make it worth their time.
  5. 5. Printer Name Etiam id risus eget Nunc euismod Donec MAILING INFO Vestibulum diam lectus HERE QR CODE FPO Need a QR code? Call Great Reach Communications at 978-332-5555 About Your Company Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras pulvi- nar euismod nisi sed suscipit. Pellentesque non nulla quam. Etiam feugiat nisi tortor. In aliquet, urna non fermentum vulputate, purus turpis convallis sem, id malesuada nisl enim ac massa. Mauris tempor eros at mauris lacinia vestibulum. Donec egestas rhoncus blandit. Sed auctor malesuada pulvinar. Fusce dapibus varius faucibus. Praesent eleifend facilisis justo at cursus. Nulla luctus ipsum vel nisl ullamcorper posuere. Duis aliquam sollicitudin lacus sed euismod. Maecenas porttitor bibendum consectetur. Phasellus in tellus et risus gravida eleifend in ut nisl. Sed mattis, magna vel volutpat fer- mentum, sem felis commodo augue, non gravida erat odio in nulla. Integer tempor purus sit amet erat placerat luctus.© 2010 Great Reach Communications, Inc.