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Newsletter sample

  1. 1. GRAPHIC Your logo hereADVISOR ISSUE TWENTY NINE REFRESHING IDEAS Save Money, Get Better Results Refresh Your Brand and Revitalize Your Business Finish Your Projects with Flair!
  2. 2. Don’t waste money, market smarter! Y ou may have heard that the mailing list The agency later found out is 40% of a campaign’s success. That’s the that this was standard operating old adage, but it might actually be more. procedure for this company. Turns One creative director tells us the story of a client out, it hadn’t cleaned its mailing When we think about “marketing smarter,” we often with more than one million inactive addresses in lists in five years. its customer list. The agency determined that only On average, the United States Postal Service says that think about spending more money. But what if you 30,000 of these addresses were worth mailing. The 30% of mailing addresses are out of date. NCOA and could market smarter and save money at the same client mailed 300,000 instead. The results? The 30,000 CASS systems are designed to help with that. time? Especially when it comes to direct mail, there are many cost-saving measures that can save you returned a 1.5% response. The other 270,000 returned • CASS (Change of Address Support System) a .001% response. certification checks the addresses in your list money and boost your results, too. What an incredible waste! Can you imagine to ensure that they are valid addresses in the printing 270,000 mailers destined straight for the USPS system. garbage? Mailing more doesn’t necessarily return you better results! • NCOA checks the addresses against a National Change of Address list to ensure that your targets This might sound like an outrageous tale, but it is are not living somewhere else, and if they are, the more common than you might think. address is corrected automatically. Another marketer—a Fortune 100 company—was told that nearly 30% of its addresses would be undeliverable. These are simple steps that are inexpensive and take Did the company immediately strip its mailing list of relatively little extra time. Not only can they save you those useless addresses? Unbelievably, it did not! Even big money on print and postage, but they can return though it could have taken the simple step of running you better results because you start out with a current, its list through the National Change of Address (NCOA) viable mailing list. This is a small investment that can and Change of Address (CASS) verifications, it didn’t reap great returns! bother. It printed and mailed to everyone in its list. More than 35% bounced, resulting in over $3,000 worth When was the last time you cleaned up your of wasted postage. mailing list? Dont throw your money away. Mailing more doesn’t necessarily return you better results. photos © 2
  3. 3. O ne option is to completely messaging. Then they determined what rebrand the company, but still had value and should be retained this has a number of risks. and what should be refreshed to make A dramatic rebrand could erase your the brand representative of who they history in the mind of the consumer as are today and where they are going. The well as any positive brand equity built companies maintained the integrity of up over the years. Plus, it could strain the existing logo, making modifications your budget as you revise not only that are definitely noticeable but not tooRefresh Your Brand and Revitalize Your Business your corporate stationery, but also your drastic. You might notice subtle changes storefront, vehicle graphics, signage, in the width of a font; the sizing, scaling marketing collateral, sales kits, website, and placement of images; the shade of a packaging, and other elements of your color; or the tagline. public identity. For companies with So how do you know if it’s the right multiple locations and complex sales and time for your company to refresh? distribution channels, this imposes an If you’re anticipating a change in even greater barrier. management, introducing a new product or service, celebrating a significant Your company’s visual An alternative to a full brand redesign is business anniversary, or undergoing a brand identity is a shorthand to who a brand refresh. With slight revisions to your branding elements and positioning, merger with another company, it makes sense to consider a refresh. In the you are and the promises you make you can . . . absence of any major event, consider a to your customers and stakeholders. • Preserve your brand’s existing equity refresh every 3 to 5 years as part of your It’s a reflection of what your company • Infuse new energy into your offerings strategic planning process. A brand refresh stands for and what sets you apart. • Ensure your company stands out in a should never be implemented simply Follow the lead of major dynamic marketplace because you’re tired of the existing brand. When your brand has been around for • Expand the company’s reach to new Refreshing a brand is a strategic business companies. Maintain the a while, however, you may no longer customers and create buzz among existing customers decision with explicit business goals. integrity of your existing be getting the results you need. This • Reduce the sales cycle Ensuring that you are marketing your brand, making modifications brand effectively and credibly is critical happens regardless of size or industry • Phase in changes as your budget to both attracting and retaining a growing that are noticeable but not and may be brought on by aggressive allows base of satisfied customers. A brand too drastic. Consider the major companies competition, changes in the industry, refresh will give your company that added that have recently undertaken a flash that enables you to more effectively or the consumer’s perception that since brand refresh. Chiquita, Coca-Cola, compete with other companies vying for your brand looks dated your offerings and Starbucks, for example, already had the same market space without alienating very strong and recognizable logos that must be dated too. or confusing your current customers. resonated positively with their customers, so why would they change? First, they evaluated their visual identity and photos © 4
  4. 4. Are you leaving opportunity on the table? There are many inexpensive finishing techniques that can set your projects apart. Use them to make people want to pick up the piece. Create a lasting brand image. Really make a powerful first impression.Finish Your Projects with Flair! F or example, instead of tucking highlight the logo or add gloss to photos. Thermography. Produces an engraving- product cards into a traditional A new technique called strike-through like effect using powder and ink. The envelope, why not try a folded coating allows you to create the look powder is added to the ink printed on the die-cut self-mailer instead? In a plain of spot coating with an inline process paper, then the printed piece is heated white envelope, your open house without the expense of additional plates and the powder/ink mixture dries to invitation might easily be overlooked. and blankets. form a raised effect. Use it on invitations, But send a die-cut mailer in the shape business cards, and letterhead. Combine of an automobile or piece of sporting Embossing. Embossing uses heat and it with a die-cut to invite people to an equipment and you are pretty much pressure to create a raised impression open house or booth at your trade show. guaranteed it will get opened. Or want to on the paper. (Think “notarizing.”) People make photos really pop? Try spot varnish tend to associate embossing with high- Adding these little effects can make over the photos with a dull varnish value documents, so you might want to your piece really stand out and be everywhere else. Suddenly, the photos use this technique to convey the idea remembered. They make recipients leap off the page! of quality and permanence. Emboss on say “Wow!” They make them want to Here are some great finishing techniques plain paper (blind embossing) or combine that can really make a difference. it with ink, images, or foil for an extra- pick up the piece and interact with it. It special effect. doesn’t cost that much more to have UV coating. A high-gloss, very an impact. Let us help you get creative! protective finish that creates a lot of Foil stamping. The process of applying pop and durability. decorative foil to the paper to create brilliant metallic effects not possible Soft-touch aqueous coating. A fast- with ink. Foil stamping can be combined drying, water-based coating that has with embossing to create a more striking a soft, velvety feel that people notice three-dimensional image. Try embossing immediately. You’ll see them saying, “Oh, on book and report covers, branded wow!” and turning the piece over and documents, even logos. over because it’s so pleasant to the touch. Use it to draw customers into a clothing Die-cutting. Use die-cuts to create catalog, coffee table book, or children’s unusual shapes, windows, and crazy fold- book. Anything where physical touch outs. Instead of sending the same old, increases the appeal. same old mailer, create jagged edges, peep doors, accordion-style pulls. Give Spot coating. Coat or varnish only to them something that really stands out. photos © specific areas of the piece. You might 6
  5. 5. GRAPHIC MAILING INFOADVISOR HERE Printer Name Phasellus porttitor elit In hac habitasse platea Donec tempor nonummy de? ed a QR co QR CO DE FPO: Ne unications at each CommCall Great R -332-5555 978 About Us About This Issue One or two small paragraphs about you Programs used: Computers used: and your company. One or two small InDesign CS iMac paragraphs about you and your compa- Illustrator CS ny. One or two small paragraphs about Photoshop CS Press used: you and your company. One or two What kind of press did you use to print small paragraphs about you and your Paper used: this issue? company. One or two small paragraphs What paper did you use to print this issue? Bindery used: about you and your company. One or two small paragraphs about you and What kind of bindery did you use to Ink used: print this issue? your company. One or two small para- What kind of ink did you use to print graphs about you and your company. this issue? Coating used: What kind of coating did you use to print this issue?
  6. 6. 1:1 printing is green? Absolutely. Here are three reasons why: 1 Targeting means you send out fewer pieces of mail—saving trees, chemicals and fossil fuels. 2 A cleaner database means that your recipients deliver fewer pieces right to the trashcan. 3 Digital production has many green benefits, including no plates, no chemicals and no spray powders. Let’s look at three examples of how 1:1 printing can transform the “greenness” of your campaign. Personalized booklets: 1:1 direct mail: In a static, untargeted Database Say you are a small college, printing mail campaign, you might send out 15,000 cleansing: four-color catalogs to mail to prospective postcards to a generic mail list. With 1:1 Even if you students. Each catalog is 252 pages, personalization, you are likely to select still choose to covering the full range of disciplines and only a percentage of that list. This might be mail to your extra-curricular activities. Only 25% of the top 10% of your customers, customers entire list, you the material is relevant to the prospective who are most likely to purchase certain can experience student, who never reads the other 75%. products, or customers who, based on powerful Especially if your catalogs are coated, those defined triggers (such as an upcoming “green” benefits pages are destined for the landfill. expiration on an auto lease), are likely to be by simply doing a basic consolidation What happens when in the market for a new purchase. and cleanse on that list. You might have you personalize these Now, instead of mailing 15,000 pieces, you many duplicates, misspelled names andWhen you think about personalization, do you think about lower catalogs instead? might mail only undeliverable addresses. One cataloger cost per lead, higher per order values and increased ROI? Now, instead of 1,500. Or you recently slashed its print volumes by 50% simply by cleaning up its list! printing 252 pages, might send only a You should. But you should also get excited about how 1:1 you print 64 pages. few hundred at Not only does this increase the relevance— a time. Not only printing helps you go green. and the effectiveness—of the booklets, but are these offers It pays to be green. Not only should you’ve just reduced your consumption of more targeted you consider green alternatives paper, ink and chemicals by 75%. and relevant, but simply because it’s the right thing Then there are the ripple effects. You have you’ve just reduced your printing and mailing to do, but also because it’s good eliminated the energy used to produce those unread pages, the gas used to distribute volume by 90%—a huge slash in your business too. Consumers want to do them and all of the other associated raw carbon footprint. business with companies that are materials, fossil fuels and associated energy good stewards of the environment. costs along the way. So double marketing dip— personalize it! Sending irrelevant information makes unnecessary waste! photos © 10