Root Canal: Things to Know


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Arthur W. Weiss is a Toluca Lake Dentist. A dentist Valley Village trusts with all their oral health needs, Dr. Weiss has been the implants dentist the San Fernando Valley has come to rely on.

He is a general, cosmetic, and implants dentist and fellow and diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is a published author and expert in prosthodontics.

He is a caring North Hollywood dentist with your best interests in mind. For residents in Studio City dentist Arthur W. Weiss has become the dentist they trust.

Dr. Arthur W. Weiss
10553 Riverside Drive
Toluca Lake, CA 91602-2440
(818) 762-0694

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Root Canal: Things to Know

  1. 1. Root CanalWhat is root canal?Every tooth has a space or spaces inside the tooth (known as the pulpchamber) which goes through the centre of the tooth right down to the tip ofthe root. This is known as the root canal. The number of canals in individualteeth can vary from two to four in molars to one in incisors.Pain in a tooth indicates there’s a problem, and this can be caused by anabscess, an infection, decay or a trauma to the tooth which may havebecome chipped or broken exposing the nerve. In many of these cases thedentist will carry out root canal surgery to cure the problem.ProcedureIf the tooth is infected or there’s an abscess the dentist will prescribeantibiotics before carrying out the root canal work. He will then arrange thenecessary appointments in order to complete the surgery.An x-ray of the tooth will be taken and you’ll then be given a local anestheticto numb the area. A plastic shield is used to isolate the tooth and keep itdry, and a solution of special disinfectant is used to thoroughly clean theinside of the tooth.A drill makes a small hole into the pulp chamber so that the dentist canremove the nerve and infected tissue. The nerve is removed so as toprevent further infection and toothache. Normally it’s recommended that acrown be placed over the tooth at a later date in order to protect it.Sedation and AnesthesiaAs a general rule a local anesthetic is all that’s needed. This is injected intothe gum surrounding the infected tooth.An alternative to this is an intravenous sedation which is administeredthrough a vein in the arm. This injection can help to make the patientrelaxed and less aware of the procedure being carried out.Some procedures which are likely to be complicated may require a generalanesthetic which will result in loss of consciousness.CostThe cost of root canal treatment ranges from $350-$600 for a front tooth to$500-$800 for a molar.
  2. 2. An alternative to root canal would be to have the tooth extracted andreplaced with an implant or a bridge.Post Root Canal Home CareAfter root canal surgery the area may be tender and sensitive when eating.This can last for a few days, and if it becomes uncomfortable over thecounter medication is recommended. It’s sensible to rest for a while so thatyour body can recover.Arthur Weiss is a Toluca Lake Dentist serving areas of North Hollywood inthe San Fernando Valley region. Dr. Arthur W. Weiss10553 Riverside DriveToluca Lake, CA 91602-2440(818)