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Becoming A Best Selling Author (by Patrick Snow)



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Becoming A Best Selling Author (by Patrick Snow)

  1. 1. Becoming a 
 Best-Selling Author Presented By: Patrick Snow
  2. 2. WARNING! 
 Don’t Be Bamboozled… You owe it to yourself to learn how the publishing industry really works and what publishers don’t want you to know…
  3. 3. Your Mission: To write, publish and promote your book to your target market. ! This is the best way to attract more speaking, coaching, and consulting revenue!
  4. 4. Your Publishing Road Map Whether your book is fiction, or non-fiction, already published, or just beginning to write, this publishing overview will save you time money, and help you avoid many mistakes in the process of you becoming a best seller!
  5. 5. Looking For a Better Way to 
 Market Your Business?
  6. 6. Want to Boost Your Credibility in the Marketplace?
  7. 7. Introducing… 
 The World’s Greatest Marketing Secret in the History of All Business… To write and publish your book 
 to promote your products and services
  8. 8. A Book is… A physical web site A lead-generation tool A thick business card A client-attraction magnet A tool to turn prospects to clients A way to stand out from the competition A ticket to free publicity A platform to stand on A way to give back and inspire others The Main Ingredient to your “Information Empire”
  9. 9. Qualifications to Be a Real Book Perfect bound (or case bound) ! Pricing (and pricing bar code) ! Title, Author Name ! More than 100 pages (less is a booklet) ISBN number (and ISBN bar code) !
  10. 10. Your Book is the Foundation to Build Your Information Empire: Printed Book Audio Book E-Book Journal / Workbook Keynote Speaking Coaching Consulting Tele-seminars Workshops / Seminars And More…
  11. 11. Which is Better… E-Book or Printed Book?
 Who do you love more… Your son or daughter? Both versions of book are needed to succeed
  12. 12. Dan Poynter Study… Being a “Published Author” is North America’s #2 most respected career (only behind that of a brain surgeon)
  13. 13. Overwhelmed with the 
 Process of Publishing? 

  14. 14. Don’t Know Where to Turn to Find the Answers?
  15. 15. “The written word is the only way the dead can teach the unborn.” - Abraham Lincoln
  16. 16. Standing Out in the Crowd According to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) recently reported that each year in the United States approximately 350,000 books are published.
  17. 17. Who is Your Audience? With this volume of books being published each year, what you can do to have your book stand out from the crowd and become a best-seller?
  18. 18. Definition of Best-Seller? 35,000 Industry standards define a “bestseller” when an author successfully sells 35,000 copies at any time during the life of the book.
  19. 19. This sure is confusing? What About? best-seller best-seller
  20. 20. Let’s look at your publishing options…
  21. 21. You Have Three Publishing Options (But only one of them will allow you to actually turn a profit…)
  22. 22. Traditional New York Publishing You give up all rights and future profits, Less than 1 in 1,000 chance of getting published, Lose all decision making power
  23. 23. hing blis u n pay tP d the rne p front, anur book nte p a y u I in t yo u r you nd to pr here ack e u p y o k) and arks r boo i s i s w the b a n m 2 pe • Th n on at $4 i dlem $8-1 aga mid ooks u party arging yo nts your b Third g (ch • r pri erence. make o intin publishe e diff r ble t p he possi th m hen t nd keeps t ally i a virtu each y and t quali Poor it. • prof a
  24. 24. Self Publishing • Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain and virtually everyone gets started this way. • Only way to guarantee that you will ever get published. • You own 100% of the rights and keep all profits controlling print process and eliminating all third party middlemen.
  25. 25. Lesson Learned: Never, under any circumstance, let a third party middleman get between you and your printer! INTE RNE T PU BLIS H ER Having a direct relationship with your printer is the only way to insure that you can make a profit!
  26. 26. Your Choice is Clear! Self publishing is the ONLY choice if you don’t want to be BAMBOOZLED in paying inflated printing costs, want to own 100% rights and maximize your profits…
  27. 27. Self Publishing is the Winner! If you select the publishing option (where you eliminate third party internet publishers from marking up your printing)… ! then, you have the ability to legally print your own currency (in the form of your book, mark up the price and sell at a 5X profit).
  28. 28. Imagine Your Own Gold-Bar Manufacturing Machine Print Your Intellectual Property at $2-6 / book ! Sell @ $19.95 USD in soft cover Sell @ $24.95 USD in hard cover
  29. 29. dco ar H ft? So or ver Y ers d N lish b har pu t in rin - so ou p If y ’t ver you co an uld s $5 c sho ost rd ffo a (it c e per ells ard or ut s h m er, k b ore). cov in boo 5 m int er. or $ f pr v so co ft
  30. 30. $ WHAT ABOUT PAGE COUNT? FATTER THE BOOK… ! FATTER ! THE PAYCHECK! The sweet spot is somewhere in between 50,000 words (250 pages) and 60,000 words (300 pages).
  31. 31. The Numbers Don’t Lie… • Average author sells 250 books in their lifetime. ! ! ! • Independent Book Publishers Association reports that 98% of authors will never sell more than 2,000 books in their lifetime.
  32. 32. A Successful Book is… • 5% creation and 95% promotion! • Most give up after 90 days, once they realize Oprah’s producer is NOT calling!
  33. 33. Five Requirements to 
 Becoming a Best-Selling Author… 5
  34. 34. “When I speak, business happens!” - Bob Mowad 1. Spend the Rest of Your Life 
 Marketing Your Book
  35. 35. 2. WorldClass Cover Design
  36. 36. 3. Compelling Title that Can Stand on its Own • Three awardwinning title formulas that few in the industry even know exist • Favorite is the “ING” rule used in this cover…
  37. 37. 4. Introduction • Must capture the “heart” of the reader and leaves them thirsty for more by ”hooking”” them in. • Reader doesn’t care “why” you wrote your book, they only care what your book can do for them.
  38. 38. 5. Amazing Content • Non-Fiction: Full of inspirational stories • Fiction: Full of tales of love and death
  39. 39. 18 Biggest ! ! to Avoid Don’t make any of the following 18 mistakes (or your book will be short lived) S
  40. 40. O / ME & MY DOG Sally Smith HUGE MISTAKE!!! 1. Putting Your Photo on Front Cover
 (unless you are a celebrity)
  41. 41. HUGE MISTAKE!!! 2. Taking a Titl e to Print 
 (Without Ownin g it As “.Com”)
  42. 42. Smith P ublishin HUGE MISTAKE!!! 3. Having Your Last Name 
 Affiliated with Your Publishing imprint You want to distance your name from the publishing logo so the media can’t tell if the book is self published (better chance of getting publicity). g NEW YORK
  43. 43. 4. Selecting Your Own Title HUGE MISTAKE!!! Unless you know the three award-winning title formulas, let the experts help you select your title.
  44. 44. y Smith Sall HUGE MISTAKE!!! rogram sign P hic De Grap y Smith Sall 5. Doing your Own Cover Design Hire a professional unless you have a degree in Graphic Design
  45. 45. HUGE MISTAKE!!! 6. Forgetting to Print Your Web Site 
 on the Back Cover or Back Flap Be sure to print your domain name on your back cover
  46. 46. 7. Skipping the Proofreading Step The average NY published book has 20 grammar or spelling errors. Don’t embarrass yourself! HUGE MISTAKE!!!
  47. 47. HUGE MISTAKE!!! 8. Forgetting to Include Front Page Inserts • • • • • • • • Testimonial pages Title Page Copyright Page Acknowledgement’s Page Dedication Page Preface Foreword (Spell it correctly) Introduction
  48. 48. HUGE 9. Forgetting to Include 
 Back-Page Inserts MISTAKE!!! • • • • • • • A Final Note About the Author About author’s business About author’s coaching model Recommended Reading Index is not required (unless medical book) Book author to speak at next event
  49. 49. 10. Relying on Someone Else to 
 Do Your Publicity If you don’t stand up and tell the world who you are, and what you stand for, no one else will do it for you! HUGE MISTAKE!!!
  50. 50. HUGE MISTAKE!!! okst n Bo o ales re S o on g as Amaz u usin online retailer (sy,clh usy, lousy, c . Fo store or 11 lous o !! is a A book rnes & Noble) to sell a book! nd or Ba y, LOUSY place a s ousy, lou l
  51. 51. HUGE MISTAKE!!! 12. Hoarding Your Books You should give away 1-5 books everyday to people with big mouths who will tell others about it (bloggers, network marketers, radio / TV producers, newspaper, magazine editors).
  52. 52. 13. Focusing on Selling Books One at a Time Sell your books 10,000 at a time as part of another organization’s marketing efforts! HUGE MISTAKE!!!
  53. 53. 14. Overlooking “Foreign-Language MISTAKE!!! Rights” Opportunities HUGE Testimonials will start pouring in from readers all over the world in different languages to boost your credentials.
  54. 54. 15. Giving Up and Starting on Next Book You need to spend a minimum of 18-22 years of your life promoting your book (just as you would in raising your children). HUGE MISTAKE!!!
  55. 55. 16. Not Leveraging Your Credibility HUGE MISTAKE!!! Use you book to secure highly-paid speaking, coaching and consulting opportunities.
  56. 56. HUGE MISTAKE!!! 17. Failing to Set Up Book Distribution Set up distribution for credentials only, not for profit. This is how you get into Barnes & Noble.
  57. 57. 18. ATTEMPTING TO GO SOLO • Invest in publishing coach who has “been there and done that.” • Look for someone who will not ask you to do something they have not already done. • Investing in such a system is a sure way to save both time and money (and improve quality). HUGE MISTAKE!!! O / S O L O
  58. 58. Introducing… Patrick Snow • Publishing and book marketing coach • International best-selling author • Highly sought after professional speaker • Small-business coach
  59. 59. Patrick’s Coaching Credentials Successfully coached more than 500 clients to get published (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  60. 60. Patrick’s Author Credentials Sold 150,000 to 250,000 copies of selfpublished book in five languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Indonesian) before selling out rights to John Wiley & Sons in New York (without using a literary agent).
  61. 61. Patrick’s Speaking Credentials • Delivered more than 2,500 paid professional speaking engagements on three continents over last 20 years • Current speaking fee: $25,000
  62. 62. Patrick’s Media Credentials • • • • Featured as a cover story in USA TODAY Featured in The New York Times Featured in Forbes Magazine Featured in more than 500 radio and TV interviews worldwide
  63. 63. What Others Are Saying “Patrick’s resources, knowledge and expertise are priceless. Hiring him as my coach was one of the best investments I have ever made!” – Jeff Bow “Without Patrick Snow, my attempt to get published would have been a disaster.” – Wanek Stein “Patrick’s passion, experience, wisdom and commitment to his client’s success is unparalleled.” – Sherri Nickols
  64. 64. "After investing in Patrick Snow's coaching system I published my book in 57 days. Since writing Growing the Leader Within You, our organization has received more than $100 million in real estate donations. Patrick taught me to use my book to promote our organization which resulted in securing and solidifying new donors. It has been an humbling experience and will give me the ability to create hospitals, schools, hospices and feeding centers for children around the world. All of this because Patrick taught me how to put my heart into ink and paper. Patrick's system has been the best investment of our lives!" Dr. Gayla Holley
  65. 65. "I've been coached by Hall-of-Fame coaches (Lenny Wilkens, Jerry Sloan and Pat Riley) throughout my NBA career and I'd rank Patrick Snow right up there with these Hall-of-Famers! Patrick has the passion, 'fire in the belly' and integrity to not only make himself better, but to help all of his clients 'be the best they can be.’ I often mentioned to Patrick... 'You draw up the play and I'll run the ball... that will equal success for both of us!’ I’ve loved working with Patrick Snow and look forward to many, many years of success for our team." James Donaldson
  66. 66. “In November, I stumbled upon a Patrick Snow presentation on publishing your own book. The following March I was holding a copy of my book in my hands. Without Patrick's wisdom, experience, connections, motivation and desire to coach us through the process every step of the way, I would be empty handed today. He provided me with all the necessary resources to take a dream and make it a reality. My kids, family, friends and the rest of the world now have in their possession a book that will stand the test of time. I cannot stress enough my gratitude for Patrick Snow's services on publishing one's work. He is in a class all his own." Randy Broad
  67. 67. Schedule A Complimentary Consultation Today! Text Patrick Snow Direct at (206) 310-1200 
 In your text be sure to mention your name and time zone. ! He lives in Maui, Hawaii and is 5-6 hours behind Eastern Standard Time. (206)310-1200
  68. 68. Check Out his Web site to Learn More About How he Can Help You Achieve Your Destiny!
  69. 69. “I will do today what others won’t, so I will have tomorrow what others don’t!” - John Addison
  70. 70. NOW is the Time to Take Action • So turn off your TV… • Log off of your Facebook account… • Don’t listen to your dead-beat, broke friends… • Overcome your selflimiting beliefs… • And write your book today!
  71. 71. The  Holy Grail of  Publishing  Industry Give your book away to ALL your speaking, coaching, and consulting prospects and watch your bank account expand! This is the world’s greatest marketing secret in the history of all business.
  72. 72. Your Book Becomes Your Sales Force Promoting Your Services Unlike a “salesman” or “sales woman” your book will market your services for many years to come. You don’t have to pay a salary or benefits and your books already in the market place will promote you 24/7, 365!
  73. 73. Your Book Becomes Your Legacy • The shelf life of a book is more than 200 years. • Your children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren will know who you were and most importantly appreciate your vision and passion to serve others.
  74. 74. If Not You, Then Who?
  75. 75. If Not This, Than What? ay! Tod 0 rick -120 at 0 xt P6)31 Te 0 (2
  76. 76. If Not Now, Then When?
  77. 77. If Not Here, Then Where?
  78. 78. Schedule Your Complimentary, 
 No-Obligation, 30-60 Minute Publishing Consultation Today! Text Patrick Snow today at 206-310-1200. Be sure to include your name, time zone, and a good time to speak and you will be on your way to achieving your life long goal of getting published! (206)310-1200
  79. 79. Now is Time to Take Action and 
 Create Your Destiny! If you want, what others have, you must do what others have done, and you will get, what others have gotten!
  80. 80. A Final Note From Patrick… “Only those who can see the invisible, can achieve the impossible. The belief in your vision, holds the key to creating your own destiny. I challenge you to write out your future, seize the moment, and live your life by choice, not by chance! Dream, plan, execute and soar!” ! I look forward to serving you!