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Customore is an innovative marketing firm focused on the customer experience. We work with our clients to understand how well their marketing programs perform and what options are available to improve their efforts. From finding new customers to gathering valuable customer feedback, Customore works with you to identify what marketing campaigns work best for your business. We are a strategic partner who will help you navigate through the new media revolution. To understand how we could help you succeed in your endeavors, please schedule a demonstration or call 312-640-0227.

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Customore Overview

  1. 1. A Complete Online Marketing Strategy Website Strategy Discussion February 2009 A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  2. 2. • 70 % of people read their mail over a trash can. • TIVO and Satellite Radio have made commercials optional. • People have abandoned their phone books for the Internet. • Where does a business turn? • We can help! A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  3. 3. We break our Internet Strategy discussion into four distinct segments: finding more customers, understanding those customers, measuring ad performance and interacting with customers on a regular basis. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  4. 4. Find More • In an effort to find more customers you have many options. • We look at all opportunities to define what would be best for you. We generally divide our “find more” segment into four different areas: – Search Marketing – Social Marketing – E-mail Marketing – Personalized Direct Marketing A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  5. 5. Find More: Search Marketing • Search Engine Marketing is critical because when a person searches on a media such as Google they typically will focus on the results at the top of the first page. • If you are not on the first page, customers will not find your site. The search map on the right illustrates how people view results on a search engine page (ex. Google). • We recommend aggressively marketing your site on search engines to gain new business. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  6. 6. Find More: Search Marketing • Search marketing consists of two distinct strategies: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). • SEO involves programming your site to allow robots/spiders to better index your site in the search engines. • PPC involves placing paid advertisements on the search engines. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  7. 7. Find More: Social Marketing • Social marketing involves marketing your business on interactive vehicles such as blogs, forums, or social media sites such as Facebook or MySpace. • Many of the sites (Facebook and MySpace in particular) have recently implemented paid advertising opportunities for businesses. – While these sites used to be primarily for teens and college aged students, the age of these users groups has increased significantly over the last couple of years. – We find social media sites to not only be a way to drive additional traffic but also a excellent means to build brand awareness. • These marketing vehicles may not be right for all businesses but do provide a means to reach people within a certain demographic profile. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  8. 8. Find More: E-mail Marketing • Your current customers are your most valuable asset. You need to actively manage your client base. • We recommend sending e-mails for the purpose of enhancing customer loyalty with existing customers as well as gaining new customers. • E-mail marketing can also help to reactivate your customers who you have not seen recently. • To gain the highest benefit, we recommend segmenting your customer into specific lists for the purpose of customizing your messaging. • If done correctly, e-mail marketing can be an inexpensive, effective, and measurable tool to help build your business. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  9. 9. Find More: Direct Mail • While 70% of people do read their mail over the trash can, direct mail can still be an effective way to reach new customers. • If you are going to continue to market through direct mail, we highly recommend your message be personalized to the recipient and drive them back to the web. This will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. • Your direct mail should provide an offer for the customer. The offer needs to be relevant to the list of people you are addressing. • Look for lists which have not been saturated over time or that would be more specific to your needs. • We also advocate driving people back to the web to a “landing page” or Personal URL (PURL). A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  10. 10. Understand More • To fully embrace the power of the Internet, we feel it is imperative to understand how people view and interact with your website. • We recommend implementing a package such as Google Analytics which can give you insight into customer perceptions. • We break our interpretation of Analytics into the following segments: – Visitor Interaction – Traffic Sources – Content Visited A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  11. 11. Understand More: Visitor Interaction • Google Analytics helps you understand the customers who visit your site. – How many visitors do you get a month? – How long do they stay on my site? – How many pages do they view? – Where are people geographically located who visit your site? – How often do they leave (bounce) after visiting only one page? • We analyze the answers to these questions on an ongoing basis to make sure you are reaching the right customers. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  12. 12. Understand More: Traffic Sources • Google Analytics can also help you understand how visitors found your site. – What search engines drive people to my site? – What keywords are bringing people to your site? – What other sites/social media refer people to your business? – Do these sources deliver good customers? • We help you interpret what traffic sources are most valuable to your business. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  13. 13. Understand More: Content Visited • Google Analytics can tell you what people find most interesting on your site. – What pages are visited most on the site? – How long do people stay on those pages ? – What pages do they leave from most on your site? • We review these statistics with you to determine if changes need to be made based on what people view on your site. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  14. 14. Measure More • We believe that any campaign (online or offline) should have a way for you to calculate your return on investment. • While online advertisements measurement is much more detailed, knowing if an ad in a magazine drives phone calls is imperative to evaluating success of campaigns. • Where applicable, we track e-mails, phone calls and web events for every Internet campaign you start. • You login and see how your marketing is performing all in one location. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  15. 15. Measure More: Client Summary • Client Summary reports give you a snapshot of how your campaigns have performed over the last six months. • Facts such as cost, e-mails leads, phone call leads and cost per lead are used to manage your marketing campaigns. • Clicking through to the phone and email reports gives more detailed information on your contacts. • Clicking through to the costs will detail where your marketing dollars have been spent during the last month. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  16. 16. Measure More: Phone Tracking • Phone tracking allows you to see who has been calling your business and from what advertisements. • Phone tracking is used for both online and offline campaigns. • By reviewing the days of the week and the time of day when people are more likely to call, we can adjust your pay per click strategy. • Call duration and call recording can also help you analyze the customer interest levels. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  17. 17. Interact More: Stay in Touch • We recommend staying in touch on a fairly regular basis. • We advocate having customer feedback surveys to help understand how your business is perceived. • As part of the process, we have used a “refer a friend” or customer reviews on sites like CitySearch or Yelp as a mechanism to get positive feedback. • E-mail marketing (outlined in Find) is also an excellent way to interact with customers. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  18. 18. Interact More: The Survey Process • • Personal If they answer yes, • Patient is sent • You see a website with we take them to a an e-mail asking customer for information form asking for if they would be consult or people’s name about them willing to fill out a surgery survey • • Ask about their We also send them • E-mails are experience with an e-mail to put up • You can send collected at time your business. a review on this after every of registration Citysearch etc. type of • Last question is interaction with • would you be If they answer no, your customer. willing to refer a they do not see any friend. of the above. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  19. 19. Recapping Your Menu of Options • Find More • Understand More – Search Marketing: PPC and SEO – Visitor Interaction – Social Marketing: Blogs, Forums, Social – Traffic Summary Media (Facebook etc) – Content Visited – E-mail Marketing – Direct Marketing • Measure More • Interact More – Dashboard of Marketing Performance – Customer Surveys – Phone Tracking – E-mail Marketing – E-mail Tracking – Customer Reviews – Cost per Lead – PURL Technology A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC
  20. 20. • The Internet is the future of marketing your business. We believe that to succeed in marketing, you need to have an integrated strategy including: find, understand, measure and interact as described in this document. • We suggest you start the process now. We will begin with an assessment of your business and development of your personalized Internet Strategy. A division of the Incrementum Group, LLC