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Work-camp - IBG Confirmation of Completion


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Work-camp - IBG Confirmation of Completion

  1. 1. Postbank Stuttgart BLZ: 600 100 70 Kt.-Nr: 30 200 701 BW Bank Stuttgart BLZ: 600 501 01 Kt.-Nr: 29 220 45 IBG ist gemeinnützig und als Träger der außerschulischen Jugendbildung anerkannt, Mitglied des Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) der UNESCO, des Arbeitskreis Internationaler Gemeinschaftsdienste in Deutschland e.V. (AIG), der LAGO (Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Offene Jugendbildung Baden-Württemberg) und des Netzwerkes der Europäischen Workcamp Organisationen ALLIANCE. Stuttgart, 28. September 2016 Confirmation We hereby confirm that Sheng-Hua Huang has taken over the leadership of two international work camps in Germany. The international work camps were initiated by the registered charity „Internationale Begegnungen in Gemeinschaftsdiensten e.V,“ (IBG). IBG was founded in 1965 to promote voluntary work and international understanding. It is a member of the Alliance of European work camp organizations and of the UNESCO’s Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service. A work camp normally consists of about 15 participants from different countries who are willing to spend their free time doing voluntary services. Their age ranges from 18 to 27 years. The official language in the work camp is English. During the work camp the international group lives and works together, which is to promote interest in other cultures and mentalities. The whole project challenges the work camp leaders in a particular way. The leaders have to make use of their pedagogic and organizational abilities. Besides this, they have to represent IBG in front of municipal authorities, in public and in the press. Sheng-Hua Huang’s first project was in Irschenberg (Bavaria), taking place from May 6th to 20th in 2015. He was responsible for nine international volunteers from Russia, Serbia, Finland, Mexico, Great Britain and Turkey. The main task of the group was to support a local Children’s Village that organized a sports cup for youngsters from all over Germany. The work camp group prepared the area and accommodations, helped out with catering and logistics, and supported all further upcoming tasks before, during and after the event. The second work camp took place in Waldsassen (Bavaria) from May 21st to June 4th in 2016. The six participants were from South Korea, Mexico, Russia, France and Peacing the world together... email: web: phone: fax: +49-(0)711-649 11 28 +49-(0)711-640 98 67 IBG e.V. ** Fuchseckstrasse 1 ** D –70188 Stuttgart
  2. 2. Germany, and the group’s task was to help out in the “Umweltstation” – an educational institution that teaches people of all ages about environmental issues. The group carried out not only gardening work, but also various renovation tasks. As a camp leader, Sheng-Hua Huang also coordinated the daily life of the groups. That contained the supplying and the financial management as well as the organization of free time activities. He cooperated successfully with the international work camp participants, the project partners and the locals. Sheng-Hua Huang motivated the volunteers and encouraged them to act responsible and on their own initiative. His good English language skills enabled him to communicate with the international participants. Due to his pedagogic, organizational and intercultural competences, Sheng-Hua Huang has led both work camps to our entire satisfaction. We thank him for his engagement and wish him the best with his future plans. Nanine Roth IBG Project Coordinator Stuttgart, Sept. 8th, 2016