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10 reasons that 80/20 t-slot aluminum is better than steel


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Advantages of using 80/20 t-slot aluminum extrusions vs. welded steel for industrial framing and automation projects

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10 reasons that 80/20 t-slot aluminum is better than steel

  1. 1. 10REASONS Why Aluminum is Better Than Steel For Industrial Framing Projects Sponsored by #1 80/20 T-slot Aluminum Extrusion Distributor 12550 Stowe Dr. Poway, CA 92064 1-858-602-1500
  2. 2. Reason #1 – Easier to Get It To You Aluminum structures can be assembled on-site by your employees. Steel has to be welded and then painted to become a useful product. This requires specialized equipment, specialized workers, specialized environmental conditions, containment, and off-site locations. Then it has to be transported and brought into the building fully assembled – which can cause severe problems if it is a large structure. Often, any savings in the cost of raw steel vs. aluminum is lost when paying for expensive and time-consuming welding and painting of the product, or costly building modification to get it in the proper room.
  3. 3. Reason #2 – Better Strength-to-Weight Ratio Aluminum is approximately 1/3 the weight of steel, and almost 2X stronger at the same weight. Aluminum’s better strength-to-weight ratio makes aluminum a better solution for applications where lighter weight is important. Aluminum structures are easier and less costly to move than steel structures, and are less likely to cause an injury. Employees prefer working with and moving aluminum work benches, tables and carts.
  4. 4. Reason #3 – Much More Corrosion Resistant Anodized aluminum is much less susceptible to corrosion than steel and even painted steel. Aluminum requires less maintenance over time compared to painted steel.
  5. 5. Reason #4 – Better In Wet Environments Aluminum does not get weaker or warp when exposed to high humidity or water over time like steel does. Many undersea operations utilize aluminum structures and frames for this reason.
  6. 6. Reason #5 – Less Airborne Particles Aluminum puts less particles in the air so it is a superior product within clean rooms and clean environments. Aluminum is a better material for sensitive machine enclosures.
  7. 7. Reason #6 – Easier To Connect To T-slot aluminum bars are easy to connect almost anything to using a simple bolt and “t-nut”. The t-nut slides in the “slot” and allows you to connect anything to the structure if you have the right length bolt.
  8. 8. Reason #6 – Its Safer To Work With Aluminum will not generate large flakes as it corrodes, causing a cutting hazard like steel. Its also easier and safer to cut and drill.
  9. 9. Reason #7 – You Can Reuse It! Aluminum structures can be disassembled and reassembled into something else later. This makes aluminum a much better investment/value over steel – which is usually discarded into landfills when it loses its utility. Repurpose these modular components into something else when your project comes to an end.
  10. 10. Reason #8 – Greener Product Because Aluminum can easily be reused and is much easier to recycle, much less of it ends up in landfills than steel. Using aluminum is better for the environment in the long- term.
  11. 11. Reason #9 – Over 8,000 Compatible Products The 80/20 family of t-slot aluminum bars and parts numbers over 8,000 compatible and field-tested components.
  12. 12. Reason #10 – F&L Offers Free CAD Design F&L Industrial Solutions offers free CAD designs and quotation for all of your industrial projects (some limitations apply). Our experienced industrial framing CAD designers can help you create a perfect solution for any business challenge at no upfront cost!
  13. 13. Contact Us Today To Get Started Designing Your Industrial Framing Project Email us with questions at 1-858-602-1500