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Version 3 of my Kata project for BGI MGT564 (Current Condition - Final) - not bad for Google Presentations!

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120126rost mgt564katav3currentconditionfinal

  1. 1. efficacy through operationalized meditation current condition january 29, 2011(FINAL) v3mgt 564 patrick t. rost
  2. 2. efficacy through operationalized meditation step 0 – context statement The holidays, lack of structure, morphing teams, length of time since last IW, and proximity to my birthday all conspired to leave me drifting. Once the Winter quarter kicked in, i found that i couldnt get engaged. There were so many things to DO! One item ive identified that reduces my tendency to flail aimlessly is a daily mediation practice (also a casualty of the break.) ive identified that if i streamlined and normalized my practice, added an intention AND added the scan/focus/act "scan" for the time until the my next meditation while in a more relaxed state of mind, i will be more efficient and effective in my day.mgt 564 patrick t. rost
  3. 3. efficacy through operationalized meditation step 1 – assess customer demand and determine line pace Before, I’ve meditated between 7-30 minutes depending on other priorities in the day / available time. Optimally, I’d like to meditate 2x a day @20 minutes each time. Before this exercise, i hadn’t been able to accomplish this, having only achieved single sits with regularity. At the end of each meditation, i will be setting an attitude (a 1-3 sentence intention) for myself until the following cycle. Immediately after, using Christopher Allen’s Scan/Focus/Act technique, i will conduct an overview scan of my daily tasks.mgt 564 patrick t. rost
  4. 4. efficacy through operationalized meditation step 2a – block diagrammgt 564 patrick t. rost
  5. 5. efficacy through operationalized meditation step 2b – first impressions of the process Process Start: Grounding / Invocation Process End: Scan of tasks / Assessment of Anxiety Observations: •  Too many stages that vary •  Outcome (lower anxiety) not reliable •  Stress / fatigue prevent 2nd meditation (reinforcing loop!)mgt 564 patrick t. rost
  6. 6. efficacy through operationalized meditation step 3 – is the machine capacity sufficient? Tools / Machines •  alarm clock / timer (iPhone) charged & set •  incense & devotional candles •  lighter for incense & devotional candles There don’t appear to be any machine constraints at this time.mgt 564 patrick t. rost
  7. 7. efficacy through operationalized meditation step 4 – is the process stable within desired limits? Currently, this process is not stable within the desired limits; this is partially due to adding a number of new elements (2nd meditation, intention, list) and partially due to the primary meditation being free-form up to this point.mgt 564 patrick t. rost
  8. 8. efficacy through operationalized meditation step 5 – what is the necessary number of operators if the process is stable? Number of operators: 1 (me)mgt 564 patrick t. rost
  9. 9. efficacy through operationalized meditation step 6 – summary Line pace •  Varied: 1x/day @7-30min meditation •  Optimum 2x/day @20min •  Meta-goal: Anxiety of <4 (of 10) First impressions •  Too many variable stages in process •  Outcome (lower Ax) not reliable •  Stress / fatigue block 2nd meditation & set up reinforcing loop Machine Capacity •  No constraints •  Timer (iPhone) •  Supplies (candles, incense, lighter) Process Stability •  Currently unstable Number of operators •  1 (me)mgt 564 patrick t. rost