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Interdisciplinary GIS Applications in Challenging RISK


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This presentation was given at the Esri User Conference (2015) on the Interdisciplinary use of GIS on the Challenging RISK project (UCL and University of Edinburgh) on Earthquake and Fire Preparedness in Seattle, Citizen Science engagement methods, and the interplay of open source and proprietary technologies.

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Interdisciplinary GIS Applications in Challenging RISK

  1. 1. Interdisciplinary GIS applications in Challenging RISK Patrick Rickles & Gretchen Fagg Extreme Citizen Science Research Group Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
  3. 3. Awareness of the risk does not necessarily result in action to prepare (Duval & Mulilis, 1999) BUT…
  4. 4. OVERVIEW Project Intro Interdisciplinary Applications of GIS Next Steps
  5. 5. CHALLENGING RISK • Citizen Science • Structural Engineering ( EQ and Fire) • Psychology • Geographic Information Science Improving Preparedness for Earthquake and Fire Mixed Methods for Changing Preparedness Behaviour Over Time In Seattle, WA and Izmir, Turkey Interdisciplinary working:
  7. 7. GIS Use: Site Selection Interdisciplinary Balances • Age • Education • Ethnicity • Income • Building Age • Occupancy Type
  8. 8. GIS Use: Community Engagement Participatory Design of Mapping Technologies • Locally Organised and Interested (Citizen Science) • Workshops to facilitate bottom-up approaches • Address actual needs • Create Two-Way Communication
  9. 9. GIS Use: Existing Infrastructures Mapping Efforts of Government Entities • Esri Technologies for Data Capture and Analysis • Top-Down Approaches • Barriers to Communication • Mixed Messages
  10. 10. Applications Public API Admin + AJAX API Backend Authorisation Model Web-based administration Community Maps front-end ArcGIS Online Client-side components Server-side components Geokey
  11. 11. Geokey
  12. 12. Geokey
  13. 13. Geokey
  14. 14. Geokey
  15. 15. Mobile Data Collection
  16. 16. NEXT STEPS • Paper prototyping & co-development of tool with local communities • Piloting Technologies in Seattle • Handover of solutions and global application (Izmir & Osaka)
  17. 17. Questions? Patrick Rickles @mapperpat Gretchen Fagg @ChallengingRISK