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TypeScript Presentation


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Slide 1
* This presentation is to show TypeScript's major feature and the benefit that it brings to your JavaScript projects.
* Our main objective is just to spark interest especially to those not familiar with the tool.

Slide 2
- What is TypeScript
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Slide 3
- Is a superset of JavaScript
* it simply means an extension to JavaScript

- Use JavaScript code on TypeScript
* JS code naturally works on TypeScript
* Which also means your beloved JavaScript libraries such as JQuery, or your fancy interacive plugins would work as well.

- TypeScript compiles to plain old JavaScript
* TS code compiles to simple and clean JS.

Slide 4
- Screenshot of TS compiled to JS
* In this example, compiling a TS class code would result to a JS version, and a regular JavaScript function when compiled is basically untouched.

Slide 5
- TypeScript's Main Feature
* So what does TS provide us with? What does it actually do?

Slide 6
- Static Type Checking
* TypeScript allows us to enable type checking by defining data types to your for ex. variables, function parameters and return types.

Slide 7
- Screenshot of basic Static Type Checking
* In this example…
* What I've done here was to assign supposedly wrong values for what the variables or parameters were meant to hold

* As JavaScript is a dynamic and untyped language these expressions would either fail or be okay when you run it on your browser.
* In TypeScript by enabling static type checking these potential errors are caught earlier (see the red marks on the expressions) and wouldn't even allow you to compile unless these are resolved.

* In addition you can also type arrays and object literals

Slide 8
- Effects of Static Type Checking
* As TS code is statically type-checked a side effect of such...

- Allows IDEs to perform live error checks
- Exposes auto-completion and code hinting

Slide 9
- Screenshot of code hinting
* Say I was coding JQuery on regular JavaScript code there would be no natural way to help me identify its class properties, methods and parameters... except through reading the API documentation or a separate plugin.
* As a result of static type checking this allows IDE's to access these class members as code hints

* So if this was a 3rd party library how much more if you are just referencing your own JavaScript/TypeScript files within your project.

Slide 10
- A few of the other cool features
* That was only the basic feature of TypeScript
* A few of the other cool features are...

Slide 11
- End

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TypeScript Presentation

  1. 1. TypeScript
  2. 2. What is TypeScript?
  3. 3. What is TypeScript?  Is a superset of JavaScript  JavaScript code runs on TypeScript  TypeScript compiles to plain old JS
  4. 4. TypeScript’s Main Feature
  5. 5. TypeScript’s Main Feature  Static Type Checking
  6. 6. Effects of Static Type Checking  Allows IDEs to perform live error checks  Exposes auto-completion and code hinting
  7. 7. A few of the other cool features  Support for Object Oriented Programming  Compile to a specific ECMAScript version  Integration with Gulp/Grunt  and much more:
  8. 8. End