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Patrick O'Malley's keynote at the first Product Tank Paris. How to build software and products that customers love. How to unify the whole organisation. How to eliminate waste. How to add value.

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  • LOGOS instead?Animations on Vtours, Salud, MoveMe
  • In the early 1800s, ice creams were the trendy, fashionable luxury indulgenceThe idea of serving cold drinks in bars was just starting to be accepted‘Wenham Lake Ice’ was served at the most exclusive dinner parties in London
  • around Boston, labourers literally “sawed” the ice into blocksThese blocks were brought to shore with long poles (prodding the ice) and lifted into an icehouse.Layers of straw prevented the ice from melting
  • Special constructions called Ice houses would store the iceBlocked packed as closely as possible to prevent unnecessary meltage.Workmen in the ice-houses pried ice loose with chisels as it was needed.Held about 150 tonnes of ice
  • Keeping the Ice coldThe vessel Arabella in 1854-55 on a voyage from Boston to Calcutta arrived with 38 tons of the original 160 (lost 76% of her Ice)Needed a frozen lake to get ice in the first place!Time – Boston to Calcutta was 3 months.Competition – from Sweden and Norway
  • Hint: He is French (come on guys!)He invented the absorption refrigerator, but he called it his “ice making machine”Patented in 1860 and in 1876 the ship, Paraguay was equipped with a refrigeration system that permitted the ship to carry meat for an intercontinental trip
  • Both industries existed together for a while. Eventually one industry replaced the other
  • 32%   Successful (On Time, On Budget, Fully Functional)44%   Challenged (Late, Over Budget, And/Or Less than Promised Functionality)24%   Failed (Canceled or never used)
  • Brought a new set of toolsOpened up new channels (direct to customer)Facilitated new practices (Analytics, A/B testing, Cohort Analysis, Quick prototyping, Lean development)
  • SCRUM was around since 1995. But the agile manifesto (agile values) really came to the fore in early to mid 2000s. Companies began to consider it at this stage.
  • Just like the ice - > there was a demand, there was no available solutions that were effective, there was a need for improvementThis is just like where software development was recently. Needed to build it (demand) and existing practices not effective (68% waste)
  • The PC industry, the car, the train, social media – lots of examples…The point is that new innovations often bring new opportunities. And sometimes real life problems result in people finding clever solutions. This helps us define the real worth of a PM. To add value, to eliminate waste
  • Startup CEOs
  • Roman Pichler Agile Product Management
  • * Most important thing
  • ProductTank Paris 5 4-13

    1. 1. Where do Product Managers come from? Patrick O’Malley Product Tank Paris 5th April 2013 @@pomalley
    2. 2. How did I become PM?
    3. 3. Recognise this man? This was Frederic Tutor Known as the “Ice King” Made a fortune shipping and selling ice from 1805 to 1864
    4. 4. Why Ice? Ice creams Serving cold drinks ‘Wenham Lake Ice’ was served at the most exclusive dinner parties in London
    5. 5. How exactly? Laborers literally “sawed” the ice into blocks Blocks were brought to an icehouse. Layers of straw prevented the ice from melting
    6. 6. Storing the Ice Ice houses held about 150 tonnes of ice. Blocks packed as closely as possible Ice pried loose with chisels as it was needed.
    7. 7. Problems? Most of the ice melted (76% on one notable voyage) Need a frozen lake! Months of travel. Competition
    8. 8. Recognise this man? Ferdinand Carré Invented the absorption refrigerator Patented in 1860 Fitted on ships In 1876
    9. 9. Discontinuous InnovationTons of Wenham Lake Ice Artificial Ice Plants1806 .......... 130 1879 – 35 plants1816......... 1,200 1889 – 222 plants1826 .........4,0001836 .......12,0001846........65,0001856..... 146,0001860 .....142,4631865 .....131,2751866 .....124,7511872 .......69,5001873 .......70,3701874 ...... 69,8001884.........60,000
    10. 10. State of Software Dev 32% Successful 44% Challenged 24% FailedStandish Group Study 200968% of software development is unsuccessful!~ 76% of ice melted!
    11. 11. Internet Brought a new set of tools New channels Facilitated new practices=> Technological Discontinuity (like the refrigerator)
    12. 12. Agile Manifesto (2001)
    13. 13. SCRUM has PO “role”
    14. 14. Lean
    15. 15. All these things -> Product Internet New tools Agile Product Owner role Lean principles Chronic waste!=> Product Management discipline grows
    16. 16. The Link ICE SOFTWAREHuge wasteHigh demandSolution Refrigeration Better Product Management
    17. 17. Before PM, you were.. Project Manager Business Analyst Marketing Executive Architects Customer representatives Business Manager Other?* Note: PM = Product Manager or Product Owner
    18. 18. Why have a PM? “The product owner has two main responsibilities:creating and delivering the vision” Roman Pichler“One person responsible for ROI of the product” Ken Schwaber
    19. 19. A good PMHas a visionYet gets his hands dirtyOpen, honest communicatorExcellent negotiator, encourages consensusUnderstands the domainPassionate and committed
    20. 20. Bridge Internal Gaps Sales Marketing Finance Engineering
    21. 21. Better than before?Unifies marketing and engineeringLeverages the genius of whole organizationRelentlessly adds valueTakes responsibility for understanding what ‘value’means and makes the business clear and inagreement on that.
    22. 22. Where to go from here?Product Tank!Continuous upskillingEvangelismNetworkingBest PracticeEnjoying it
    23. 23. Thank You!@pomalley