Being a canadian


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Being a canadian

  1. 1. Unit 5- Writing an Essay Patrick McEachen What does it mean to be A Canadian in the twenty-first Century? Canadians lives are so different and have evolved greatly since the start of the20th century. Most senior citizens can barely keep up with all the changes andadvancements that have led us into the 21st century. The Internet has reshapedcommunication in ways that were unimaginable 20 years ago. Canadians today live in avery diverse and multicultural environment where visible minorities are integral parts ofour society. We also experience exceptional security measures to help ensure our safety. As Canadians living in the 21st century, we are part of a massive worldtransformation which includes overpopulation, rise and fall of nations and newtechnologies to name a few. “This transformation has led to a dramatic shift in the typesof threats that Canada has faced since the cold war. Since the attacks of September 11th,threats to security seem to lurk around every corner” (Davis). In response to these newsecurity threats, we are now living with improved domestic and international policies thataffect every Canadian’s way of life. The most noticeable change has been extremeincreased security at our borders. A delicate balance has been achieved to ensure that ourborder remains “open for business but closed to terrorists and criminals” (Government).As such, Canadians face hour long line ups at border crossings and airports. Passports arenow required to enter the United States. There may even be repercussions in the patternof Canadian immigration in the near future.
  2. 2. “Instant messaging, "skyping", Google-talk, podcasts and blogs, all allowCanadians to connect with one another and with people outside Canada to anunprecedented degree” (Coyne). The Internet has redefined communication in the 21stcentury. Our government is helping and committed to “make the information highwayavailable to all Canadians for learning, commerce, creative expression and forcommunication” (Canadian). This commitment is allowing Canadians to do virtuallyeverything via the Internet: paying bills, reading news, taking university courses, playingvideo games and shopping just to name a few. Canada is “the first nation in the world toconnect all our public schools and libraries to the Internet” (Government). Canadianslive in one of the most connected countries in the world. Living in Canada in the 21st century also means living in a multicultural society.Multiculturalism is part of our national identity. We live in one of the world’s mostdiverse, tolerant, progressive and open societies. Cultural diversity was very evident in arecent census in which more than 200 different ethnic origins were reported. “As aresult, visible minorities have also become an increasingly important part of our nationalfabric” (About). Our multiculturalism has been described as a mosaic of world cultures.It supports religious, racial and ethnic harmony and cross-cultural understanding. AllCanadians are encouraged to “integrate into their society and take an active part in itssocial, cultural, economic and political affairs” (Government). Multiculturalism is whatmakes this country rich and unique. One should feel very proud to be living in thiscentury.
  3. 3. We live in a very different society in this century, with immigrants moving infrom all parts of the world. With this in mind, homeland security measures have becomevery thorough and in doing so could make it more difficult for people to enter ourcountry. Being a Canadian in the twenty-first century entails adjusting to our onlineworld, accustoming yourself to a multicultural society, and benefitting from extraprecautions to ensure our safety. It’s a privilege to be living in this century. There is nobetter time to be Canadian!
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