Defining the 21st Century RHS Graduate


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Defining the 21st Century RHS Graduate

  1. 1. Priority Goal:Define the 21st centuryRHS graduate as he orshe looks in futuregraduating classes bylooking at the past andmaking predictions andrecommendations forthe future.
  2. 2. RHS GraduatePortfolioThis online portfoliowill contain outcomesselected by thestudent that documenthis/her growth,development andmastery of 21stCentury Skills.
  3. 3. PortfolioThe following slidescontain actual studentoutcomes that meetboth the NJCCCS and21st Century Skills
  4. 4. STEM (Science)Marine Biology: Independent Experiment and Research Paper5.1.12.B.2: Use mathematicsand technology to gather andanalyze results5.1.12.B.4: Evaluate andinterpret data5.1.12.C.3: Scientificknowledge is continuallyrevised, refined, and extended5.1.12.D: Science involvespracticing productive socialinteractions with peers.5.1.12.D.2: Science involvesusing communication5.1.12.D.3: Instruments andspecimens are properly cared for,including animals21st Century Skills NJCCCSObstacles a Brittle Star will overcome for FoodStudent Work SampleMarine Bio period 2AbstractDepending on the obstacles given, a brittle star will move around them to obtainfood, however the time taken to reach the food varies with the obstacles. To decide thetime differences between obstacles, an experiment was conducted giving brittle starsthree different paths to move through in a contained environment, with food placed at theend of the path as a reward. While it took the brittle stars the least amount of time toreach the food with no obstacles, it took the longest for them to reach the food with plantsas an obstacle. This could be because the brittle stars in a natural environment move theirarms around obstacles for food (Fish 1996), and the plants were too cumbersome forthem to do so. With no obstacles, however, it is easy for a brittle star to find food with itswinding or coiling arms (Stohr 2012).IntroductionWhen considering which obstacles will make it harder for a brittle star to move, itis important to consider their natural environment and feeding process. Brittle stars scurryamong rocks and ledges (Jackson 1999), and raise their arms above substrates, whileAssignment:In teams, designa researchexperiment withlive marineanimals and writea scientificresearch report1. Creativity and Innovation2. Critical Thinking &Problem Solving3. Communication &Collaboration4. Information Literacy5. Media Literacy8. Initiative &Self-direction10. Productivity &Accountability11. Leadership &ResponsibilityProject by student inKristin Germinario’s class
  5. 5. EnglishGrade 9: Study Skills1. Creativity and Innovation2. Critical Thinking &Problem Solving3. Communication &Collaboration4. Information LiteracyCCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.9-10.3dUse precise words & phrases,telling details, and sensorylanguage to convey a vivid picture.CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.9-10.4-Present information, findings,and supporting evidenceclearly, concisely, andlogically.CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.9-10.10-By the end of grade 9, read andcomprehend literary nonfictionin the grades 9-10 textcomplexity band proficiently, withscaffolding as needed at the highend of the range.21st Century Skills NJCCCSAssignment:Read Elie WeiselsNight, extract at least20 words thataffected you as areader and influencedthe text, create avisual word wall ofthe words youselected, and sharewith the class themeaning/reason ofyour word selectionsProject by students inLindsay Brinkerhoff’s class
  6. 6. Physical EducationGrade 9: Freshmen Orientation Ropes Course2. Critical Thinking &Problem Solving3. Communication &Collaboration7. Flexibility & Adaptability8. Initiative & Self-direction9. Social & Cross-cultural skills10. Productivity &Accountability11. Leadership &Responsibility2.5.12.B: Individual and teamexecution in games, sports, andother activity situations is basedon the interaction of tactical useof strategies, positive mentalattitudes, competent skill levels,and teamwork.2.2.12.A.2: Effectivecommunication is the basis forstrengthening interpersonalinteractions and relationships andresolving conflicts.2.5.12.C.1-2: Self-initiatedbehaviors that promote personaland group success include safetypractices, adherence to rules,etiquette, cooperation, teamwork,ethical behavior, and positive socialinteraction.21st Century Skills NJCCCSAssignment:During freshmenorientation,students willparticipate in aropes coursechallengeStudents on the ropescourse in Dave Poppy’sclass
  7. 7. Fine ArtsMid-Term PortraitEvaluate how an artiststechnical proficiency may affectthe creation or presentation of awork of artBasic elements of art and principlesof design govern art creation andcomposition.Art is a universal language. Visualcommunication through artcrosses cultural and languagebarriers throughout time.Use vocabulary to describe variousart forms, artists, and elements inthe visual arts.21st Century Skills NJCCCSAssignment:Create areduction printself-portrait andwrite a reflectionon the creativeprocess andtechniquesinvolved1. Creativity and Innovation3. Communication &Collaboration8. Initiative & Self-direction10. Productivity &AccountabilityWork by student inKelly Fogas’s class
  8. 8. SpanishSenior Project21st Century Skills NJCCCS1. Creativity and Innovation2. Critical Thinking &Problem Solving3. Communication &Collaboration5. Media Literacy6. ICT (Information,Communications andTechnology) Literacy8. Initiative & Self-direction9. Social & Cross-cultural skills10. Productivity &AccountabilityAssignment:As a reporter, it isyour job to educatethe public onenvironmentalproblems andpossible solutions.Your ideas are to bepresented at apublic forum.Identify the main idea and othersignificant ideas in readings fromage- and level-appropriate, culturallyauthentic materials:Online newspapers, magazines,blogs, wikis, podcasts, videos,and government websitesprovide current information onperspectives of the targetculture on local, national, andglobal problems/issues.Converse on a variety of familiartopics and/or topics studied inother content areasTell or retell stories from age- andlevel-appropriate, culturally authenticmaterials orally or in writingWork by student inSybil Gonzalez’sclass
  9. 9. Business21st Century Skills NJCCCS1. Creativity and Innovation2. Critical Thinking &Problem Solving3. Communication &Collaboration8. Initiative & Self-direction9. Social & Cross-cultural skills10. Productivity &AccountabilityAssignment:You will be a memberof a design team tocreate a visualmerchandisingdisplay. As a team,you are to select aproduct and a themeand incorporatedifferent artisticelements into yourvisual merchandisingdisplay..The ability to recognize a problem and applycritical thinking and problem-solving skills.All clusters rely on effective oral andwritten communication strategiesfor creating, expressing, andinterpreting information and ideas.Technology is used to access,manage, integrate, and disseminateinformation.Systems: • Roles within teams,work units, departments,organizations, inter-organizationalsystems, and the largerenvironment impact businessoperations. • Key organizationalsystems impact organizationalperformance and the quality of productsand services. • Understanding the globalcontext of 21st-century industries and careersimpacts business operations.Work by student inMartel Roberts’classVisual Merchandising DisplayProject
  10. 10. Designed bySteve CullisRHS Graduate Online Portfolio
  11. 11. The Partnership for 21st Century SkillsAligent TechnologiesAmerican Association of SchoolLibrariansAdobe Systems IncorporatedApple Inc.BellSouthBlackboardCable in the ClassroomCengage LearningCisco SystemsCorporation for Public BroadcastingCrayolaDellEducation Networks of AmericaETSEF EducationFord Motor CompanyGlobal ScholarHoughton Mifflin HarcourtIntel® CorporationHewlett PackardJA WorldwideKnowledge Works FoundationLearning Point AssociatesLEGO GroupMcGraw-HillMeasured ProgressMHz NetworksMicrosoft CorporationNational Academy FoundationNational Education AssociationnetTrekkerOracle Education FoundationPearsonPMI Educational FoundationSAPSASTexas InstrumentsThomas GaleTime Warner Inc.VerizonWalt Disney Company