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LB Overview -


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An elegantly simple way to dramatically improve conversions and reduce abandonments with mobile commerce. Fast and pleasing the the customer - profitable for the vendor.

A real commercial win-win

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LB Overview -

  1. 1. Selling productively in this goldmine:And… Sell directly from QR codes, SMS/MMS campaigns, paid search, or any typeof ad unit? Drive higher conversions? Lower abandonment? Capture purchases at the point of impulse? Track ROI on ad campaigns?1First let’s see what’s going on with mobile now --via mobile technology
  2. 2. The incredible mobile commerce statisticsThe Market 79% of smartphone users have shopped with their phone 25% of google searches for a brand name – came from a mobile phone 58% of mobile users feel “very comfortable” purchasing via mobile phoneThe Problem 50% of mobile shoppers say viewing content is “very difficult” 47% say the checkout process is “too long”The SolutionAdjust the paradigm to highlight features mobile buyers want Rapid transaction Simplicity Secure2
  3. 3. How is the Home Depot monetizing its Social Mediafollowers?3
  4. 4. The Home Depot’s Twitter redirects to the mobile sitewith a 11 screen checkout process4
  5. 5. Here we are selling directly from follower on Twitter:5
  6. 6. Clean and simple6
  7. 7. Included interface to your existing billing/shipping7
  8. 8. And all of these without a mobile site or an app8Welcome toMoviefone MobileMovie Alerts! Get $5off your next ticketpurchase here.Pinterest Paid Search QR CodesSMS/MMS TextMessagingIntext Advertising Video AdsDisplay Advertising
  9. 9. Minimal work is required to launch9For your customer: No Behavior ChangeOther solutions require changing behavior:• No account entry• No registering credit cards• No downloading an app• No launch the app• Not a specific site or app to get a benefit• WYSIWYGFor your company: Relationship and service expansionOther solutions require changing behavior:• eCommerce initiatives will be for your products• Mobile ads focus on sales• Quick hit, impulsive items explode out of warehouses• Loss leaders, excess and seasonal leftovers gone• Buyers behavior ad performance details captured
  10. 10. How the platform works: Integration: operates at the source code levelPosts transactions directly to retailer’s site Execution: SaaS model – we set the backend upWe do the back end integration; you provide the product data Code: Together we embed into ad units & linksWindow launches when the consumer clicks/taps on an ad or link Sell: Broadcast the ads for whatever, whenever and whereverYou collect and ship product10
  11. 11. Summary:We convert mobile and social to revenue11• Single click checkout• High conversions• Low abandonment• Not an app• Sell from FB & Twitter• Sell from any ad unit• No dev work for merchants• One line of code• White-labeled• PCI compliant; secure• Doesn’t try to changeconsumer behavior
  12. 12. Please contact us for additional informationPatrick Leekplee@lightningbuy.com972 608 044412