Introduction To Valient Solutions Market Research April 2011


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General capabilities presentation for Valient Solutions Market Research

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Introduction To Valient Solutions Market Research April 2011

  1. 1. Valient Solutions Market Research CapabilitiesCorporate Capabilities PresentationApril 2011© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 1
  2. 2. Valient Solutions Differentiated Thinking, Value Rediscovered What’s in a name? – At the intersection of “value” and “salient research” is Valient Solutions. How did Valient Solutions begin? – In 2007, Scott D. Upham founded Valient Solutions to offer clients with a revolutionary kind of partner, a research agency that was grounded in the principles of quality, deep analytical-based insights and proven value. After a twenty year career in marketing and market research with large, multi-national research suppliers – J.D. Power and Associates and Harris Interactive – as well as a decade on the client side, Scott took cues from his clients that repeatedly said “Your company does a fantastic job but we need more value for our research dollar.” With budget downsizing and increasing pressure from senior management to prove return- on-investment, today’s clients are seeking research partners that can deliver greater value and deeper insights at lower price points than large, big box research corporations. A new kind of company is born – Valient Solutions – Based in Rochester, New York, Valient Solutions is one of the fastest growing research companies in the market research industry. Its’ Valient Poll brings newsworthy consumer insights to hundreds of news & media publications around the world each day and it’s 20,000,000 member Valient Global Online Panel Network provides unparalleled consumer and business decision maker insights from over 100 countries and 62 different languages worldwide. Our key assets = Our people – Valient Solutions’ senior executives, research methodologists, consultants and project managers are the soul of our company.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 2
  3. 3. Corporate Overview Valient Solutions Overview  Founded in 2007 by Scott D. Upham  Headquarters: Rochester, New York  Full-service quantitative and qualitative global market research services. Consumer & B2B sector research. Key Account Contacts  Scott D. Upham, President & CEO  Patrick Leahy, Vice President, Client Services  Paulette DiBoscio Project Manager  Sarah Fister, Project Manager Key Competitive Advantages  Extensive market research industry experience  Deeper insights based upon extensive domain expertise  Cost-effective market research solutions  Quality assurance processes, ISO 20252 certification  Technical product research experience© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 3
  4. 4. Market Research Projects Valient Solutions Market Research:: Providing value-priced and salient market research insights Consumer & Business-to-Business Online Surveys Product Usage, Attitude & Preferences Product Concept Testing Market Segmentation Studies Advertising Effectiveness, Copy Testing & Tracking Studies Brand Health, Equity Assessment & Tracking Studies International Omnibus Services Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Customer Value Analysis Net Promoter Score Implementation & Analysis Price Sensitivity, Elasticity, Testing & Tracking Studies Product Design & Feature Content Research Product & Concept Development Testing Mystery Shopping & Competitive Intelligence Investor Attitudes & Assessment Face-to-Face, Online Focus Groups & Communities© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 4
  5. 5. Data Collection Online Surveys & Polls • Provides rapid data collection with a very high degree of accuracy in over 60 languages. • Ability to access millions of consumer, business and key decision makers through Valient Solutions Online Panel Network • Customized survey design on HTML, ConfirmIt and Java platforms • In-house online survey design, programming and hosting • Kiosk-based online surveys Mail Surveys • Provides access to consumer, business and key decision maker respondents • Geographic, NAICS/SIC Code, company type targeting available • Optical character recognition (OCR) software provides accurate scanning of mail surveys • In-house mail survey design and mail fulfillment via Valient Solution’s Pitney Bowes high speed mailing system Telephone Surveys & Polls • Provides access to consumer, business and key decision maker respondents • Geographic, random digit dial (RDD) and key decision maker targeting available • In-depth interviewing available in over 60 languages • Over 500 operators available in five call centers • Interactive voice response (IVR) and cell phone based survey technology also available© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 5
  6. 6. Global Online Panel & Technology Partners Global Online Panel & Survey Technology Partners© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 6
  7. 7. Global, Regional, National & Local Coverage Valient Solutions :: Over 20,000,000 Consumers and 3,000,000 Business Contacts Worldwide  North America – Corporate HQ, Rochester, New York (NAFTA), USA – covers United States, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean.  South America – Buenos Aires, Argentina (Mercosur) – covers Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and other Latin & Central America countries.  Western Europe – Paris, France (EU) – coverage includes France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland and other Western European countries.  Eastern Europe – Warsaw, Poland – coverage includes Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Croatia and other Eastern European countries.  Asia-Pacific – Bangalore, India – coverage includes India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines and other ASEAN countries.  Middle East --Dubai, United Arab Emirates – coverage includes UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.  Africa – Johannesburg, South Africa – coverage includes South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Morocco and other sub-Saharan African countries.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 7
  8. 8. Valient Poll Omnibus Services Valient Poll Omnibus Services  U.S. Omnibus Service – Conducted twice per weekly with 1,000 U.S. general population respondents. Limit of 3-10 questions per wave. Executive results summary & data file are delivered within four (4) business days.  Canadian Omnibus – Conducted weekly with 1,000 Canadian general population respondents. Limit of 3-10 questions per week. Executive results summary & data file are delivered within four (4) business days.  European Omnibus – Conducted weekly in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Austria. Limit of 3-10 questions per week. Translation service available. Executive results summary & data file are delivered within seven (7) business days.  Asia-Pacific Omnibus – Conducted weekly in Japan, China, India and Australia. Limit of 3-10 questions per week. Translation service available. Executive results summary & data file are delivered within seven (7) business days.  Specialty Omnibus Services – Conducted weekly in the U.S. These include Primary Grocery Shopper, High Income Individuals, Cell Phone Owner and One-Day Turnaround omnibus services.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 8
  9. 9. North American Focus Group Services Valient Solutions Focus Group Network :: Over 40 U.S. & 10 Canadian Affiliated Focus Group Locations© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 9
  10. 10. Focus Groups :: Rochester, New YorkValient Solutions :: Rochester, New York Focus Group Facility Our Rochester, New York focus group facility offers consumer and business-to-business focus group hosting, recruiting, moderation and digital video recording within an easily reached and handicap accessible location. The focus group room accommodates eight to twelve (8-12) focus group participants. The room is equipped with soundproofed walls that provide superior audio quality during observation and digitally DVD recording. Display rails and tack boards allow you to easily display storyboards and other visual stimuli. A pull-down display screen is available for projection of presentations or displays. Digital video recording with a stationary camera is available for all focus group sessions. The focus group observation room comfortably seats up to eight (8) viewers within a private and relaxing client lounge with a closed circuit video monitor. Feature of the focus group and observations rooms:  Seating for up to twelve (12) participants  Space for up to eight (8) observers  On-site host or hostess  Full kitchen amenities  Catering services available  Easel, flip chart, paper & pens  High speed internet (all rooms)  Projector & screen  Television, VCR, DVD player  Audio and visual technical capabilities  Soundproofed focus group room  High speed wireless internet services  Located fifteen (15) minutes away from the Rochester International airport Focus Group Moderation: Valient Solutions has focus group moderating services available on an hourly basis. In addition to our Rochester, New York facility, our moderators are available for multi-location and national projects in the U.S. and Canada. Focus Group Recruiting: The quality of the output from focus groups, triads, dyads or mini groups, depends on having the right people in the room. Valient Solution’s team of recruiting professionals are trained to ensure that all qualitative research and recruitment projects are completed on time, on budget and are of the highest quality.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 10
  11. 11. vAdInsights™ Advertisement Effectiveness Testing Stage 1 Stage 2 Respondent Classification Advertisement Testing Ad Copy Testing Psychological vAdInsights Demographic Ad Imagery Total Ad Execution Segment Ad Effectiveness Screener Testing Testing Screener Index Scores  Copy Ad Key Messages  Imagery Testing  Messages  Total ExecutionvAdInsights Advertisement Testing – Valient Solutions vAdInsights advertisement testing methodology begins with twoscreening sections to properly document all respondent demographics and psychological screening criteria. The second stepincludes exposure to each element of the advertisement including copy, imagery and key messages. During this phase,Valient utilizes several proprietary question batteries to uncover the effectiveness of advertisement’s power of persuasion,estimated recall and key message delivery. The third and final step explores the impact of the proposed advertisement onpurchase consideration among brand users and non-users. It also measures its’ connectivity to the brand itself. Using all ofthree steps, vAdInsights Ad Effectiveness Index Scores are created for comparing multiple ad executions against oneanother. © 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 11
  12. 12. vAdInsights™ Brand Tagline Testing Stage 1 Stage 2 Brand Familiarity + Equity Brand Tagline Process Brand Tagline Appeal Brand Familiarity Brand Tagline Brand Tagline Opinion of Brand Tagline All Major Brands Purchase Connectivity to Client Brand Believability in Segment Consideration Brand Brand Tagline vAdInsights Uniqueness Brand Tagline Index ScorevAdInsights Brand Tagline Testing – Valient Solutions vAdInsights brand tagline testing methodology begins with a broadassessment of each respondent’s familiarity of numerous brand names and/or taglines within a market segment. The secondstep focuses on the respondent’s opinion of the client’s brand including overall opinion and brand equity. The third stepincludes exposure to each brand tagline concept and a measurement of the tagline’s appeal, believability and uniqueness.The fourth and final step explores the impact of the proposed tagline on purchase consideration and its’ connectivity to thebrand itself. Using all of four steps, a vAdInsights Brand Tagline Index Score is created for comparing multiple taglinesagainst one another. © 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 12
  13. 13. vCustomerSATM Customer Satisfaction Research vCustomerSATTM Customer Satisfaction Research Customer Satisfaction Research – Valient Solutions’ proprietary customer satisfaction research methodology involves measuring key customer satisfaction metrics. A 1,000-point Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is constructed encompassing four equally weighted key areas of satisfaction including:  Sales & Service  Product Satisfaction  Corporate Reputation  Willingness to Recommend Sales & Service Product Corporate Willingness to Satisfaction Satisfaction Reputation Recommend 0 500 1000 vCustomerSATTM Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 13
  14. 14. vCustomerSATM Customer Value Metrics Customer Value Metrics Market Research – Valient Solutions provides in-depth customer value metrics research to provide our clients with a deeper understanding of all value measurement criterion including:  Customer product/service usage and attitudes, emotional connectivity and brand perceptions.  Past, present & future purchase behaviors including brand usage, loyalty, defection, winback, competitive landscape assessment.  Unmet customer needs—how they can be better served  Service requirements – often including sales representative performance and channel performance.  Targeting information—demographics, business firmographics, channel, media usage, and geo-targeting. Comparisons are made once all data has been collected to understand how needs, attitudes, and behaviors map to key value measures. Comparisons on how needs, attitudes, and behaviors differ among the most and least valuable customers. This includes data regarding customer types that are desirable for acquisition, or the types of behavior to reward. Correlation analysis using conducting multivariate segmentation can be useful to narrow down the list of potential variables to drive the segmentation analysis.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 14
  15. 15. Sponsorship & Promotions Effectiveness Research Sponsorship & Promotions Effectiveness Research – Valient Solutions’ proprietary consumer and business-to- business sponsorship and promotions measurement systems includes key performance indicators including:  Unaided & aided brand awareness  Brand consideration  Brand preference  Past product & service purchase behavior  Current product & service purchase behavior  Future product & service purchase intent  Future purchase & usage intent  Brand specific likelihood to recommend This system is used by client organizations to measure the sales impact and brand effects generated by various sponsorship and promotional campaigns. Simulators Provide Sales & Brand Impact Forecasts – For each engagement, a simulator is developed to demonstrate the lift that can be expected in terms of direct consumer product sales and increases in corporate brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent. This program is offered in over 100+ countries worldwide and 60+ different languages.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 15
  16. 16. Qualitative Market Research Valient Solutions :: COST FX Online Focus Groups  Innovative concept testing tool that enlivens the respondent experience and provides rich visual feedback for the research buyer.  Allows respondents mark up ads, web pages, direct mail and packaging concepts and logos with visual images and text.  Provides clients creative, visual feedback from consumers while offering respondents a way to co-create elements of their favorite brands.  Allows both qualitative participants and survey respondents to mark up video, website, images and text with emoticons, arrows, colors, and text boxes. Communicate visually: visuals created by the respondent themselves. Connect: insightful look at how consumers would recreate or influence their favorite brands.  Advantages: 3-4 times the amount of verbatim responses due to instant response method. Less cost than face-to-face focus groups. Respondents from across geographic regions. Excellent for advertising testing, website navigation testing and free-form discussions.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 16
  17. 17. © 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 17 © 2007 Valient Solutions Page 17
  18. 18. © 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 18
  19. 19. © 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 19
  20. 20. Traditional Focus Groups vs. Online Focus Groups Focus Group Traditional Valient COST FXTM Comparison Chart In-Person Online Focus Groups Focus Groups Overall Cost Higher than 40-50% lower online focus groups than in-person focus groups Setup & 3-4 weeks 2 weeks execution timing Recruiting cost $50-150 per person, 20% lower Dependant on incidence rate Moderator cost Same 20% lower Participant Availability Within 30 mile radius of facility Virtual from any geographic area, Ability to reach hard to recruit audiences Participant Anonymity None All participants are anonymous, encourages open discussion. Participant Interaction Loud respondents tend to dominate All respondents can respond simultaneously with equal in-person focus groups emphasis & impact Participant Incentives $75-150 each participant 20-30% lower Stimuli Video, audio & concept boards Video, audio, concept boards, virtual whiteboards, websites & multi-media Observer Interaction Behind one-way mirror, notes send in to moderator, slow and High degree of interaction between observers and moderators, non-efficient instant messaging on a real time basis Observer 2 hours per session plus 1.5 to 2 hours from office or home office environment Time Commitment travel time to facility Facility Rental $200-$500 None Food Service $100-$300 None Travel Costs $500-$1,000 per person. None For moderator & client observers Transcription Costs $50-200 None Transcription 1-2 business days Within 30 minutes after conclusion Turnaround Time of the focus group© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 20
  21. 21. Website Experience Research & Analytics Valient Solutions :: Website Experience Research & Analytics  Innovative website experience tool that measures & analyzes the website visitors experience and provides rich visual feedback for the research user.  Customer Experience Dashboard Elements Task success/failure/give-up rates are prominently displayed on the overview page Advanced algorithms bundle hundreds of customer comments into key themes Online aggregate benchmarks allow you to compare your performance with other leading web sites Time on task, page views, and panelist demographics are only one click away  Advanced Reporting & Analytics Forward ClickStreams show a page-by-page playback of each respondent’s experience Visual ClickStreams map the aggregate paths traveled by respondents and can be filtered by numerous criteria (e.g., view the paths of all visitors who failed the task) Report filters display data through user-defined lenses Segmentation provides side-by-side comparison of groups© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 21
  22. 22. Website Experience Research & Analytics Valient Solutions :: Website Experience Research & Analytics  ClickStreams Enables you to examine the steps that respondents make during the course of an evaluation. Each page they visit, the time they stayed there, and what they clicked on are captured and displayed. Makes it possible to retrace the steps a respondent took during the completion of an objective. For each section, you can follow the respondents as a whole, or individually as they navigate the site and attempt to complete the tasks at hand. Reveals user behavior by tracking the different paths respondents take. For example, you can discover which paths are associated with high failure rates or which paths are heavily trafficked. All of the web pages that a respondent visits during an evaluation are captured by Connector, even if the respondents opens up other browser windows. Path, Page and Clusters Clickstreams show the data from all browser windows.  Understanding Page Aggregation In order to present clickstream data that shows how many respondents in an evaluation accessed each page, we must first determine which URLs represent the same page. WebEffective performs page aggregation on all evaluations. The resulting groups of pages are called “clusters”. These clusters appear in the Path, Page Clusters sections of the Clickstreams Component in the system.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 22
  23. 23. Website Experience Research & Analytics CustomerScope Analysis Portal Multiple tools for in-depth analysis of quantitative and qualitative results, as well as correlations and clickstreams. Participants are scored on each task as success, Average browse time, number of failure or give up. pages viewed and other metrics by task.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 23
  24. 24. Website Experience Research & Analytics Qualitative Results (Typical Comments) Automatic clustering of comments by theme. Just click to see detailed comments© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 24
  25. 25. Website Experience Research & Analytics Visual Clickstream Analysis Most common paths for completing tasks are shown in different colors depending on success / failure of give-ups. The researcher can adjust the thresholds for key metrics to be shown in the diagram. Scorecards and a screenshot are shown for each path© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 25
  26. 26. Website Experience Research & Analytics WebEffective automatically shows the visual paths that people have taken for eachtask. Percentages show what % of people took that path with a screenshot of the page.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 26
  27. 27. Social Media Monitoring Valient Social Media Monitoring Product – Provides leading edge datastreams and analysis of global attitudes, opinions and consumer behaviors regarding your company’s brands, products, advertising, public perceptions and overall corporate reputation. Some key advantages of the Valient SMM product include: • Includes publicly available datastream feeds from leading social media websites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Buzz, blogs & blog comments, FriendFeed, Flickr and several other sources. • Real time reports can be created to capture public sentiment on up to thirty (30) unique search phrases including all verbatim comments from all social media datastreams. • Allows for easy tracking of competitor product launches, public relations & advertising campaign launch successes and failures, crisis communications containment campaigns and many other applications. • Excellent tool for calculating Share of Voice reports against key competitors, tracking brand equity & corporate reputation metrics, pre & post-advertising campaign buzz and for identifying troublespots for quick crisis communications containment. • Current client applications include product launch, rebranding, new advertising campaign monitoring and daily/weekly public corporate reputation monitoring. • Campaign setup takes less than one day, monitoring begins instantly. • Campaign length can be as short as one month with an unlimited maximum length.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 27
  28. 28. Social Media Monitoring Valient Social Media Monitoring Product – Easy to read reports provide detailed daily and overall campaign monitoring statistics.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 28
  29. 29. Social Media Monitoring Valient Social Media Monitoring Product – Easy to read reports provide detailed social media verbatim comments from all social media datastream feeds.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 29
  30. 30. Social Media Monitoring Valient Social Media Monitoring Product – Sentiment report displays sources of positive and negative comments by social media channel in a daily basis.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 30
  31. 31. Social Media Monitoring Valient Social Media Monitoring Product – Campaign dashboards provide all pertinent campaign results including charts, graphs and key statistics.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 31
  32. 32. What makes Valient Solutions unique? Industry Renowned Market Research Experts – Valient Solutions’ team has several leading market research authorities available to provide insightful analysis, interpretation of market trends, implementation of leading edge research methodologies and management consulting. Quality Assurance – Valient Solutions has instituted continuous quality improvement processes including the implementation of ISO compliant quality certification and survey development, programming and data analysis using ConfirmIt, Microsoft HTML, Java Flash and SPSS solutions. Less than 5% of all U.S. market research firms have achieved ISO certification according to ESOMAR. Using random data generation techniques, all surveys are quality tested before deployment and all reports are triple checked for data accuracy before final delivery to our clients. These quality assurance procedures insure the highest level of data integrity. Cost-Effective Market Research Solutions – Compared to our Honomichl Top 50 market research competitors, Valient Solutions delivers substantial cost savings on custom ad-hoc market research and longitudinal tracking studies to our clients. Due to our efficient infrastructure and lean production system, Valient Solutions has achieved significant cost improvement levels that are delivering incremental value and deep market intelligence-based insights to our clients. Innovative Market Research Solutions – Understanding and interpreting the key drivers of consumer and business decision maker behavior are at the core of our value proposition to our global clientele. Valient Solutions uses innovative advanced analytical tools and differentiated thinking to uncover these consumer and business insights combined with our in-depth knowledgebase of customer satisfaction and loyalty, brand equity measurement, tracking studies, advertising effectiveness, product usage and concept testing research to deliver data-rich strategic market intelligence and strategic consultation. Our trademarked, proprietary research methodologies include vBrandIQTM, vTrackIQTM, vCustomerSATTM, vAdInsightsTM and vConceptIQTM Global Consumer & B2B Panel Network – Valient Solutions’ global consumer and B2B panel network that can access 20,000,000 consumers and 3,000,000 business decision makers in over 100 countries and 62 different languages via online surveys, telephone interviewing or mail-based quantitative data collection methodologies. For qualitative research initiatives, we are able to conduct fieldwork on six continents, one hundred countries and over one thousand cities for shopper intercepts, in-depth interviews, focus groups, product clinics, home usage tests, ethnographic studies and online focus groups.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 32
  33. 33. Executive Profile :: Scott D. Upham Scott D. Upham is president & chief executive officer of Valient Solutions, a privately-held market research firm with its corporate headquarters in Rochester, New York. A widely respected corporate management consultant and global market research industry authority for over twenty years, Upham is an oft-quoted source to major media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Handelsblatt, Investors Business Daily, Nikkei, Weekly New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and National Public Radio. Upham is a recognized market research expert specializing in consumer & business-to- business research, customer satisfaction, brand equity, advertising communications effectiveness, new product development testing and corporate sales & marketing strategies. He is a frequent conference speaker on customer satisfaction, competitive intelligence and new market entry strategies. Prior to founding Valient Solutions, Upham was senior vice president at Harris Interactive, senior director at J.D. Power and Associates and president and chief executive officer of Providata Inc. Upham began his twenty year career in purchasing at Ford Motor Company and held senior marketing posts with automotive suppliers TRW, Kelsey-Hayes and Takata Corporation. Upham earned a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan and completed graduate studies from Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania.© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 33
  34. 34. Valient Solutions Market ResearchWebsite: www.valientsolutions.comPhone: 1.585.227.2600Fax: 1.866.804.7364Corporate Headquarters470 Long Pond Road, Suite 270Rochester, New York USA 14612Scott D. UphamPresident & Chief Executive OfficerE-Mail: scott.upham@valientsolutions.comPhone: 1.585.227.2616© 2011 VALIENT SOLUTIONS PAGE 34