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Suporting OA with LD


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Because the canceled the 2.lighningtalks at SWIB you miss my thoughts about support Open Access with "Linked Data"

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Suporting OA with LD

  1. 1. Supporting OpenAccess with “Linked Data
  2. 2. Text
  3. 3. Preprint availableText Postprint available
  4. 4. Die Idee• URL• Basis OpenURL Daten (ISSN,Volume, Issue, Start page, Ende Page)• Optional Title, Author• ggf Typ (Preprint, postprint) als Linked Data
  5. 5. Idee 2• Harvesting von Linked Data• Aufbau eines Open URL Web Services auf Artikel Ebende
  6. 6. Probleme• Datenqualität in Repositories• Oft keine Identifier für Journals (ZDBID / ISSN)• fehlende Typisierung• kein standartiserter RDF Export